How to Create and Use GIFs for Your Facebook Party Templates

Did you know you can schedule GIFs using PostMyParty? Yes, you heard me right! You can use those adorable short-form videos you see everywhere on the internet to elevate your virtual party template.

So what is a GIF anyway? Well, it’s short for Global Interchange Format, and all that means is that it’s an image file that plays like a video clip by layering multiple frames into a single file like an animation! But don’t get scared by the pedantic tech-speak - because this mighty file format has the potential to do big things for your business.

In this article - I’m going to explain why you need to start using them in your templates and how to make your own using Canva!  

Why is a short video clip better for showcasing my products than my usual photos? Because VIDEO IS KING on social media. Video means more engagement and more engagement means growth for your business.

Here’s why GIFs are a fantastic tool for virtual parties:

  1. GIFs are excellent at telling a story and conveying information within a glimpse. You’ll be able to showcase a product in a whole new light!
  2. They grab attention without being intrusive. When you scroll by a GIF, you absorb it without realizing it. It’s a great way to get the products and concepts you want your party guests to see the most in front of them!
  3. They’ll make your party more fun! And when your host and guests are having fun - your party’s success rate goes up!

Use GIFS for product information & game posts!

Product information GIFs show the product in action. When your party guests come across these posts, it helps them envision themselves using it, and that’s half the battle, right!? Being able to showcase a product in a small but effective video clip shows how that product will improve your future customers’ lives without having to read through a slog of text. A picture is a thousand words, but a video is infinite.

Here’s the example we’re going to create:

How to create a GIF using Canva

You will need:

  1. A Computer - there are possible ways to create GIFs without using a desktop, but it’s much harder!
  2. Canva. You can use the non-pro version of Canva to create GIFs! There’s no need to upgrade if you don’t have to!
  3. A video of the product. Your Corporate Office has videos and pictures for you to use on social media. You can download them and manipulate the file into a GIF. But, of course, if you have a personal video, that’s even better!


1. Open Canva and create a Facebook Post.

2. In the Facebook Post Canva, go to “Elements” and “Grids.” I use Grids to give the GIF clean and organized look. Three square frames will do the trick.

3. When you pick a grid, it’ll appear on the Canva project. When you click on each square on the grid, you can choose to add a photo or video or fill it in with color. I use

   one box for text, one for the video clip, and one for an image.

4. Start filling in the blocks once you decide where you’d like each piece to go. For the text section, keep it to a minimum. No more than a couple of lines of text: the      product’s name, item #, and a couple of lines about why it’s incredible! You want the words to be something your customers can read before they have time to scroll      past it.

5. When you upload your video, it will appear in the “Videos” section of your “Uploads.” Once it’s there - drag and drop it into the grid cell, you want it to appear in.

6. Trim the video to 2 to 5 seconds long. A few seconds may seem short, but it’s all you need to highlight your product’s most crucial in-action portion. Your video will      likely be too large to use for a GIF scheduled into a PostMyParty party template. That includes files you’ve downloaded from corporate labeled as a GIF. However,      don’t worry about attempting to trim the video outside of Canva. The magic of Canva is that it’s a one-stop shop!

        6a. To trim your video in Canva, click on the grid cell that has your video. Once there’s a purple outline around it, a toolbar for video editing will pop up.  

        6b. Click on the scissor symbol.

        6c. From there, slide the trim tool over the video section you want to keep. The video portion that appears whited out will not be used.

7. If your video has any sound, take it out by clicking on the volume symbol and dragging the knob down to zero.

8. Once you have your GIF at the length and look you want - you can play it to see what it’ll look like posted in your parties.

9. To download your GIF - click on “Share” and then “Download.” You’ll see a variety of download options. Make sure to pick “Gif.” Once downloaded, your GIF will appear      in whichever file folder your downloads appear on your computer.

How to upload your GIF onto PostMyParty!

PostMyParty has multiple types of posts. Although right now, we do not have video hosting available for everyone (we are still in the beta phase), we do offer a way to use short-form video clips - AKA GIFs!

It’s super simple to upload a GIF. When you create a post in a template or your post library, choose the GIF option and then upload the GIF file you created into where you’d usually put a photo.

If, for some reason, PostMyParty is not uploading your GIF file, make sure you have chosen the right option. Running into an obstacle like this happens even to me! When I’m in a rush and forget to change which option I’m uploading. It’s also possible that the file is too large. To fix that, go back to the original Canva project and shorten it a little more. There’s always more fat that can be trimmed from a video, especially if that means making your life easier by scheduling it into your PostMyparty templates!

How to create simple engagement posts: 

Engagement posts are questions or games that start conversations during the party. All the same benefits of using GIFs to showcase your products are gained when making your engagement posts this way too!

Examples of games I’ve used in GIF form:  

  • Share the face you make when people as you what’s for dinner!
  • Let’s have a dance-off! Post a dancing GIF below!
  • Share your favorite thing about Halloween!

I create simple engagement posts by overlapping text over the small video clip. And instead of using a grid, I just drag and drop the entire video into the project.

You can use the videos from Home Office, yourself, or even Canva’s stock videos.

When you finish, follow the instructions above to download from Canva and upload to PostMyParty.

What do you think? Are you ready to start creating mini-stories through video?

I can’t wait for you guys to get creative. There are so many fun things you can do with this format!

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