Best Ways to Appreciate Your Customers and Boost Orders

You understand the gracious truth that your business couldn’t flourish without the support of your family, friends, hosts, team members, but most of all your customers. They are the backbone of your business goals and mean more to you then just being another number.

So shower some love on your customers regularly!

Whether you have this down to a science with every order, or like to do something BIG a few times a year, here are some of the best ways to show your customers how much you appreciate their support of your business

How to Show Appreciation to Your Customers

Your company might make it easy to spoil them, or maybe you like to include a personal touch with your gratitude. Follow these steps to help you decide on something that works for you.

Choose a goal that flows with your business

The sky's the limit! Whether you want to say, “Thanks for supporting my business!”, or want to build a relationship leading to bigger and better things, just remember that showing immediate gratitude will help build a positive connection with your customers, and personal touches will keep them shopping with you!

Some goals to build your business while showing appreciation might include:

  • Cultivating a strong customer base with special offers to all who order.
  • Creating repeat Party hosts that love your products by saving specialty gifts (or limited edition items) just for them.
  • Building a strong team by nurturing individual friendships with encouragement and relationship-building activities
  • Expand your business by offering your expertise to customize products or services to your customer’s needs. She may have only bought 1 item that one time, but perhaps she would host a Party if only she knew how the products could work specifically for her.

Decide on a budget

This can be a monthly or yearly budget. It doesn't have to be huge, but being intentional to set aside some cash to go back to your customers will show them you care.

Here are some low-to-no-cost ideas:

  • An extra gift with their purchase such as a fun accessory, tools or recipes to use with their order, or even a $5 gift card for coffee or a favorite place to shop.
  • Free shipping (always appreciated!)
  • A special discount on their next purchase
  • Personal touches to their order such as pretty packaging
  • A thoughtful hand-crafted item, like an ornament or bookmark
  • A handwritten thank-you note, phone call, or even video goes a long way to express your gratitude (especially for online orders that go straight to their address).
  • Use your personal creative skills to create customized items for hostesses, big spenders, or your downline team members. Who doesn’t love a unique gift with their name or initials?!
  • Your downline team members are some of your BEST CUSTOMERS! If you have some extra cash to splurge on these amazing people, try a special order customized gift with their names or initials, Unit/Team name, company name (with approval), company colors, etc. There are lots of companies to order from that have affordable rates.

Choose how to spoil your customers

Implement your plan to regularly shower them with love, whether it’s with every purchase, once a month, or every year.

Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Use Digital tools to create special offers through email, text, personal website, etc. Include a fun picture, GIF, or short video to express your excitement and gratitude.
  • Happy mail is always special! It might take extra effort and personal touches, but is always appreciated and memorable.
  • In-Person drop-offs can be as simple as leaving gifts at their doorstep with a heartfelt greeting, or meeting up for a thoughtful coffee-and-catch-up visit.
  • Keep the parties rolling with a Customer Appreciation Bash in your VIP Group! Show your gratitude with fun games, giveaways, and a live video featuring something extra special.
BONUS TIP: If you have a big product launch or company sale coming up, you can do a Customer Appreciation Party first leading up to the special deal! This will boost your group engagement and post visibility, so when the sale launches more people will see it and be excited.

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