14 Tips on How to Leverage A Post Library to Grow Your Business

What if you had a place to keep all your posts organized, and ready to post again with one click of a button?

That’s essentially what you get with a Post Library feature offered in party post scheduling softwares like PostMyParty!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m working hard to create unique and engaging content, I'd want to gain the most value for my Facebook Parties and business.

Here’s Why Using a Post Library Feature is Important

You may have realized by now the power behind quality duplication to make the biggest and fastest impact on your business, as described in our last article on 6 WAYS PARTY TEMPLATES CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR BUSINESS.

If you don’t have a subscription with a party post scheduling software, like PostMyParty yet, then you might be using a word document or something similar to store various posts for your Online Party groups, VIP customer groups, team groups, and your Facebook Business Page.

If so, you’re probably still copy and pasting specialty posts that you may not use regularly, but are so darn good that you’re saving to re-use for the right opportunity.

This is exactly why you need to learn about this feature!

Reason #1: Organize Your Content Quickly

When you have a post library, you can organize your content and measure the value of your posts.

This allows you to…

  • Visualize your content to assess what you already have and where you need to grow. Perhaps you need to freshen up that introduction post with new information, or add a handy graphic to that one post that never gets any reaction.

  • Easily and quickly access your posts with a category and tagging system. You won’t have to search through a list of posts to find that one demo video link you only used for holiday Parties. You might have it saved in a “Videos” library, with tags like: “holiday”, “recipe”, “appetizers”, “party foods”, etc.

    This way when you type in a keyword in the search box, your related posts will pop up right away without all the scrolling.

  • Gain better control over what to post, when, and to where. If you’re still copy and pasting that “Motivational Monday” post every week asking followers to share something they can’t live without, you will LOVE using your library for a category like this.

    Simply open your library and choose the post you want to go out right now, or schedule it ahead. In just a few clicks, that post is taken care of for every single week, and you’re free to move on with your life!

Here are two tips for organizing your content in a Post Library feature:

  • Have a category (or ‘library’) for different types of posts, like: “Welcome”, “Introductions”, “Thank You”, “About the Company”, “Games”, “Skincare”, “Earrings”, “Bakeware”, “Statistics”, “Promotions”, “Limited Edition”, “Videos”, etc.

  • Then use tags in each post to make them easier to find when you search for something specific, such as: “limited edition 2020”, “christmas”, “lipstick”, “red”, “summer”, “cleanser”, “demo video”, “tips video”, “popular post”, etc.

Reason #2: No Limits for Posts

Using a Post Library allows you to be more versatile. You are no longer limited to using a certain post for a certain party template!

What if you have an excellent party post from a template, that always gets great engagement? Posting it for more people to give a reaction will boost your overall post visibility on Facebook.

After saving your individual posts in a library you can now:

  • Post the content as you go in real time. Maybe a promotion just popped up that this post would be perfect for! Click to post it right now to your Page.

  • Schedule the post out in advance. You might enjoy running fun themes in your VIP customer group, and can have this popular post ready to go for a certain day next month.

  • Get inspired with the responses from this post and create new content that is similar. Your audience might love a colorful graphic with amazing stats and results. Or simple homemade videos might be the key to getting a great reaction.

Here are three tips that give you flexibility when using a Post Library feature:

  • Save post ideas from others.

    We never encourage copying someone else’s intellectual property, but you will probably come across some content that you would love to adapt for your own parties or Page.

    Including those beautifully made company posts, pictures, and videos that you want to personalize.

    You can easily create a new post in a library for “New Post Ideas” (or a specific category), and type out some ideas you’d like to implement, such as: Summer makeup looks to make eye colors pop; create a timelapse demo video or a graphic with hot tips.

    This post will be saved in this library until you’re ready to flesh it out and use it.

  • Create and edit posts that haven’t made it into any templates yet.

    You can have a library dedicated to unfinished posts, that will save your place when editing your content. When you think it’s ready, simply post it right then to a test group with some friends you trust will give you helpful feedback.

  • When new product info is released, make a variety of individual posts right away with new pictures or demo videos, then save them in appropriate categories. Don’t forget to create graphics with powerful statistics!

Reason #3: Powerful Content

Using a Post Library allows you to easily create more impactful Party Script Templates!

Here are four ways using a Post Library will help utilize your content to its fullest potential. You can:

  • Save a string of posts from a template as individual posts in your library. This gives you more content options.

  • Mix and match your posts. You might create a new template for a party focusing on a particular product line. But now you can throw in an engaging post from a different template about another product or part of your service to pique interest with your guests.
  • You will also notice which posts are overused and can create a variety to rotate through to keep your content engaging.

  • Re-post a popular party post to your Business Page to stir up engagement.

  • Build up a certain category of posts with a variety of content to give you more options to create amazing and unique templates. You might build a library of different game posts for every season and opportunity.

Here are two tips to help you leverage your content powerfully:

  • Anytime you release a new post, track the engagement on Facebook.

    For example, if you have a new product just released, create a demo video post, a statistics graphic post, a personal photo with a question post, etc.

    When you can see what gets better results with your audience, you can include it in future parties, or use a similar approach to new posts.

    You’ll have an all-star party template in no time and a formula to create new ones!

  • Many companies have greatly improved their digital marketing resources as more people turn to online solutions for their businesses.

    So check with your up-line or company website often, for new social media content ideas, or digital post tips for each new month.

    Then create your own posts right away so they are ready ahead of time.

Reason #4: Turn-Key System

Your time and energy are extremely valuable! It takes lots of effort to create content for Parties to meet your financial goals, let alone keeping in touch with customers and team members, and building up your own business page on Facebook.

So create a system to get the most value from the time you can allow.

Here are six more tips to using a Post Library Feature that will save you a ton of time:

  • Choose a few time-frames during the month to manage and create new content. This might be about new releases, limited edition items, holiday specials, themed products, promotions, etc.

  • Stage those unique pictures and create those fun demo videos at the same time.

  • Don’t forget to find those stats and clinical study results!

  • In one sitting, ‘batch create’ a variety of posts and save them in their library categories with tags.

  • Easily plan a month’s worth of content for your Page and groups. Simply select your posts from any library category and send them to your new template for the month. Include some GIF posts, and some new product posts. Maybe some “Challenge” posts, or “Tip of the Day” posts, too.  Done!

  • Schedule your new month’s template (or re-use a favorite themed template), to your business page, team group, VIP customer group, etc. Done!

  • Finally, have fun engaging with your friends in real time as your posts go out automatically all month long! You got this!

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