3 Keys to Increasing Your Facebook Post Reach In Your Online Party

Part of hosting a successful Online Party is making sure your guests see your posts.

This is important because if your guests do not see your posts, then your Party will be a dud.

We don’t want this for you so we found the 3 keys you must know to create the best post reach in your online party.

Let’s dive in!

Key #1: Understand How the Facebook Algorithm Works.

First off, let’s learn how algorithms work, which can improve your post reach.

  • Corey’s Tip: “When you make a post, Facebook will show that post to a limited number of people. If those people engage, then Facebook will start showing that post to more and more people.”

Since it is impossible for users to view at once every update from all friends and groups, Facebook uses an algorithm to show you the most popular, community-building posts first in your feed and notification alerts.

Basically, Facebook’s goal has been to improve security for their users and to build safer communities.

This is why the algorithms (the formula that determines how posts get seen) have changed to lowering the visibility of ‘spammy posts and behavior’, and increasing positive posts that build a relationship.

  • Corey’s Tip: “If you understand [the] importance of engagement, you will be able to scale and grow your business. And you will have much more success from less effort and less work in your parties. But you have to have a system in place to be able to ensure that you’re leveraging that engagement as much as possible.”

Key #2: Build Up Your Post Visibility

Next, you want to build your post visibility by working with the grain of the algorithm. This means getting creative with your posts to create a connection with your guests to make them want to click LIKE.

  • Corey’s TIP: “You want to post things that are real and relevant and fun. It does not  always have to be about your product. You want to make those posts about them, about your customer, about getting to know them, about building a relationship with them, and how you can serve them.”

Good posts build good interaction; this increases the chance for members to see them in their feeds and notification alerts. You want to create interactive posts that engage members. Posts that ask a question, opinion, or “answer with a gif”, are fun and build ‘importance for the community’.

When you respond, the number of comments increases, too (just make sure you always post the last comment). Facebook then favors your following posts by increasing visibility in your group members newsfeeds and notification alerts.

Facebook also favors LIVE videos and the visibility is bigger!

Look at your Party scripts and evaluate if it is building community in your groups. People want to have fun!

  • Corey’s Tip: “Engagement and communicating and building that relationship with someone,  is the bridge for your customers knowing you and trusting you and buying from you. If they interact with you in some way, if they feel a connection with you. If they feel like their needs are gonna be met in some way, they’re more likely to buy.”

Playing Party Games is a great way to do this. Check out our favorite games in these article all about the most popular Facebook Party games that increase your post reach.

Key #3: Avoid Visibility Drop

Finally, it stands to reason that if Facebook can make your posts more visible, they can also make them less visible, thus decreasing your chances that your guests will see your content. So how can you avoid this?

  • Corey’s Tip: “Posts that get those high marks for interaction and engagement, are going to be shown to more and more people. Posts that do not get good interaction and good engagement are only going to get shown to that first select few, and then buried after that.”

Original content that is relationship-building is favored over posting the same thing over and over (which can get flagged as ‘spam’).

Even private messages can get flagged! So when messaging people, or posting to a new Party, be sure to change some words to avoid looking ‘suspicious’ and lowering your visibility

  • Corey’s TIP: “The more you post without engagement, the more FB will stop showing your posts to people! It’s better to post fewer, with good engagement, than to post more with no engagement.”

Many people are making the mistake of having way too many posts, and it’s overwhelming.
So learn how to focus on creating fewer, more intentional posts for better engagement.

  • “One post that has real relevance is better than 5 posts that are just pitching a product!” – FB Marketing Professionals Everywhere.

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