Do You Post Parties or Training on Facebook to Market Your

Are You Held Back And Frustrated By The Time It Takes To Do It?

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Imagine If….

You were able to create entire parties or trainings one time as a template and easily schedule them with a few clicks of the mouse.


The parties post themselves while you spend your valuable time engaging your customers.

Let Us Do The Dirty Work For You

No more endless copy and pasting, posting by hand, or re-scheduling individual posts.

What We Do For You

PostMyParty is the ONLY software built specifically for running online parties and training!

See The Magic

Templates can be copied, edited and very easily scheduled. When you have a party to schedule, all you have to do is pick the template to use and which event of yours to post in. That's it!

Grow Your Business

Schedule photo albums, video links, and more.

Help your new team members get started faster by sharing your templates with them!

Use Facebook Groups for your team, training, or educational classes.

Take Back Your Life

Schedule content in a fraction of the time

Increase engagement by interacting with your customers.

Use Facebook Events to host your parties.

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  • Unlimited Scheduled Parties
  • Unlimited Templates
  • All Your Content is Private
  • Comments Scheduling
  • Template Sharing
  • Bonuses Included:
  • Access to Private Facebook Strategy Group
  • Live Support 7 Days a Week

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How are we different from other scheduling applications?

First off, our goal is to provide the highest level of customer support in the industry. We have live chat available every day with an average response time of 2 minutes!

Second, we are known for how easy it is to use! We built our system for the sole purpose of creating multiple templates, editing, and reusing , thereby saving you from rescheduling the same post over and over.
No other application makes this as simple as we do!

Lastly, are our unique features. From template sharing and scheduled comments to our strategy group and user training, we strive to provide the best so that you can BE the best at what you do!

For more information, check our FAQ page!


I was using another service that was free, so I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. I quickly realized it is worth the $.
Since using PMP, I know that all my scheduled posts are going to look the way I expect them to when they are posted to my events.
I recommend PMP all the time! PMP is the best at posting my videos, website links and photo albums!

Ginger Mason
Independent Consultant / Pampered Chef

Not actually knowing HOW I, as a small business owner, would use PMP…It started with me doing a trial event and learning just how easy it is to schedule posts! I was blown away at the seamless process. Then, I started thinking about other ways I can use PMP. I’m in the process now of scheduling out a month’s worth of posts for my business page! How convenient!
I love the flexibility of shifting an event time by thirty minutes or an hour. That is so easy. It takes all the guesswork out of scheduling. What would normally take a long time, only takes minutes!
PMP frees up your time to work your business using your talent where it counts MOST!

Julie Fritz
Owner / Gloss Graphics

My business has been dramatically simplified by Post My Party! Party planning, team training & updates, fan page posts, VIP group posting & FB events are such a snap now. I don’t know how I survived for 8 years without it!
The strategy group with the developers is amazing. They really listen carefully to the customers & implement what we request.

Kellie Matthews
Advanced Director / Pure Romance

It was night and day difference from a previous service I used. My stress level immediately went way down, and I began enjoying my Facebook parties like never before!
I love the way I can see all the posts for any party at a glance, make changes right there to any post and keep an eye on what has posted, what is pending, etc. So simple and functional.
I recommend PMP to anyone in any company who does or wants to do Facebook parties, team training, post to their business page, etc because it is just the best option out there! PMP really meets the needs and has all the features to make social media posting simple and stress-free.

Nichola Files
Independent Consultant / L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL
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