Boost Your Recruiting: The Ultimate Content Guide For Growing Your Team!

When the word "recruiting" comes up, what's your initial reaction? Does it intimidate, scare, or excite you? For many, it can feel like a daunting task - something necessary for growth and success, yet challenging to accomplish.

It's normal to have mixed feelings about recruiting, but here's the thing: investing in it will bring you the highest returns for your business. In direct sales, the quickest path to achieving your goals is by helping others achieve theirs. And what better way to do that than by sharing what's blessed your life with them?

When you offer a business opportunity, you're not just building your team but enriching someone else's life. Plus, let's remember that a larger team means higher earnings. There's no need to be bashful about it. Many of us joined direct sales to improve our financial stability. Own that fact and extend that same opportunity to others.

Consistent recruiting can offer many benefits, including increased earnings, enriched lives, leadership growth, enhanced confidence, and creating your own community. It's a noble use of your time!

Where to Start:

A full calendar of parties is a must to elevate your recruiting game. With a consistent party schedule, you will have enough opportunities to present the business to potential recruits.

Remember, recruiting is a numbers game - the more people you engage with, the more chances you have to share your message.

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To take the next step towards successful recruiting, you need a system for what to do once someone says "yes" to joining your team. Staying motivated and asking people about the business can be easy with a clear plan.

How do you create a system for onboarding new team members?

First, reach out to your upline or a fellow consultant who's excelled in recruiting lately and ask for their guidance. There may already be a system for you to utilize, so check with your team for available resources.

If your team has no resources for you, don't worry - you can create your own onboarding system. First, take some time to reflect on what would have helped you when you first started, such as setting up direct deposit, arranging your first party on the consultant website, booking parties, or using a third-party scheduler. Then, incorporate these steps into your system for new teammates to follow.

When you clearly understand what's next, you can confidently approach recruiting. Consider this - would you want to join someone's team if they weren't sure of themselves? Probably not. That's why having a plan and knowing what steps to take after someone says "yes" to joining your team is crucial.

But having a plan is only part of the equation. It's equally important to incorporate recruiting into your host coaching. Be bold and ask your hosts if they're interested in the business. After all, how did you become a consultant? It was likely because the consultant you hosted asked if you were interested in the opportunity.

You never know where someone is in their life, and they may be looking for precisely what you're offering. So, just as you wouldn't pre-judge someone's interest in hosting a party, don't prejudge their interest in joining your team. Always ask your hosts if they want to learn more about the opportunity. Don't miss out on potential team members because you didn't take the time to ask.

Party members are another great source of potential leads. As you're hosting parties, it's essential to keep an eye out for members of the group who are the most engaged and active. Many have already interacted with the products, and some may have even seen content about the business before attending the party. They will likely make great recruits for your team. Take the time to start conversations with them and get to know them better. By doing so, you're building a potential business relationship and establishing a personal connection.

Everyone is unique and has different interests and motivations, so avoid sending generic copy-and-paste messages to everyone in the group. This approach can make potential recruits feel like they are just another number instead of being valued and appreciated for their individuality.

If you want to attract potential recruits to your team, you need to make them feel like they will be part of a community that values their contributions. The ability to build connections sets successful recruiters apart from those who struggle. There are very few aspects of recruiting that can be automated or replicated through copy-and-paste messages.

However, automating certain aspects of your recruiting process can be a game-changer regarding efficiency and effectiveness. While it's important to personalize your interactions with potential recruits, there are some things that you can and should automate. One such thing is the content you share from your party templates.

Using a scheduling tool like PostMyParty, you can ensure the material gets in front of as many people as possible. This means you can focus on building relationships and connecting with those who engage with your content.

When someone interacts with your content, note who they are and what they say. These people are most likely interested in what you have to offer. Use this information to tailor your follow-up messages and make them more effective. By automating the sharing of content and tracking interactions, you can save time and increase the chances of success in your recruiting efforts.

Here are 5 Posts to Include in Your Template to Help You Recruit More:

Your Why:

To kick off your party, it's important to start with a post introducing yourself, sharing what inspired you to start your business, and highlighting how it has positively impacted your life and your family. This is your chance to tell a story and get creative. Think of it as a "getting to know you" post that showcases your personality and what makes you unique.

