From Fall Foliage to Thriving Teams: How a Shared Party Template Fuels Business Growth

You know the drill. The leaves are turning orange and gold, and pumpkin spice is taking over the universe (again). That's right—fall is upon us! And what better way to ring in the season than by creating a party template that will make your, and your team's, businesses thrive!

A Party Template: The Unsung Hero of Team Success

Creating a Party Template to share might seem daunting on your already jam-packed to-do list. You might be thinking, "When will I see the returns on this?" But let's take a beat and think long-term here, folks.

Imagine you've just welcomed a few new consultants onto your team. They're ambitious and raring to go but juggling a million things to get on top of the learning curve with starting a new business. Handing them a Party Template isn't just about giving them a shortcut; it's a lifeline that allows them to leapfrog over the barriers to effective selling.

You want your newbies to stick around long enough to taste success. A pre-made, effective Party Template lets them get straight to the exciting part: making money and contributing to the shared dream. And guess what? That's a cornerstone of good leadership!

Why You Should Be Fall-ing for Business Growth

Let's discuss why the stars align during fall to make this all happen.

Summer is undeniably fun—we all look forward to those sun-kissed days and breezy nights. As the nights grow longer and the air gets chillier, People are more inclined to spend time indoors. And when they do, they're not just binge-watching their favorite shows. They're shopping.

And what is your team likely doing? They're inspired to hustle like never before!

Why, you ask? The holiday season is right around the corner, and everyone's got gifts to buy, parties to plan, and vacations to save for. The urge to generate extra income becomes more palpable than ever. You can leverage a natural behavioral shift to accelerate your team's performance.

Creating a killer Party Template right now is like planting a seed in fertile soil; it stands a better chance to grow and yield fruit.

Combining this natural surge in consumer activity with an easy-to-use Party Template sets the stage for a blockbuster sales season. More than that, you're instilling in your team the confidence and tools they need to excel—not just this fall but in the many seasons to come.

A step-by-step guide on how to create a shared Template:

Step One: Make Those Fall Launches Shine!

Let's get something straight—your Party Template isn't just another boring document; it's a stage. And every stage needs its star performers, right? So, before you get carried away decking out your template with all things autumn—from falling leaves GIFs to pumpkin emojis—let's start with the real show-stoppers: your products.

Fall product launches are a blockbuster in their own right. Be it a scented candle that wafts grandma's apple pie through the air or a limited-edition eyeshadow palette with autumn hues, these should take center stage in your template. You want your team to rally around and promote these products heavily, especially when everyone's excited about the new season. Make them impossible to ignore.

Step Two: Your Trend-Spotting Mission

Let's be honest: Just because something is featured in your company's newsletter doesn't mean it will have the social media clout you crave. To set your template on fire, you must go beyond traditional sources. So, put on your detective hat and scour the virtual world. What products or trends are getting the hype on TikTok? What are people fervently tweeting about? These trending topics aren't just noise; they're the pulse of public interest. Use them as your muse to infuse your template with elements that will get people buzzing.

Step Three: Set Yourself Up for an Easy Transition:

Make it Easy to Swap out Monthly Sales

We've all circled those dates in red on our calendars—Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and 'whatever-else-is-on-sale' Tuesday. These high-traffic days are opportunities you don't want to miss, so why not plan for them right in your initial template?

Here's the trick: Create posts like Lego blocks—easy to plug in and play. Opt for versatile captions like "This Month's Special," making them a good fit for September's autumn equinox and November's shopping frenzies.

You might think, "Why not make it hyper-specific to each month or event?" Specificity has its time and place, but broad strokes often work better when creating a template intended for team-wide use. Here's why: every customization you must make on your template is passed down as homework to your team. That's extra work, extra time, and, let's face it—no one needs additional tasks during the busy holiday season. Make it versatile so the template you hand over to your team is a gift that keeps giving, requiring as few tweaks as possible from month to month.

Future-proof it for the Holiday Season

Here's the pro-tip: Alongside those fall-centric products you're highlighting, slide in a few gift-worthy items. You don't need to advertise them as perfect gifts yet—subtlety is your friend here. A slight nod or hint can tease what's coming next in your holiday content. This way, when you eventually switch gears to holiday mode, you've already laid some groundwork and won't have to start from scratch.

