PostMyParty vs. Cinchshare: Which One to Choose

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to see if PostmyParty is the right fit for you. Choosing a social media scheduling service for your business can be daunting. This page is here to help make that decision easier. 

PostmyParty has three main differences from Cinchshare: our template structure, website layout & customer support. These differences all stem from the fact that PostmyParty came from the mind of a fellow direct sales entrepreneur. Our founder, Corey, was a virtual party pioneer. It didn't take her long to realize that posting manually on Facebook or scheduling one post at a time wasn't feasible if she wanted to grow her business. Like many of us, she worked from a template and couldn't understand why there weren't any schedulers that catered to her system. So she decided to create one herself! She recruited her husband, a coding whiz, to help bring to life her vision, and the rest, as they say, is history! 

Cinchshare casts a broader net and schedules content across most social media platforms. They created a fantastic service for those who want to be everywhere at once! But PostmyParty's strength comes from its expertise. You will feel understood and heard while working with us. We know the highs and lows of Facebook, what it means to be a direct sales consultant and most importantly, PostmyParty is a family business, just like yours! 

We take Online Parties seriously and can't wait to prove it to you. 

Difference #1 - The Template

A template is a preset collection of posts that include games to play in the Party, information about your products, and call to actions! Essentially, the Template is your Party! Without it, nothing happens. So even your fellow consultants who don't use a Template based scheduler still organize their business around one. 

Wouldn't it be magical if you could schedule all the content for your virtual Party at once? 

That's why PostmyParty saves our members so much time! They don't have to squeeze their system into a program that wasn't built specifically for them. Instead, they get all their parties running every week with a couple of clicks! 

Because PostmyParty's scheduler is formatted around the Template, we also provide unique and powerful features that will help you scale your business! 

These Features include: 

Replacement Tokens: If you're using a Template for more than one Party, you can automate replacing the host's name, invite link, and event text within seconds.

Preset Times for all your posts: You only have to arrange the times for your posts once, instead of doing it every time you need to schedule a party. 

Adjust Posts: PostmyParty allows you to change the scheduled time for all the posts at once in your chosen increments to avoid posting simultaneously in different Facebook Groups. 

Scheduled Comments: This way, you can automate contests and Party Games. This only works inside Business Page Groups.

Content Rating System: PostMyParty does our best to help make sure your content is high quality. We analyze your posts against every post in our system to help ensure you publish unique content rather than posting what everyone else is.

Difference #2 - Our Website Layout 

Take a look at how we’ve designed our website around the Template structure. Here we’ll show you the direct differences between the Cinchshare and the PostmyParty user experience so you can see which scheduler fits best. 

When you sign into PostmyParty, a minimalistic dashboard awaits. From here, you can create a Template, schedule a Party, or watch one of our training videos. We designed your Dashboard to be approachable and calming, so you feel empowered to use our services immediately!

When you first sign into Cinchshare, you’re thrown straight into the action. Your dashboard includes a place to create and schedule a post, your calendar, your Facebook Pages & Groups you have permission to schedule into, and all your upcoming posts.  

If you don’t need much guidance in getting started, then you will likely thrive in Cinchshare’s dashboard layout. However, new members of your team might find it overwhelming and be intimidated to get started.

The Canva Integration Feature is an excellent example of how Cinchshare and PostmyParty differ in website layout. You can create and integrate Canva designs straight into both schedulers, but the user experience is different because of where the feature is located.

 In PostmyParty, you’ll find the feature on a separate page from the dashboard, underneath the “Picture” and “Multi-Picture” options when creating a post. Our design prioritizes simplicity. You only see the feature when you need to use it.

In Cinchshare, the Canva Integration Feature is on the dashboard above the “Post Message” section. Even though it is convenient to have all your scheduler’s features in one place, that’s a lot of information to look at all at once!

Like Cinchshare, PostmyParty offers the option to create a single post to be scheduled immediately or stored in your Post Library. The difference is that it’s located on a separate page.

You’ll also notice that PostmyParty provides a lot of additional guidance while you’re creating and scheduling your content.

PostmyParty understands the importance of having a clean space to work! It’s why we designed your Page and Group information to be stored in contained dropdown menus rather than a list that takes up valuable space on your screen. 

You’ll only see the information you need! 

When you schedule a party with us, you take one step at a time and choose between categorized options rather than having everything in front of you at once. Scheduling step by step decreases the odds of making mistakes, such as scheduling the wrong template or posting into the wrong group, saving you time and headaches in the long run. 

As you can see, we even provide additional context for your options in every step. For example, if you click on the question mark, you’ll find exactly where your scheduled party would post if you were to pick it. You don’t have to doubt yourself because we have your back!

On Cinchshare, you can access all your social media accounts through the “My Networks Page.” The icons next to each group or page name allow you to organize the list. For example, you can click the people icon to see all the groups under that Page. From there, you can add those groups to your Network Page.