By sharing your personal story, you're making yourself relatable to the guests and host of the party. It helps to build trust and rapport with them and shows that you're more than just a salesperson. This post is an excellent opportunity to showcase your authenticity and highlight your passion for your business.

By sharing your journey, you inspire others to pursue their dreams. Your story may resonate with someone in the party looking for a similar opportunity. It plants the seed in their mind that they, too, can be successful at the business and find something they love.

This post shouldn't come across as a sales pitch. Instead, it should be a genuine conversation starter that helps to establish a connection with your audience. By doing this, you're laying the foundation for future conversations about the business and creating a comfortable space for guests to ask questions and learn more.

The Perks

To enhance your recruiting efforts, showcasing all the perks of becoming a consultant is essential. While the obvious perks of income, incentive trips, and earning products may come to mind, there are also less obvious benefits like a sense of community, self-confidence, recognition, and the chance to work from home. Each person has unique motivations, so highlight all the different perks that could appeal to them.

To make it fun and engaging, consider creating a graphic with all the perks listed and numbered from 1 to 8. Then, encourage your guests to participate by asking them which number motivates them the most to start something new. This gets them interacting with the post and helps you tailor your approach to each potential recruit based on their answers.

Show What It Means To Be A Consultant:

If you're a direct sales consultant, you know that one of the biggest draws to the business is the potential to make money. But how much can you earn per party? And what does that add up to in a month? These are questions that your potential recruits may be wondering, and it's important to have the answers.

The good news is someone in your Upline or even your home office likely has the answer to these questions. Once you have that information, you can use it to your advantage by creating a game or interactive post that gets your party guests thinking about the potential earning power of being a consultant. For example, you could ask them how they would feel if they were making that extra amount of money each month and what it could do for them. This helps them envision their goals and what they hope to gain by joining your team.

It's important to be careful with the language you use in this type of post. Avoid advertising anything that represents 'income' or making guarantees about how much someone can earn. As a direct sales consultant, you know earnings can vary based on many factors, including how much time and effort someone puts into their business. Instead, use averages or ranges to give people an idea of what they can expect.

Another approach you could take is to create a post that breaks down the steps of what it will mean to become a consultant. Rather than focusing on earning potential, you can show what a consultant does daily. Do you work your direct sales business part-time or full-time? How do you balance it with other aspects of your life? What does your day look like? By giving people a glimpse into the day-to-day of being a consultant, you can help them understand what it would really mean to join your team.

Consider this post as a glimpse into a typical day of a direct sales consultant, providing those hesitant about joining the business with an idea of how they could incorporate it into their lifestyle. Similar to knowing the necessary follow-up steps after recruiting someone, those considering the opportunity should feel at ease with the realities of being a consultant before committing to it.

Ask Me Anything:

Including a post in your party template that encourages guests to ask you questions about the business can be a great way to engage with them and help them understand what being a consultant entails. To make it even more exciting, you can turn it into a giveaway where once the post reaches a certain number of questions, you'll offer a prize to one of the participants.

To encourage guests to ask relevant questions, you can suggest potential topics such as your experience as a consultant, what you enjoy most about your job, how many hours you typically work each week, or anything else you think would be informative and interesting.

You may be surprised by what people end up asking, and this can help you tailor your responses to better meet their needs and interests.

Make sure to be present in your parties when this post is scheduled so that you can answer questions promptly. If you leave questions open for too long, guests may not bother to come back and check for your response, which can defeat the purpose of the post.

Overall, this type of post can be a valuable tool for engaging with guests and building a stronger connection with them. By creating an open and welcoming environment where people feel comfortable asking questions, you can help them see the value of becoming a consultant and feel more confident about taking the following steps toward joining your team.

Showcase The Kits:

Including a post about the consultant kits are crucial for your party template. It's important to break down each kit and explain what it offers. By doing so, you can showcase the different levels of commitment that someone can have when they become a consultant.

Throughout the party, you should also feature as much product that is included in the kits as possible in other party posts. This not only highlights the products but also helps to give a better understanding of what comes with each kit. It also helps to show potential recruits that the consultant kit provides value beyond just the products.

It's also important to mention that some people may be interested in joining your team simply for the products, and that's okay! By having various recruiting posts in your party, you can appeal to different types of people interested in different things. Whether it's the opportunity to earn extra income or access great products, there is something for everyone when they become a part of your team.

Stephanie Landy

Blog Writer