How to Incentivize Your Party Hosts to Generate More Orders

The key to a successful party is an active host!

But how do you incentivize a host when everything is online, and we're used to advertising virtual parties as the easier option with less work?

That's what I'm going to teach you in this article.

We'll talk about the power of host coaching, the mindset you must have when communicating with your hosts and how to add bonuses to your host's experience to sweeten the pot - all of which will lead you to higher sales averages in your parties.

How to Empower Your Hosts

What is host coaching exactly?

As direct sales consultants, we commonly look at host coaching as mere words we copy and paste to our hosts to convince them to do tasks that will increase our sales and bookings.

You've likely racked your brain on properly incentivizing them to do what you know will increase the likelihood of having an excellent virtual party.

But often, we miss the most crucial piece to the puzzle.

A host needs a specific goal!

Not just information on what a successful party looks like or their potential host rewards. That information isn't tangible. You're wasting your time if your host doesn't have a concrete goal.

If your host has a purpose, your host coaching will become easier. You'll no longer need to over-explain why a host needs to complete a task. Instead, you'll reference that doing the work will help them get closer to their goal.  

Plus, when they have a goal, they will take ownership of their party rather than feeling like it's just a favor they are doing for you.

Thinking of host coaching as a system you use to try and manipulate the host to do what you want them to do will get you nowhere fast.

When you strip down your agenda, host coaching is just a system that sets expectations of the effort a host needs to make to achieve their goal and the following tasks that guide them to success.

Approaching host coaching from this perspective will empower your hosts to be amazing! All you have to do is provide them with all the tools they need to get what they want out of their party experience, and they'll do the rest!

When a host has a specific goal, you don't need to baby them.

So how do you help your host create a goal for their party?

The answer is wishlists!

Wishlists are the easiest and cheapest tool to incentivize hosts to do the tasks they need to have a successful party. It'll seep into every other aspect of your host coaching.

Your home office website likely allows anyone with an account to create one.

The first thing you must do after a host agrees to work with you is send them instructions on how to create a wishlist on your website. That way, you'll have a reason to connect when you check in on them, especially if the party is scheduled way out in advance.

Once they've completed it through your home office website, you likely be informed of what your host put on their list. This is a fantastic tool!

For example, if many of the products they hope to earn are in the consultant kit, you can use this as a jumping-off point to recruit them.

A wishlist also allows you to see which of the products on their list you love too!

You'll be able to reach out to them with your anecdotes about the products to increase desire, excitement, and rapport!

If, for whatever reason, a host isn't complying with the request to create a wishlist through the website, send them a virtual catalog. Then, ask them to flip through it and send you three items that excited them. Explain that doing this will help you know the best way to serve them during their party.

Wishlists are a powerful tool because it helps the host imagine already owning the products, and when a person has already envisioned something - they are much more likely to follow through on the tasks that need to be done to get it.

It's why successful entrepreneurs train themselves on the power of visualization through vision boards and affirmations. We all need goals to push us towards our desired outcomes, but first, we must know what that outcome even looks like if we are to chase after it. The same thing applies to your hosts.

Establish Agreements With Your Host

Once you’ve got your host to create a wishlist, it’s time to set agreements for the week ahead!

Everyone works better when clear-cut agreements have been made. Your hosts are no exception.

Take a few minutes and schedule a call with your host. Talking to a stranger on the phone may seem intimidating - but there's no excuse for not helping your hosts get all the information and resources they need to have a successful party!

Having the host hear your voice does a couple of things.

  1. It develops an immediate rapport. You are no longer a picture on the internet but a person with feelings and a personality. When your host experiences that firsthand they will immediately be more committed to their party because it's tied to a person that could be disappointed. It’s human nature to hate disappointing those we have empathy for and do whatever we can to avoid it. Use this to your advantage.

  2. It allows the host to feel like the party's success is a team effort! On the phone call, discuss what they will be doing and why it's vital to the collaboration. You'll also want to explain your responsibilities in helping them achieve their goal. When your host believes you are on their side and that your whole mission is for them to get what they want out of this experience, they will be an amazing host!

  3. A phone call makes the arrangement more official and professional. The more you can establish that you are a professional who knows what you are doing, the more they will trust your judgment and follow instructions without pushback.

If you feel uncomfortable talking on the phone with your hosts, remember this skill is like anything else that has to do with your business. You are allowed to be nervous and even trip over your words. Showing this kind of vulnerability to your host will endear you to them. We're all clumsy when learning a new skill, even in a professional moment.

