How Successful Facebook Parties Avoid Facebook Jail

Facebook Parties are hands down one of the best marketing strategies for growing your direct sales business. Yet, if you don’t follow some simple best practices, you’ll end up in Facebook Jail.

What is Facebook Jail, you may ask? Great question.

Facebook Jail is when Facebook chooses to punish a Profile or Business Page because they believe the account is violating their Terms and Service agreement.

If you happen to land in Facebook Jail, they could block some features or disable your full account. Usually, for first-time offenders, this may last for a week or two.

So what causes you to end up in Facebook Jail in the first place?

Well…it usually comes down to posting inappropriate content, posting too fast, giving too many Likes, etc.

You can learn the whole lesson on how to avoid getting blocked in one of our best articles here.

The good news is this can be 100% avoided if you follow 3 things to ensure you avoid spammy behavior.

So let’s dive in.

1. Use the group features.

Here are a few features that help you to avoid Facebook Jail and have a Successful Facebook Party in your group:

  • Create a questionnaire for people to request to join.

    This is great for if you or any other member adds or invites lots of people at a time. It makes the guest decide for herself to actually join the party.

    This is also a great way to get to know the guest. You can ask anything, like How do you know [Host]? What part are you interested to learn more about? Do you want to join the party this time? If they say no, then you don’t need to add them.

    You can message them directly from here to introduce yourself or explain a little more about the party.

  • Approve members to join, when they request.

    You can also message potential guests to introduce yourself and explain a little more about the party for their friend [host] and to make sure they want to join.

    You can assign approval of members to only yourself, the admin, or also to another member like your hostess by making them a moderator of the group.

  • Posts approval can be set to only admins (you, and your hostess), or open to all.

    If you choose to let anyone post, be sure you set up a list of rules to abide by.

    It is important that you are in control of what is posted to avoid spammy behavior for your group.

  • Create a customized website link to your group.  This helps guests see a party name in the link, rather than a bunch of numbers.

    Go to Edit Group Settings, then scroll down to web and email address and then customize address.

    Finally, copy and paste this link into your invites (via email, text, or messenger) and share with your hostess.

2. Coach your hostess.

No matter how many settings you use, coaching your hostess is rule #1 to avoiding Facebook Jail and ensuring you have a successful Facebook Party.

Walk her through what to say and when to say it, and how to participate during the party.

I recommend using Personal Invites.

  • Here’s how to use Personal Invites.

    Just like with a face-to-face party, using personal invites are the key to participation.

    So using messenger on Facebook is a personable way to let your guests know you’d like them to join your fabulous online party, even if you’ve already added them to the group.

    You can also include the customized website link to your group.

  • Send fewer invites at a time. Remember that adding large quantities of people at a time to your group is discouraged and may trigger a red flag with FB.

    So break it up and send less than 15 invites at a time, and encourage the most likely interested people to party with you.

3. Create Organic Content.

Keep your content unique for each party.

You can utilize our popular feature, Replacement Tokens, within your templates to easily change the host name, shopping link, or other text, such as ordering deadline for the party or any other word or phrase.

  • A Word Of the Wise About Using Shared Templates:

    Please do not simply copy and paste the original messages of the template you are saving.

    Because Facebook tracks and blocks identical content and will eventually block the user that continues to post it.

    This can also include photos or bad links.

    This is also why comments are not included in shared templates.

    So if you want to avoid Facebook Jail, use your own words and pictures to see the best results and to protect your account.

    It is imperative that you use as much of your own work as possible to avoid Facebook flagging you for spammy behavior for your group.

If you need help creating your own online party script, check out this article on the best party format we’ve ever seen!

Since Facebook controls what they deem as spam and can change at any time, we can’t say for sure that what you post will or will not be flagged as spam.

If you want to dive deeper into how to avoid Facebook Jail, click here to read a post from our developer.

So there you have it, 3 ways to avoid Facebook Jail and ensure you have a successful Facebook Party!

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