The Difference Between Schedulers: PostMyParty, Vizzlie, Cinchshare & Facebook Scheduler

There are so many ways to schedule the content for your online parties! And if you’re starting with your business, it’s probably overwhelming to figure out which will work best for you. This article goes over the details of the top third-party schedulers for direct sales consultants and the pros and cons for each of them!


PostMyParty's strength comes from its expertise. It knows the ins and outs of scheduling parties in Groups on Facebook because it was built with online parties in mind. A direct sales consultant made it for direct sales consultants just like you to scale your business while still having time to spend with your family.

And because PostMyParty focus is supporting direct sales consultants, its intuitive design is easy to learn and is meant to have a flow that makes sense for running an online party.

Scheduling a party with PostMyParty will take you through each step, where you'll choose between categorized options in neat drop-down menus rather than having everything in front of you at once. As a result, you'll only see the information you need! Scheduling step by step decreases the odds of making mistakes, such as preparing the wrong template or posting into the wrong group, saving you time and headaches in the long run.

Check out PostMyParty’s extensive Feature List.


  • Live Support Chat. PostMyParty’s support chat responds in 5 minutes or less, 7 days a week. You’ll always have someone to walk you through steps, troubleshoot, and bounce ideas off of!
  • Canva Integration
  • Content Rating System
  • Adjust Times
  • Replacement Tokens
  • Cohesive and tidy layout for each step of scheduling a party
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Video Hosting
  • An extensive attachment file option when creating posts: GIF, Text, Picture, Multi-Picture, Video, and Web file.


  • Is an expert at one form of third-party scheduling: Facebook

Vizzlie Scheduler:

Vizzlie, like Cinchshare, is a multimedia scheduler which means you can schedule content for platforms other than Facebook. Vizzlie is still in the beta phase for scheduling on Instagram but also provides Text and Email Campaign features. There are different membership tiers, and each tier you pay for receives a certain amount of credits towards texting.

Vizzlie is similar to PostMyParty because it uses Templates for its scheduling structure. This makes it easier than Cinchshare for direct sales parties, rather than just social media upkeep, because all the content you need to run a party is in one place and can be synced up to any group with admin permissions.

How to sign up, sync your Facebook, and create Templates are intuitive and similarly structured to PostMyParty with slight differences that have pros and cons depending on your preferences.

After your Facebook is synced to your Vizzlie account, all your groups appear like icons underneath “Available Groups.” For example, to Schedule a party, you would click “Track Group.”

Once you track the group, it’ll appear in your Tracked section above your “Available Groups.”

Once a group is “Tracked,” it doesn’t mean it is live. However, when you are in your Vizzlie Dashboard, you’ll see all your tracked groups and their current status neatly located in one place, so you can see everything happening.

To get a Template scheduled into a Tracked Group so that it’s live and ready to post for a party, you’ll need to click “Open Group.” When you open the group, you’ll come to a page that alerts you that you haven’t permitted the content to be posted yet.

From here, if you're using the New Page Experience, you would connect your Page to the group. First, you'll click "Connect a Page" and select the Page you want to post on your behalf. Next, "Verify," and you'll agree to the terms.

Once your Page is connected to the Group, you will add the Template you want to schedule into it. Next, you’ll see the Scheduled Post section underneath, where you sync your Page. Click on Use Template, and a pop-up window will appear for you to choose your Template and plug in the start time and which posts from the Template you want to include.

Once the Template is scheduled into the Tracked Group, all the posts will appear in the “Scheduled Posts” section. When you click on each post, a menu lets you navigate actions for each post. For example, when you Edit or create a post, you can attach an image, video, Facebook Album, or a Web link to the post.

The times are set when you create a Template. If you are running multiple parties, you stagger the times for posts by setting it to start at a different time than the others. That is why there are two ways to set post times when creating a Template. The first is relative to when you've selected the party to start. The other is the exact time.

Setting all your parties at different times from the start without adjusting the posts after the party is scheduled can be beneficial. However, when your posts' schedule is based on how far it is from the start time, it can get confusing when posts are scheduled.

Once your Template syncs into your Tracked Group, you’ll need to make sure your Text Replacements are taken care of, or you won’t be able to turn on the Track Group’s ability to post on Facebook. Text Replacements are any word or phrase with < > around it, similar to Replacement Tokens on PostMyParty.

Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see if your Template has a Text Replacement that needs to be updated. You can change the Replacement Text at any time during the scheduled party, and the updated replacement will be edited for any post that hasn’t already been posted.

Once all those pieces are complete, scroll back up to the top of the Tracked Group. Next, you can toggle the option to make your group live and ready to start posting. Once everything is set, a command center-like icon will appear with all the information you need to stay informed about your Tracked Group.

Overall, Vizzlie is an excellent scheduler if you’re looking for a multitasker. However, because its focus isn’t dedicated to being a third-party scheduler for only Facebook, it is not as intuitive as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of the Pros & Cons of Vizzlie’s Scheduler:


  • There are different options for setting the times for posts.
  • Additional features outside of Facebook Scheduling such as Text and Email Campaigns.
  • Text Replacement can be changed after a Template has been scheduled. So if you make a mistake, you don’t have to reschedule the party again.
  • Video Hosting
  • Easy to use.