Often a host will be flattered that you are willing to learn with them. It'll make you much more approachable. Plus, when you are more approachable, if a host is struggling with something, be it tech or otherwise, they are more likely to reach out for help! Which you want! You'd much rather they come to you for help than give up if things aren't going how they would like.

Consider this - most people feel the same way you do about talking to strangers because we all don't want to embarrass ourselves. So likely, your host doesn't want to embarrass themselves by admitting they don't know what they are doing, so they avoid dealing with it. But if you can show them that you have their back, they will continue to engage even when it gets a little challenging.

Tips for Gaining Confidence When Creating Agreements on Host Calls:

  1. Writing up a script might sound silly, but writing out the back-and-forth between you and a possible host will help make it more feasible to do it in real life. Write out everything, from the hellos to the transition from pleasantries to discussing their parties. This way, you can be prepared for even awkward lulls. Also, list potential questions your hosts might ask and write out the answers. Having answers prepped will ensure you feel confident. Then read what you've written out loud, so your voice practices saying your script. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be.

  2. Ask a friend, a fellow consultant, or you're upline director to do a practice call with you!

  3. Lean into the discomfort! Discomfort means growth when doing a new thing. That's just the facts of life. When you come to terms with the fact that there's no way to avoid discomfort, the challenging task becomes easier to manage. If you accept the discomfort as a matter of fact - then you'll push through instead of avoiding it!  

Now that the host has their wishlist and we've created agreements for their party with a phone call - they will be adequately motivated to do all the tasks you send them, such as inviting their friends and being present at their party!

Use Extra Perks to Keep Your Host’s Momentum

Budget for extra perks to give to your hosts!

In addition to the rewards your hosts will receive from corporate, you’ll want to provide extra gifts that you provide.

These extra perks help create customer loyalty and keep your host on track with tasks that directly benefit your business.

Having extra perks set up in your system, like the example below, ensures that your host prioritizes tasks that directly impact the sales and growth of your business, primarily if the duties assist you more than them.

Your gifts can be as small or as big as you like. Investing in your hosts this way pays off big! Because when the host does tasks that their friends see, it has a much more significant impact than when you do it yourself.

You can add the gifts directly to their host order, or if you have smaller items at home, you can mail them directly. Remember to inform the host that they only get the gifts if their party qualifies. This reminder ensures you don't go into the red.

You can also provide digital gifts, like an e-cookbook or a digital coupon, which they can use on their next order. Get creative!

Once you have added extra perks to your host coaching, you'll want to incorporate reminders whenever the correlating tasks come up.

As an example,

"Remember that when we get x members in the party, you get x bonus gift from me!"

And then when they achieve that task, send them a message congratulating them!

"YAY! You get the x! You're doing a fantastic job!"

Incentivize Your Hosts With Constant Encouragement

For every task the host does, thank them for it and tack on a compliment related to it. Flattery will get you far!

Here are examples:

When you make your host feel confident in everything they do, they will keep doing it. It's how you keep it fun!

Everyone likes to feel validated. So make the time the hosts spend interacting with their party a positive experience where they are immediately rewarded for their effort.

Also, ensure you do everything you can to keep the host guests engaged! An important form of encouragement is when the host's peers engage in the party.

As a consultant, you have to provide opportunities to show the guests that the host is present and excited at the party. Having the host showcase their excitement and participation right away will signal to their guests that this is important to them. Encourage your host to be active in the party because when they are, their guests will follow suit, and the encouragement will perpetuate itself.

The same applies to the host because you are guiding the host. You have to lead by example. If you want your host to be commenting on all the posts and playing the games, you must also be.

Host tasks are essential because the friends & family of your host are buying more to help their friend than they are to help your business. That's just how it is - so keeping the host at the forefront of the party will make potential customers more generous with their attention, money, and time!

That's why having the host do specific tasks is so important, even if you could do them yourself.

Why Mindset Is Important

When incentivizing your host, the main thing to remember is that you're setting THEM up for success, not yourself.

This distinction may seem redundant, but it's easy to lose sight of it.

Approach all your host coaching from the perspective of what will help your host have a good experience. When you do that - your sales and bookings numbers will grow without being on the attack.

Take a look through your current host coaching system.

What can you update to reflect that you are providing a service to your host rather than getting something out of them?

Even though you're in sales, the life of your business is customer service.

And the service to your host will make or break your success.

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