Using Cinchshare to schedule an Online Party is much less straightforward than with PostmyParty because they formatted their software around individual posts rather than Templates. Scheduling posts one by one makes sense if you use a scheduler to increase your social media engagement. However, it makes less sense when you’re coordinating an entire virtual event. 

In Cinchshare, all your posts live under the “Manage Posts” page. You can schedule posts from the Content Library or your Saved Folders from there

When you’ve created a post you want to save, it’ll appear under the “Saved” folder. You can create a folder here so that when you make posts in the future, you can automatically save them from the home page.

Once you have added all the posts you need for a party into a folder, you can schedule your party by selecting each one individually. Then under the drop menu, choose “Batch Posts.”

After you “Batch” posts from the folder, you’ll schedule them. 

Unlike PostmyParty, where each step is clearly labeled on crisp and minimalist pages, on Cinchshare, you’ll choose all your options to schedule the party on the same page.

You’ll pick the time the party starts and the interval between the scheduled posts. Once the interval is applied, the times will appear next to the posts on the right-hand side. From here, you can schedule your posts outside of the chosen interval. 

For instance, a standard Online Party usually does not post during the evenings when guests are asleep. Therefore, for your scheduled posts to pause for longer than the interval chosen, you must manually schedule each post after the first day. Or you could create a folder of posts per day and organize your parties one day at a time.

With PostmyParty, you only need to set the time for your posts manually once. That’s the magic of using templates. And because templates allow everything to sync up seamlessly, when you have duplicate parties (i.e., parties that are using the same template simultaneously), you can easily adjust the posts for each party without being stuck using a rigid interval posting system. How cool is that?

With Cinchshare, you can schedule all your parties at once using the same menu. However, it can quickly become a headache if you try to avoid going to Facebook Jail. Having posts scheduled simultaneously in multiple groups is likely to be flagged. If you want to ensure your posts in different groups are scheduled at different times, you’ll still have to prepare each party individually. 

Another perk our templates offer when scheduling your parties is our Replacement Tokens. When creating a template, you can use three text replacement options. This allows you to customize your templates per party. For example, if you create posts with [host] in them, you’ll add the host’s name in the Replacement Token section when setting up that party, and that name will populate everywhere that has the [host] signifier. 

All you do is fill in the blanks, and we do the rest!

Cinchshare has a similar solution to customization, but it functions more like a Find & Replace feature on a Word or Google doc. In Find/Replace, you can replace any word or phrase with another, allowing you more customization options in the moment of scheduling rather than already being decided ahead of time, like with the Replacement Tokens on PostmyParty’s Templates.

When you pick the words you want to replace, you’ll click search, and then the Feature will highlight where the changes were made in each post that had that word in this batch.

If you approve, scroll to the bottom and click “Update Posts.” 

If you plan on scheduling these posts into multiple groups at once, the Replace/Find Feature will not be able to customize the party for each host because the changes you make as you schedule the party would be applied to all the parties at once. If you wanted to use the Find/Replace Feature the same way PostmyParty uses Replacement Tokens, you would have to Find/Replace each party on top of manually scheduling the times for each post. 

Once the party is scheduled, posts will populate under the “Pending” section of the “Manage Post” and on the main dashboard.

In Cinchshare, the content that is posted will appear in the “History” tab on the Manage Post page. 

If the post fails, it will have a red icon next to it which you can tap into to see the total error. 

When a party is scheduled on Postmyparty, the scheduled party lives in its orderly spot on the PostmyParty website. You can see all the information you need in one place because we designed all your party's information into a chart for you to navigate easily.

Another way that PostmyParty looks out for our users is through our Content Rating System. We created a feature to combat overused content that Facebook could potentially flag as spam. We want to make sure we’re always ahead of any problems that can arise, especially since Facebook’s rules keep changing. We understand how getting blocked on Facebook can be a massive blow to your business, so we go out of our way to integrate systems into our software to help prevent it from happening to you. For example, when a color other than green pops up next to your post, it indicates that the text or photo needs to be changed to make it more unique.

Difference #3 - Our CUSTOMER SUPPORT 

PostmyParty prides itself on our world-class support team. With an average response time of under 5 minutes, you won’t find a more dedicated group of people than ours. They are direct sales consultants, just like you, with an intimate understanding of your struggles and how to help fix them!  

Our team takes the initiative to troubleshoot anything you throw at them, even when it doesn’t directly pertain to our software. Because PostmyParty is a company that works parallel to Facebook, we will not leave you to figure it out on your own when Facebook is glitchy with our scheduler. We will stay on the chat with you as long as you need until we figure out how to solve your problem together. 

At the heart of PostmyParty is the mission to help make the lives of direct sales consultants easier. We are invested in the success of your business! 

Stephanie Landy

Blog Writer