6 Ways Party Templates Can Make or Break Your Business

The powerful secret to running successful Online Parties that bring in sales, book more Parties, and grow your team every month, is in using a key tool: the Post Template!

Direct sales companies know the value of duplicating quality leaders and team members to create a lasting business on your own schedule. Your company and upline probably already have Party Scripts to train you for in-home Parties.

Creating a template of Online Party script posts is essentially the same thing!

In fact, if you’ve been doing Online Parties chances are you already have a series of posts saved on a document somewhere, so you can copy and paste each post in the right order to a particular Party.

If you’re doing this, you may not be holding more than 1 Party at a time, struggling to keep up with what to post next, and feeling overwhelmed with trying to  interact with guests and answer their questions at the same time.

And if you have a game in the middle of all of this… we feel for you!

If you’ve discovered Facebook’s Post Scheduler, you’re on the right track to getting your posts out on time for your Party.

But you’re still going through these tedious steps for every single Party! Check out our last article on why you need a Party post scheduling program to grow your business.

Online Parties are supposed to be more convenient, cost effective, and efficient so you can spend more time with your family.

So let us show you why it pays to be implementing Online Party Script Templates with a Party post scheduling program to exceed your business goals!

Plus, don’t miss an amazing tip that will change your life, below!

3 Amazing Ways Using Templates will Improve Your Business

Using a template does all of the work of posting the Party posts for you, and more!

Amazing Way #1: Templates Give You Quality Posts

  • Quality duplication is the key to building a strong customer base and a successful team.

    You can control the quality of your content by sharing the same info with the right wording, graphics, and powerful videos, to every Party you run.

    Having a foundation of quality posts gives you the freedom to personalize a fun and successful Party for every host!

  • Using a post template allows you to stay organized and easily edit or update key information, links, and graphics in one place for all of your future Parties.

Amazing Way #2: Templates Save You a Lot of Time

Your time is valuable! Your energy and focus should be on efficient, quality service to MORE hosts and customers, not copy and pasting the next post for a limited number of monthly Parties!

So save time by using your templates to run MORE of the same high quality Parties.

  • Brainstorming and carefully creating great content may take time at first. But you can confidently work at your own pace when making your posts and save them in the template as you go.

    Return anytime to continue to edit before scheduling to your Online Parties. That part is a breeze!

  • Quickly and easily schedule multiple Parties in just a few minutes and free yourself to stay engaged with the live interaction of your guests. No more copy and pasting!

    This allows you to actually participate in the Party fun!

    This helps you to build better customer relationships, book more Parties, add more team members, and close larger sales!

Amazing Way #3: Templates Give You Flexibility

Using templates as a tool in your online business gives you limitless possibilities!

  • You can easily duplicate any template and customize it for a variety of Party scripts.

    For example, you might break up your product line to focus on a particular area for this Party and give extra tips on these special products.

    You can still throw in your best package deals and mention your other products, but this changes up the fun, especially for returning hosts/customers.

    Be confident in your content quality, knowing you have already done the hard part.

  • Think outside the box and use templates for team groups, hostess coaching groups, VIP customer groups, and even your own business page (seriously, who has time to think up new posts every single day?).

    Schedule time for yourself each month to create several posts at a time in a new or existing template, then schedule it out for the new month.

    This is ideal when you get new product info or company specials!

  • It’s a snap to share your Party script templates with your new team members to help them get started and book more Parties, faster!

    Remember to train them to customize the templates to make their own Parties unique.

3 Bad Ways to Use a Shared Template and What You Can Do About It

Duplication without personalization becomes robotic, and robotic posting looks like spammy behavior to Facebook’s spam detection algorithms.

Here are some ways to avoid looking like a robot to Facebook when using a template that was shared with you.

Don’t Ever…

  • Post Party scripts or sales posts in a Personal Group!

    Always link your Business Page to the Party group, to turn it into a Business Page Group.

    This let’s Facebook know that your Page is conducting business related content in this group.

    Otherwise, Facebook will see you posting commercial posts and images from your personal profile and may think your account got hacked or that you are spamming.

  • Set it then forget it! Using a secured Party post scheduling program is worth the investment if the features, like templates, are treated as tools to build your business upon.

    No more copy and pasting means you are free to engage with your guests in the online Party in real time, note their reactions to your content and whether you should change things up next time, and focus on meeting the needs of your host and guests.

  • Post back-to-back too fast. Schedule Party posts apart far enough to seem natural.

    A good rule of thumb is to not be posting faster or more than you would post manually.

Ensure you Always Do…

  • Change the wording in the post of a template that is shared with you.

  • Change out corporate pictures for your own unique photos or graphics, or at least edit them with permission.

  • Try rotating through a few templates for Parties that are scheduled for the same dates. This avoids the same posts going out too close together.

  • Learn how to use special features like Replacement Tokens (which are available in PostMyParty) to automatically customize any template with the new host’s name, shopping link, and Party date or other text.

    This automatically makes a template unique for each new Party you schedule.

  • Keep content fun and engaging! Facebook wants to see that members of your Party groups choose to be there and want to respond to your content.

If you aren’t sure whether your Online Party is adhering to Facebook’s rules and standards, we encourage you to take some time to review our popular article, Why You’re Getting Blocked.

Bonus Tip!

Not sure where to start when creating your own Party script template from scratch? Here’s a tip that will change your life:

Create a template for your template!

Check out our helpful article on The Best Format for Facebook Parties for all of our tips on what to include in your Online Party script.

  1. Create a super basic template for what to include on each post and when you want them to go out.

    For example…
    Post 1: ”welcome post” for Day 1 of the Party at 10:03 AM.
    Post 2: “introduction post” for Day 1 of the Party at 2:04 PM, etc.

  1. Take your time to edit each one to reflect the actual content you want to include.

    For example…
    Post 1 with a GIF: ”Welcome to [host]’s  ____ Online Party! Here’s what you need to know…..”.
    Post 2 with a picture: “I’m so excited to share my favorite products with you! Let me first tell you why I love them so much….”, etc.

You can also use this super basic template as a training tool to teach your team members how to create their own Online Party script templates!

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