Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Contract?

No! Our standard plan is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time through your Account.

What is the Monthly Fee?

Our monthly subscription is 9.95/month USD. This is automatically drafted on the same day every month until you cancel your subscription.

Do You Offer Free Trials?

Occasionally we do share a special link for leaders and companies to share with their teams. We also offer a Free 14 Day Trial to everyone who signs up for PostMyParty.

How Would I Pause or Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your account at any time with no penalty by simply clicking cancellation button inside the app.

Is My Content Private or Is It Available for Others?

Your content is completely private in your account and no one has access to it unless you choose to share it.

What If I Need Help or Have a Question About PostMyParty?

We have live chat support run by people just like you! They’re available through the little blue help icon in the lower right corner of your dashboard and are on call 7 days a week 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Standard Time. If you don’t see the help icon, then you can also reach support by messaging our FB page here.

Can I Use This On My Mobile Phone or Tablet?

Yes! We built this website to be very mobile-friendly, and by adding a shortcut to your device, it will also work just like an app!

Posting Limits and Recommendations

How Often Can I Post?

We allow a maximum of 30 posts per Group in a 24 hour period. And no more than 1 post per minute. Scheduled comments are limited to 4 per post and 20 max per template.

Can I Post In Groups?

Yes you can!

Can Using a Scheduling Service Keep Me Out of FB Jail?

The short answer is no. There are simply too many reasons you could be blocked by FB that we have no control over. However, if you follow our suggestions throughout our site and the recommendations in these blog articles, you shouldn’t have any problems!

I've Heard That Some Features Are In Direct Violation of Facebook's Developer Policies. Is This True?

No, this is not true at all. Everything about our system has been reviewed and approved by Facebook on multiple occasions. As to why our competitors like to spread that rumor, I suppose you can figure that out for yourself. For us, we choose not to engage in spreading false information out into the marketplace as a means to scare customers into buying simply because there is no integrity in that course of action.

Best Practices

What Can I Do to Keep My Posts from Being Blocked?

Create and use your own content for the best success! This goes for images, links, and text. We suggest you avoid using images from photo sharing groups, Google searches, Pinterest, etc. If it’s something hundreds of people are using, you’ll want to avoid it. You do need to make sure your content is within any company guidelines as well and don’t use anything without permission!

Template Sharing

Can I Share My Template With a New Recruit?

Yes! We have made it very simple for you to be able to share a template with a fellow PostMyParty user. Simply scroll to the bottom of the template you want to share, and enter the user email. They’ll receive an email from us with further instructions on editing the template to import into their account.

OR for those of you with teams, you can Enable Sharing on that template by checking the box and then clicking update. This will then give you a link to share. At any time that you wish to lock that template so the link no longer works, just uncheck the box and update.

I've Received a Template Now What?

Follow the instructions in the email you received! Make it your own! Change up the day or time of posts, replace the images with ones you’ve created. Make the text sounds as if you actually wrote it. Use the template as a base and make it fresh for your guests! Once you’re satisfied with it, you can schedule it under the Parties tab.

Cancelation Policy

What is the Refund Policy?

We do not offer refunds according to our Terms Of Service. This includes for example if you forgot to cancel your account and were charged, or if you haven’t been using your account but are still subscribed. It is your personal responsibility to cancel your account if you do not need it any more before your next payment date. You can cancel your account instantly at any time by logging into your account, clicking the Account tab, then clicking Cancellation, and following the instructions.

How Would I Pause or Cancel My Subscription?

Simply log in to your dashboard, click on Account > Cancellation, and follow the steps to end your subscription. You can do this at any time for any reason. We do not offer refunds on subscription fees. If you would like assistance to cancel at the end of a billing cycle, please contact support.

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