The Power of Template Consistency

If you’re like me, you probably want to save time without sacrificing quality. And Canva is a fantastic tool for that. While creating product images, I generally stick to two or three core templates. Sure, you can start from scratch every time, but why reinvent the wheel? I often choose a pre-made design that resonates with my theme and customize it to fit my needs. It might be altering the color scheme to match my brand or adjusting the frames to fit my products. Once that's done, I re-use this foundational design throughout my Party Template.

Why is this beneficial? Because it not only speeds up the process but also ensures your entire template maintains a cohesive look. When it's time to transition your content from autumn leaves and pumpkins to snowflakes and Santas, all you'll need to do is swap out a few elements. A change in color here, a switch of product images there, and voilà! You're holiday-ready.

Never Underestimate the Magic of Fonts and Colors

You'd be surprised at the dramatic difference a simple change in font or color can make. Fonts and colors carry emotional weight; they set the tone for your content. These seemingly minor tweaks can refresh your template's look and feel when transitioning from one season to another.

So, when preparing your Party Template for the holiday season, remember that you won't need to change everything. The foundational elements remain the same; all you need to modify are those seasonal-specific games or activities.

Step 4: Make your Party Template the Complete Package

Building a Party Template for your team is not just about slotting in fun games, engaging posts, and attractive products; it's about creating a unified, seamless experience that matches the host coaching system your team is already familiar with. The last thing you want is for your well-intended template to become a Pandora's box of confusion. So, how do you make a Party Template that's complete, coherent, and easy to use?

Here are some key areas to focus on.

A Mirror Reflecting Your Existing System

Your Party Template should be an extension of your host coaching system, not a deviation from it. For example, if your team has a tradition of rewarding the most active party-goer with an end-of-party prize. Ensure this is reflected in your Party Template posts explaining how guests can vie for this prize—scatter reminders about this prize throughout the party posts to keep the excitement alive.

A Closing Note and Beyond

While we all love the thrill of a party, signaling when the festivities are winding down is essential. This is not just courteous; it's good business practice. A closing post can summarize the highlights, thank the participants, and create a sense of closure. But what if your host coaching system involves extending the party for another day or two? No worries—include an optional extension announcement in the template so your consultants can use it if needed.

The Beauty of Replacement Tokens

Replacement Tokens are a consultant's best friend. These are placeholders that can be easily replaced with specific information, like the shopping link for the party. Make it hassle-free by incorporating Replacement Tokens in your opening and closing posts. This way, your team can easily customize these crucial posts with the click of a button.

Games, Answers, and No Loose Ends

Nobody likes a game without a conclusion; it's like a joke without a punchline. So, if your Party Template includes interactive games that require answers to be posted, do not leave it to the consultants to scratch their heads and figure it out. Schedule those answers to go live at a specific time. These small details add to the overall user experience and professionalism.

Consistency is King

Create a rhythm in your template. Consistency makes it easier for everyone involved, from the party's consultant to the guests participating. For instance, if you have posts about recruitment or hosting opportunities, schedule them to go live at the same time every day during the party. It'll create a sense of anticipation and make it easier for your team to manage and for guests to follow.

Step 5: Make your Template Customizable

Let's talk about customization—the secret sauce to making your team-wide Party Template not just useful but downright irresistible! The goal here isn't to create a rigid, one-size-fits-all template. It's to offer a dynamic canvas, a foundation that your consultants can either use 'as-is' or personalize to suit their unique styles. So, how do you balance providing a robust, ready-to-use template and one that can easily be tweaked? Here are some savvy tips to guide you.

The Universal Appeal of Generic Anecdotes

We all have our personal tales and specific reasons why we love a particular product. And while it might be tempting to delve into the nitty-gritty of your own experiences, remember that a diverse group of consultants will use the Template you're creating. So, keep your anecdotes broad and relatable. Stick to universal experiences that most people can identify with.

For example, instead of saying, "This moisturizer reminds me of my summers in Hawaii," you could opt for, "This moisturizer gives you that just-back-from-vacation glow." That way, you keep the narrative engaging without making it so specific that others can't see themselves in it. The aim is to offer a genuine but versatile framework, allowing each consultant to layer their unique stories over it.

