6 Types of Posts to Use In Your VIP Customer Group

You’re probably doing an amazing job connecting with new customers with Facebook Parties and now you’re building those relationships with your VIP Customer Group!

And maybe you’re finding yourself stuck every now and then when it comes to keeping your VIP Customer Group alive. Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered!

The key to keeping your group highly engaged is to keep a flow of creative posts that your members WANT to engage with.

The best way to do this is to add a variety of different types of posts until you find a rhythm that works for you and your members.

Here are some ideas to get you out of the posting rut and liven up your group once again:

Post Type 1: Community Building Posts

These posts present anything that is relatable to your members and compels them to participate with a comment or reaction.

Asking a question, creating a poll, or welcoming new members is a great way to do this.

You can even create a challenge about something simple for members to participate and check-in with results.

It doesn’t have to be about your products, but you can keep it within the realm of a certain topic such as food, cooking, beauty, health, clothes, accessories, etc.

Post Type 2: Meaningful Posts

These are posts that pull at their heartstrings and create a connection to make your members feel like you understand their needs.

It can be anything that is relatable enough for them to stop and react to your post.

So ask yourself:
– What do you have in common with your members?

– Do you all have kids or pets?

– Have busy schedules?

– Have no clue what to make for dinner?

You just want to make a post that bridges the virtual gap to connect with them.

And then cultivate these relationships with your customers by creating trust and responding to every comment thoughtfully, or reaching out with a direct message.

This shows you care about them and appreciate them participating.

Post Type 3: WOW Posts

These are just for fun and grab their attention with a surprising statistic, image, quote, or video.

Remember to create a post that makes it easy to click on that thumbs-up, heart, or WOW reaction.

You can also relate back to your own company or products and make an offer to try it themselves.

Post Type 4: Game Posts

Games are a staple for fun Parties, but can also be thrown into your VIP group!

It would be more fun if there was an incentive to boost engagement, so you might do this only once a month or seasonal.

You can do this right before a quick sale or promotion to improve your post reach and make your posts pop up on their feeds again.

Here are some simple game ideas to get you started.

Post Type 5: Booking or Recruiting Posts

These types of posts usually offer an incentive and might fit best around a sale or promotion, but they’re not meant to be over-used.

Your goal is to create a comfortable space for your customers to stay in touch and learn more about your services.

They already know what you do, and they love your products, just make it simple for them to reach out to you.

Post Type 6: Themed Posts

This makes it fun to present your products in a new way.

Get creative with themes like traveling tips, any seasonal or holiday appropriate items, spring cleaning, birthday bash, kid-friendly or pet-friendly ways to use products, around the house, best products for your purse or car, self-care and pamper me, the best gift ideas, how to use products to accomplish common goals or resolutions, etc.

You can show tips, tricks, and tutorials using pictures and videos on select products that go with your theme.

The main thing to remember with this type of post is to just have fun and get creative!

There you have it, 6 types of posts to liven up your VIP Customer Group!

What are your favorite ways to boost engagement? Leave a comment below.

Da'Nell Hitz

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