6 Digital Tools to Keep Your Facebook Parties Organized

In our last article we gave you 11 Paper Planner Tips to Keep Your Facebook Parties Organized.

We found lots of independent consultants actually enjoy using paper planners! But if you’re finding that going back-and-forth between your paper planner and your computer is too much, then you will love to hear how easy it is to convert all your planning needs to digital tools.

In this article, we thought we’d give you the digital organizing tools, so we rounded up some of the most popular user-friendly digital solutions that may already be at your fingertips!

Plus, most of these can easily be synced between your devices, making it even easier to work your business from anywhere.

6 Digital Tools At Your Fingertips

TIP: When trying out new digital programs, give yourself grace and time to learn it and figure it out.

Stick with it for a little while, to see if it fits your style. But don’t be afraid to move on to something else until you find what works for you.

Remember what your goals are, whether it’s to love on your customers and hostesses more, to grow a quality team, or to crush your sales goals.

Chances are you want something:

  • To keep you focused with reminders/notifications
  • To keep you on track with checklists, tasks, subtasks, goal trackers, etc.
  • Is an easy-to-use duplicatable system for your next party, team member, or customer
  • Inspiring sparks of creativity, because after all, you LOVE what you do!

Here Are Some Common Digital Tools You May Already Have and Take Full Advantage Of:

  • Your company has been hard at work this year to make Online Parties and sales even easier!You may first want to check with your up-line and your personal website’s back office for new tools and training.Some help you track contacts, customers, sales, goals, samples, bookings, new team members, training, and more.
  • Your computer, tablet, and mobile device, such as Apple iPhone and Android for example, already have some great tools installed.From calendars to documents to video and photo editing tools, this makes it easy to share or copy/paste between programs and apps in your device.
  • Google is one of the biggest names on the internet, for good reason! If you have a Google account, you have access to some amazing digital tools.

    - Customize your Google Calendar to manage your business or share one with your team for training and goal-getting.
    Use GCalendar for setting appointments and when things are due. This is good for keeping in touch with hosts or following up.

    - Use the integrated Tasks section to stay on track.

    - In the Google Calendar app for mobile devices, you also get the Reminders and Goals features.

    - The Google mobile apps family also includes the Keep app to help you create notes with pictures, voice recordings, checklists, due dates, and more.

    - Don’t forget about Google Drive and Google Photos for creating and housing all your documents, spreadsheets, forms, and media for your business.Check out this great tutorial by Calyx and Corolla on getting to know your Google Calendar and features.
  • Use Your Facebook Business Page’s Messaging Option for communicating with hosts, guests, and potential new team members.Wouldn’t it be amazing to click a button to send that same hostess coaching script to a new friend? Now you can!With Facebook’s updates to Messenger, it’s even easier for your Business Page to send automated and saved replies.
  • Learn how to set up and use Messenger for Business Pages
    In a nutshell, go to your Business Page settings, then Messaging to access more settings on the desktop version of Facebook. You can find your shareable Messaging Link which allows your friends to message your Page directly; create Automated message options they can click on for common answers; and create saved replies that you can choose from when responding to a friend.

    From your mobile device, you will have the most options, including creating, editing, and sending saved replies, with the Facebook Pages App.
    Here’s how easy it can be, when you have this option set up:


More Popular Digital Apps and Tips

  • Trello has a free version that allows you to create customized boards for different areas of your business.
    - Create lists inside your boards to visualize topic areas and projects.
    - Use cards in each list to keep track of tasks and goals. Each card is customizable with notes, links, pictures, files, checklists, due-dates, and color-coding.
    - Your card due-dates can be viewed in a calendar format and can sync to your phone’s calendar too.
    - You can easily copy cards/lists/boards to duplicate the same tasks for every new Party.
    - If you choose to upgrade to “business class” you’ll get to include due-dates for the checklists too.
    - Add team members to your boards to collaborate, or share a link. Turn your public boards into templates for team members to copy and use.

    Here’s an example of how you can use Trello to accomplish all aspects of your business from a single Facebook Party:



Another fun thing about Trello, is you can customize your boards and cards with colors and pictures, to spark creative inspiration (and it just looks prettier)!

  • Evernote is similar and very popular for sharing info among team members. You can create different notebooks to add notes and include reminder dates, checklists, attachments, voice recordings, and sketches. You can also duplicate the notes, move them, and add tags.

We hope you discovered some new digital tools to help you keep your Facebook Parties and your business more organized!

Tell us what you tried that works for you!

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