The Power of Anonymity in Media

You might be a charismatic individual, but your face shouldn't be the focus when it comes to the media elements in your Party Template—photos, videos, etc. Why? Because it needs to be a template that anyone on your team can use. If you're producing your own media, consider capturing 'hands-on' shots of the product being used - No faces, just hands, and the product. This keeps the focus on what you're selling and ensures that the media is universally applicable.

Now, there is one exception to the 'no-faces' rule. If you've got footage or photos from a group setting, like a team meeting or social gathering, where multiple people interact with the product, that's gold! This kind of media captures the community spirit of your business. It shows prospective customers that they're not just buying a product but joining a vibrant community.

The Magic of Team Gatherings for Content Creation

Speaking of community, if you haven't yet resumed in-person gatherings with your team, it's high time you started planning one. Besides being a great morale booster, team gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for batch-creating authentic content. Imagine a fun day of product demos, photoshoots, and even video testimonials. This content can then populate your Party Template, offering that 'real people, real experiences' feel while remaining versatile enough for different team members to use.

Use Accessible Software when creating the content for the Template:

The software platform you choose for crafting your images and videos should be easily accessible to all team members, regardless of their tech expertise. Your team will likely consist of individuals with varying skill levels—from those who want to fine-tune every detail of the Template to those who'd prefer to use it just as it is. Crafting a masterpiece confined to a platform only a few can navigate defeats the purpose of making a team-wide Party Template.

The Pro vs. Basic Dilemma

Suppose you opt for specialized features—like unique graphics, fonts, or audio—that are only available in the professional version of the software. In that case, you risk alienating team members who can only access the basic package. For instance, if you create an image using the pro features of Canva, those using the basic package may end up with a Canva watermark on their posts.

To avoid this, stick to using features and elements available in the software's basic or free versions. This ensures that everyone can utilize the template fully and without limitations, regardless of their package.

Template Editability: Empowering Your Team

To ensure that your Template is used as a building block within your team, it's a good idea to provide a template link that allows easy editing. Team members can readily modify images, text, or other elements to align with their preferences or branding needs.

Read our article about how to customize a shared template and share it with your team members to inspire them.

Step 6: Decide Which Video Format Works Best for You!

Video content is king, especially when it comes to virtual parties. It's not just about showcasing your products in a catalog; people want to see them in action! A well-crafted video can provide the sensory experience you can't get from a simple image or description. So, as you work on your team-wide Party Template, choosing how your videos appear in the party is a big decision.

When selecting where to host the videos for your Party Template, you have multiple options, each with advantages and drawbacks. Here's a comprehensive breakdown:

Direct Upload to PostMyParty

  • Easy-Peasy: Direct uploads to PostMyParty are straightforward, especially for those with Pro accounts.
  • Sharing is Caring: Pro account holders can share longer videos with those who have basic accounts.
  • Who Posted This?: If an assistant is scheduling your parties, it might look like they're the hosts, which could be confusing for guests.

Your Own Facebook Business Page


  • Autoplay Magic: Videos on Facebook play automatically, reducing the number of clicks and increasing engagement.
  • Algorithm Love: The more your videos are shared, the better your standing with Facebook's algorithm, reducing your risk of ending up in Facebook Jail.


  • Me, Myself, and I: Some teammates might feel you're hogging all the attention since it's all connected to your business page.
  • Dual Storage: You might need to store your template in two places to accommodate everyone's needs and concerns.

Tip: Keep your video captions neutral—avoid phrases like "visit my site" to make the content universally usable.

Generic Business Page


  • One Size Fits All: This is a neutral ground where any team member can grab what they need.
  • Simplicity: Everything is stored in one place, making management easier.


  • Open Season: Anyone, even those outside of our team, can use these videos.
  • Missing Out: You won't get the algorithmic benefits that come with Facebook's algorithm.

YouTube or Other Platforms


  • None: Yes, you read that right. YouTube or other platforms are generally not recommended for this purpose.


  • No Autoplay: Videos from these platforms won’t autoplay, leading to less engagement.

By following these steps, you're not just creating a Party Template; you're crafting a dynamic, user-friendly system that empowers your team to capitalize on one of the most lucrative seasons of the year. So, let's start this autumn with a bang, shall we?

Stephanie Landy

Blog Writer