  • There is no LIVE SUPPORT! PostMyParty’s support team is available 7 days a week and will respond within 5 minutes of being sent a question in the chat. But Vizzlie has no support chat; the only way to reach support is by filling out a ticket. And after you fill out the ticket, there is no email confirmation that it was received. So if you have a lot of questions or need help - you’ll have to ask your upline or figure it out yourself.
  • Because Vizzlie is a multipurpose tool supporting texting, emailing, and Instagram scheduling, it can be slow when using it, and there is a lag time.
  • The site is missing a ‘personal touch.’ All the instructional videos are text-based with no voice-overs.
  • Has limited attachment options when creating posts. Does not include GIF or multi-picture options.
  • When scheduling a party, there is no clear, logical progression from start to finish. You “track” a group and then add everything you need after the fact, rather than it all being scheduled in one cohesive system.
  • There is no option to sync and create in Canva through Vizzlie.

Cinchshare Scheduler:

The main difference between Cinchshare compared to other third-party schedulers like Vizzlie and PostMyParty is that Cinchshare’s system does not use Templates as the foundation of its software. Instead, everything is scheduled by individual posts. You can batch posts into a party and organize them in folders, but it doesn’t have the option to set times for posts before they are scheduled.

They use this system because Cinchshare is a multimedia scheduling hub.

The same posting protocol is applied to all these different social media platforms. This is ideal for content creators who must keep up with the tedious nature of keeping track of all their social media. However, because it is meant for scheduling so many different platforms, it does take time to master how to use it for scheduling parties. Nevertheless, since it wasn’t made with direct sales parties in mind, many consultants use it and love it!

When scheduling a party on Cinchshare, you sync your Facebook Groups and Pages like any other third-party scheduler. But you start not by picking the Group you want to schedule content in but by selecting the posts you want to use together. All your posts live under the “Manage Posts” page. You can schedule posts from the Content Library or your Saved Folders from there you can schedule your party by selecting each one individually. Then under the drop menu, choose “Batch Posts.”

After you “Batch” posts from the folder, you’ll schedule them.

Unlike PostMyParty, where each step is clearly labeled on crisp and minimalist pages, on Cinchshare, you’ll choose all your options to schedule the party on the same page.

You’ll pick when the party starts and the interval between the scheduled posts. Once the interval is applied, the times will appear next to the posts on the right-hand side. From here, you can plan your posts outside the chosen interval.

For instance, a standard Online Party usually does not post when guests are asleep in the evenings. Therefore, for your scheduled posts to pause longer than the interval chosen, you must manually schedule each post after the first day. You could create a folder of posts per day and organize your parties one day at a time.

Cinchshare allows you to schedule all your parties simultaneously using the same menu. However, it can quickly become a headache if you try to avoid going to Facebook Jail. Having posts scheduled simultaneously in multiple groups is likely to be flagged. If you want to ensure your posts in different groups are scheduled at different times, you’ll still have to prepare each party individually.

Cinchshare has a similar solution to customization, but it functions more like a Find & Replace feature on a Word or Google doc. In Find/Replace, you can replace any word or phrase with another, allowing you more customization options in the moment of scheduling rather than already being decided ahead of time, like with the Replacement Tokens on PostMyParty’s


When you pick the words you want to replace, you’ll click search, and then the Feature will highlight where the changes were made in each post that had that word in this batch.

If you approve, scroll to the bottom and click “Update Posts.”

If you plan on scheduling these posts into multiple groups at once, the Replace/Find Feature will not be able to customize the party for each host because the changes you make as you schedule the party would be applied to all the parties at once. If you wanted to use the Find/Replace Feature the same way PostMyParty uses Replacement Tokens, you would have to Find/Replace each party on top of manually scheduling the times for each post.

Once the party is scheduled, posts will populate under the “Pending” section of the “Manage Post” and on the main dashboard.

Here’s a more detailed comparison of Cinchshare vs. PostMyParty!


  • Because Cinchshare schedules per post rather than by Template allow for ultimate customization, if you do not like having a set collection of posts you are always using, then Cinchshare’s flexibility is a win!
  • Schedule content across most social media platforms
  • Canva Integration Feature
  • Video Hosting
  • Content Library - where you can use content that the company has created.


  • It’s time-consuming to stagger out content for direct sales parties so that posts aren’t posted simultaneously.
  • Individual Post vs. Template
  • Busy interface
  • Support Chat takes a while to respond.

Facebook Scheduler:

There is the option of scheduling your content directly into Facebook through your Business Page Meta Business Suite or when an admin to a Group. Unfortunately, Facebook does not have the option to Batch schedule content or provide the option of using a Template. However, it allows you to preview how each post will look directly on the site while creating it.

You can also duplicate posts to be scheduled once created and schedule them to appear in multiple places simultaneously. However, there is no way to stagger the times you organize content in groups this way.

You can create content designed specifically for Facebook within the Business Suite - for instance, you can create a video directly on Facebook and then schedule the post. Facebook even has video templates to edit and make your own.


  • Creating posts to be scheduled or published on Facebook through the Business Suite makes it in the format that is best for the platform without having to tinker with it.
  • Meta Business Suite provides suggested times to schedule a post based on the most active times on Facebook to achieve the best results.
  • It’s free.
  • It’s set up to work well with Facebook Ad Campaigns.


  • There are no template options, so you’ll need to reschedule posts repeatedly.
  • No live support
  • There’s no way to keep track of all your parties in a way that’s organized and easy to understand

Stephanie Landy

Blog Writer