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Schedule and Automate Your Sales Parties In 4 Simple Steps

1. Create

PostMyParty allows you to set up your Party or multiple Parties with a few clicks of a mouse. This way you can spend more time with your family.

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2. Automate

PostMyParty gives you the ability to pre-schedule all your Party posts. Say goodbye to the days of endless copy and pasting, posting by hand, or re-scheduling individual posts.

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3. Engage

With PostMyParty, your posts can post themselves while you spend valuable time engaging your customers. Can you say hello to more orders?

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4. Scale

PostMyParty allows you to set up and host multiple Parties at a time. Plus, you can help your new team members get started faster by sharing your templates with them!

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

Not actually knowing HOW I, as a small business owner, would use PMP…It started with me doing a trial event and learning just how easy it is to schedule posts! I was blown away at the seamless process. Then, I started thinking about other ways I can use PMP. I’m in the process now of scheduling out a month’s worth of posts for my business page! How convenient!
I love the flexibility of shifting an event time by thirty minutes or an hour. That is so easy. It takes all the guesswork out of scheduling. What would normally take a long time, only takes minutes!
PMP frees up your time to work your business using your talent where it counts MOST!

Julie Fritz, Gloss Graphics

Thanks to PMP, BEFORE my Facebook event, I am able to spend more time putting my kids to bed and checking in with my host. During the party, I am able to focus my complete attention on interaction with my guests. Facebook parties used to be stressful, and I would inevitably miss questions/comments because I was focused on timing/posting. Now, parties truly are FUN – and so so easy! I have also seen an increase in sales since using PMP (no doubt because I am able to be light & fun & interactive with my guests & host!)
Without a doubt, I recommend PMP to all of my downline and my friends who are in direct sales or own their own business. It is beyond helpful for FB parties, groups, biz pages. And the service more than pays for itself in the time & energy I’m able to save.

ivy nelson, Mindset & Life Coach / Inspired Ivy Fellow / Sseko Designs

I was using another service that was free, so I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. I quickly realized it is worth the $.
Since using PMP, I know that all my scheduled posts are going to look the way I expect them to when they are posted to my events.
I recommend PMP all the time! PMP is the best at posting my videos, website links and photo albums!

ginger mason, Independent Consultant / Pampered Chef

I can’t say enough positive things about PMP!!! It has completely changed the way I run virtual events for my Rodan+Fields business. Before PMP, I was chained to my computer for the duration of my virtual events, which meant I had to have help with my children. Now, I can create and schedule events and comments ahead of time, which means I truly don’t have to miss a moment with my kiddos which is a large reason for why I chose this business model to begin with. I can run an event during while bathing my kids and reading bedtime stories with them and my guests are none the wiser. It’s a game changer!
I would absolutely recommend PMP! I share it with others in my company on a regular basis. I’ve lost count of how many people have joined a a result. I love helping other people succeed in business, regardless of whether I benefit from them financially or not, and this is one way of helping me to do just that.

susan komoto, Level III Executive Consultant / Rodan+Fields

It was night and day difference from a previous service I used. My stress level immediately went way down, and I began enjoying my Facebook parties like never before!
I love the way I can see all the posts for any party at a glance, make changes right there to any post and keep an eye on what has posted, what is pending, etc. So simple and functional.
I recommend PMP to anyone in any company who does or wants to do Facebook parties, team training, post to their business page, etc because it is just the best option out there! PMP really meets the needs and has all the features to make social media posting simple and stress-free.Without a doubt, I recommend PMP to all of my downline and my friends who are in direct sales or own their own business. It is beyond helpful for FB parties, groups, biz pages. And the service more than pays for itself in the time & energy I’m able to save.

nichola files, Independent Consultant / L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL

I am now able to set up a complete Facebook party event in less than 3 minutes!! No more sitting at my computer for hours on end to set up each party!!
I love the templates! It makes setting up my parties a breeze. I also love that these templates can be shared between people. It is a *huge* time saver!!
It has allowed me to know that my events are running smoothly without worry 🙂 I now am no longer glued to a computer screen or my phone needing to make sure that things are posted when I need them to be in my events. I am able to be much more present, and that to me is worth every penny!!

crystal stary, Independent Designer / Origami Owl

I am MORE involved with my guests, because I can focus on THEM and NOT on what post to make next!! I can interact more, and get to know them instead of worrying “what time is it? Is it time to post next post? ” It cleared up time to spend with my family or doing other things for my businesses, especially when I have several parties from both companies open. It’s a game changer. Focus on your hostess and guests and NOT on making posts!!!

kim zilligen, Independent Consultant / Party Time Mixes/Jamberry

My business has been dramatically simplified by Post My Party! Party planning, team training & updates, fan page posts, VIP group posting & FB events are such a snap now. I don’t know how I survived for 8 years without it!
The strategy group with the developers is amazing. They really listen carefully to the customers & implement what we request.

kellie matthews, Advanced Director / Pure Romance

I was a little concerned about the monthly fee but wanted to try it out anyway.
I found I was able to give better customer service in real time simply because the party was set and posting on its own, freeing up my time.
It is SUPER user friendly and customizable. I love it!

linsey adair, Wellness Advocate / doTERRA

Here's How It Works

Online Parties Made Easy

Templates can be copied, edited and very easily scheduled. When you have a Party to schedule, all you have to do is pick the template to use and where to post. That’s it!

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Introducing the New PostMyParty Keyboard Extension: Revolutionizing Facebook Parties for Direct Sellers

In the ever-changing world of Facebook, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That's why we're thrilled to announce that soon, we will be launching another new feature for PostMyParty: the New PostMyParty Keyboard Extension…

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PostMyParty Chrome Extension: Update Schedule Your Posts On Facebook

Now, with the new update, you can schedule your posts using FB's built-in scheduler.

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