Exciting New Features & How to Use in your Business!

PostMyParty prioritizes the relationship we have with our customers. That's why we provide a live support chat seven days a week to answer any questions and guide you through anything that might confuse you. Did you know that you can also request feature ideas when you reach out to support?

We take all the ideas suggested to us and pass them over to our development team to do their magic. They've slowly been integrating many of your ideas into our most exciting upgrade yet!

You heard me right! PostMyParty is getting an upgrade, and you guys will be blown away by all of our new features.

At the moment, we are still in the beta phase of rolling out the New PostMyParty Experience. So this article is all about telling you guys what's to come!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to get notified when it's live!

New Features:

Canva Integration:

Our new Canva Integration Feature will allow you to connect to your Canva account, create an image and upload the image right to your Template without ever leaving PostMyParty. This feature is easily accessible under the "Picture" or "Multi-picture" post option. Then, click on the "Design in Canva" green button to start designing your virtual party content immediately!

PostMyParty's new Canva Integration Feature will make creating and updating your content for your online parties much more effortless. You'll no longer need to develop an image in Canva, download it, and then upload it into PostMyParty- saving you time and the headache of figuring out which file form works best. We've also minimized the learning curve for anyone on your team starting their business. They'll be able to experiment and get comfortable using their own content faster. If you do not have to share the same Template with everyone, your fellow consultants are less likely to end up in Facebook Jail. And when it's so easy to make their content with PostMyParty, it'll take them no time to figure it out for themselves.

Text Customization:

You'll love being about to customize your text while creating your posts in PostMyParty. Your posts will look like they were posted manually on Facebook rather than through a third-party poster. As a result, your audience will have a more authentic experience when engaging with your content.

Text Customization will make your posts stand out. In the new PostMyParty, you can bold and italicize your words to accentuate what you want your audience to pay attention to! Customizing your text to increase sales and bookings by subtly highlighting important information without using extra words. Visual cues are more impactful than text.

PostMyParty will now have the ability to add emojis straight into your text box. Rather than going to an emoji database online to copy and paste. Any emoji you need to make your text more unique will be at your fingertips. You will not need to leave the site. You'll also be able to search for the specific emoji you want instead of having to scroll through it. Imagine how much faster creating content is going to be!


One of the things that have become abundantly clear over the last year is the importance of video in online Facebook Parties. A good Template utilizes the power of video to engage, excite and educate their party audience. Before, the only way to post a video that would also play automatically within a Facebook Group was to upload a video to your Facebook Business Page and then use that link in your Template. Or, even more cumbersome, manually uploading the video to a Facebook Group, which takes forever.

Now you don’t have to choose between either of these options. PostMyParty will finally allow videos to be uploaded and posted directly from our scheduler.

In the new PostMyParty, you’ll be able to upload a video straight from your computer and then have it scheduled onto Facebook without any links or manually posting it yourself. How amazing will that be!?

Content Library:

We are still developing our Content Library, but we're ecstatic for this feature to come out! Soon you'll be able to browse a collection of pre-made content for you to use to enhance your business on Facebook.

You will have access to seasonal content to use to keep your social media accounts relevant without all the effort of constantly having to make content from scratch.

What’s Different?

With all the new features rolling out, we've also given PostMyParty a facelift. The updates to PostMyParty's design will make your experience on the site more seamless.

For instance, when you first sign into your dashboard, you will notice that our instructional videos have changed and are easier to watch and play right from that page rather than enlarging them.


When you first enter the new Template Dashboard, you will notice several key differences. The first difference is that your page will no longer be cluttered with the green and red Edit and Delete buttons on the side. All actions for templates will be on the right. You’ll no longer need to click into each template to share or copy it. The new Template Dashboard will work more like a command center than just a place where you store your Templates.

Once you are inside a Template, you’ll notice how much easier it is to navigate. Instead of the pencil icon on each post section, you’ll see only two edit options on the right. You’ll be able to choose between being taken to the Edit Page or staying on the Template Page to edit your posts. You’ll also be able to preview how your posts will look before they appear on Facebook. And if your brain works better with blocks than seeing all your content in a chart, you can switch between TABLE and CARD formats. These updated navigation features will help you keep your templates updated and fresh without taking too much time out of your busy schedule!

Setting up the times for your posts is more intuitive with a clock you can choose from instead of searching through times or manually typing them in. Overall, you'll find all the design updates make for a less cluttered working space.

Replacement Tokens: 

Replacement Tokens are one of PostmyParty's most beloved features because it saves everyone so much time when setting up parties. They allow you to customize your Template every time you schedule the party. You plug text for every section that appears in the Replacement Token section, and then where the brackets used to be, the words you plugged in now appear. And because we know how helpful you find them, we've added 3 more options! Instead of just [host], [link], and [text], you'll also have [token1], [token2], and [token3]. The customization possibilities are endless! 


Once your Templates are scheduled into Parties, you’ll notice that your Party Page has had similar updates to your Templates. Everything was designed to increase the ease of using our program. The redundant Edit and Delete icons have been taken out. Now you’ll be able to click straight into your scheduled party by clicking on the name.

When in your party, you'll see that the posts that have already been posted or are pending are now labeled in different colors, so you can immediately catch if anything is disrupting your scheduled content. Seeing which step your posts are in once they are scheduled will minimize any hiccups you have while running your parties.

The way your party posts are laid out will also be much more organized. You can preview them without jumping into the Edit Page and switch between different formats, so you can choose whichever options make sense to you.

You will no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the page when adjusting your posts' time! Instead, it'll be located at the top of your scheduled party for quick access.

Account Information:

In the new PostMyParty, when you access your Account information, you will find that it is all in one place. You won’t have to go to multiple different pages. Instead, everything is organized in tabs. Each section also allows you to return to the main Dashboard quickly.

All of these new features will be out soon! The release date is TBD, but if you’d like a sneak peek, go to our support chat and ask if you can be a part of the New PostMyParty.

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that our updates will serve you and your business. Our mission is to make your life easier, and with our new elegant and intuitive design, PostMyParty will do just that!

And don’t forget, if you ever have a feature idea - let us know! We are always looking for ways to improve.

Stephanie Landy

Blog Writer