5 Facebook Party Strategies Really Successful Direct Sellers Use

When it comes to learning about the most successful Facebook Parties, it’s one thing to search for the ‘how-to’s’ all over the internet, and quite another to get it straight from the source.

After hosting over a million Parties through our software, it’s really clear that our most successful users know a thing or two about succeeding in this ever-changing online business industry!

In these 14 tips, they will share with you the Facebook Party Strategies that are working for them.

Strategy #1: Hostess Coaching

According to our top users, over 26% of them recommend Hostess Coaching as one of the top reasons for creating a highly profitable Party.

Here are 3 tips they suggest implementing when coaching your hostess:

  • “One thing I do is give my host a pre-worded post and picture to post in the Party each day. The posts are designed to elicit comments and increase guest participation.”

  • “I create a secret group in Facebook to do joint host coaching for a successful virtual Party.”
    – SHELLY

  • “I send my hosts tips to do every day. It might be posting a reminder in their Party, it might be tagging friends in the games posts, it might be sending a private message and I ask them to comment DONE when they’ve completed the day’s tasks and if by the end of the day, they haven’t, I ask them if they are still planning to today.”
    – TRISH

Strategy #2: Increasing Engagement

Having a highly engaged Party is vital for increasing your reach and increasing your orders.

Here are five suggestions from our top users on how to increase your engagement:

  • “[Using] Informative posts, not just a sales pitch.”
    – GINGER
  • “Playing lots of fun and interactive games [will] allow people to enjoy the Party while also learning about the product.”
    – AMANDA
  • “Asking guests to look for a “secret” word during the Party. This helps open up direct messages because I send the secret word in a message which they have to accept. I like to feature the secret word in a quote that is listed on a graphic of the hostess’ personal favorite products.”
    – LEAH
  • “I, myself participate in the Parties. If a guest comments on a post, I comment with them and I encourage my hosts to do the same. I ask them to treat it like they were sitting in front of them at their home. They wouldn’t just give a thumbs up if someone said “man, I love that product”…they would respond to them. No different in the virtual world.”
    – TRISH
  • “[Use] products to ask a personal question about the guests. For example, we have jewelry pieces that represent different qualities like strength, bravery, peace… I ask which thing they need more of in their life right now. Then I respond by asking thoughtful questions about their answers”
    – IVY

Strategy #3: Your Party Script

Having a Party Script can save you a lot of time. Plus, if you had a Party that performed really well, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Top Producers understand this and they leverage Party Scripts to increase their sales. Here’s what a couple of our users suggest:

  • “Short, 6 post parties. They last 30 minutes!”
    – DAWN

  • “I change up my Parties according to season… but when I have a particularly successful Party, I use and reuse and stay close to how that Party was organized and run as my template for the remaining Parties for that season… usually it keeps my sales higher…”

Strategy #4: Showcasing Your Best Products

Showcasing your best products is a great way to boost your orders.The top sellers are a top-selling item for a reason, right?

Here’s what one of our users says about this:

  • “When I participate in a party, I’m more curious to see what’s happening in the group if there’s a live video. And I absolutely love hearing tips and tricks from a consultant about any of their products! It makes me feel like I’m getting a bonus if I buy it!”

Then what if they didn’t order?

Great question.

Here’s what another one of users does when this happens:

  • “I offer to send out more information and samples. I let them know I will follow up for their feedback on the sample.”

Strategy #5: Be Genuine in an Online World

At the end of the day, people do business with people. So treat them the same way online as you would offline.

Here are two last tips from two of our Top users:

  • “Treat it like a home Party! Respond to guests as if you were face to face.”
    – ERIN

  • “…the most successful direct sellers that I’ve met (and the ones I’m most interested in buying from and joining) never act like they’re trying to sell you something. They’re the ones who are seemingly trying to introduce me to a product or company that they genuinely love and are passionate about. It makes me feel like they’re just wanting to let their friends know how awesome it is. It may seem like a subtle difference but it makes all the difference in the world.”
    – ASHLEE

So, there you have it, the experts have spoken!

We hope this has been helpful for your next Facebook Party.

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