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Every Facebook Party Should Focus on These 7 Things

It’s easy to get caught up with all the details of everything your company has to offer, and all the fun things you can now add to your Facebook Party. If you’re not seeing the results you want [...]

5 Facebook Party Strategies Really Successful Direct Sellers Use

When it comes to learning about the most successful Facebook Parties, it’s one thing to search for the ‘how-to’s’ all over the internet, and quite another to get it straight from the source. [...]

4 Hostess Coaching Tricks That Work Every time

We’ve seen a lot of Parties run through our software, but the independent consultants who coach their hostess have the most success! There are no shortcuts to connecting with real people. So [...]

9 Online Party Script Tips that Separate Profitable Facebook Parties From the Duds

It’s old news that Facebook has made major changes to their algorithms during the past couple of years, and will continue to adjust as technology grows. This is a good thing, to protect our [...]