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The 5 Top Online Party Games that Boost Engagement the Most

These common Party games listed below, can easily be adapted to a Virtual Party! Can you guess what is the MOST POPULAR GAME OF ALL TIME to play during a Live Facebook Party?

6 of the Best Online Party Themes in 2021

A super easy way to get more people to participate and engage with any Party, is to put a theme to it! If you love to get creative with Party planning, you can absolutely go with any common in-person Party theme, like “80’s Night”, “Disco”, Circus, etc. But we’re talking about some simple themes you can easily try for your next Online Party...

7 Popular Games to Play when You Go Live for Facebook Parties

We know that some of the very best strategies when it comes to Online Parties, is to play Games and Go Live. ‍So, why not combine them?! In fact, that’s exactly what top producers have been doing for several years now, and they have some of the most fun Live Parties out there! What’s the secret to this powerful combination?

The 4 Best Types and Styles for Hosting Successful Online Parties

If you’ve been running the same Online Party for a while, you might be ready to shake things up a bit for returning hostesses, guests, VIP customers, and yourself. We collected some of our best strategies to help you create a winning Online Party script, every time you want to try something new...