How to Improve Your Facebook Parties in 3 Easy Steps

We love the convenience of an Online Party for small businesses. But it’s hard to stay on top of updates with technology. So we found 3 new ways to a better experience for your next Facebook group Party!

Step 1: Go High-Tech to coach your hostess

We all know hostess coaching is the backbone of any party, and you can learn how to do this for Online parties in this article.

So use technology to your advantage by sending quick messages with emojis to your hostess. Let them know that you’re excited about their party and want them to succeed! Giving step-by-step instructions with pictures and links, or even sending a quick video, makes it easy for them to follow through and participate.

Here are 4 more ways you can make this happen:

  • Keep in touch with your hostess and have pre-made messages with instructions ready to coach them through each step of your Facebook group Party. This keeps them excited so they invite more people to the Party, participate properly, and increases your engagement so you reach more people!

  • Create a custom web address link to the Party to use in personal messages via messenger to your guests. This helps to simplify promoting your Party, and it looks more legit.

  • Create a questionnaire in your group settings to get-to-know your guests, and give them a chance to decide to join (this also cuts out any fishy spammy behavior).

  • Go live or share a pre-recorded video to welcome and tag your hostess and new Party guests. Give them a sneak-peak of what’s coming up in the Party. This helps create more intrigue with your guests and creates a tighter-knit community during your Party.

Step 2: Make your info easy to find to increase guest participation

It’s easy for the important stuff (like how to place an order, how to play games, how to earn party points, etc.) to get lost in the myriad of posts and activity in a group party, but you don’t want an opportunity to slip by during the fun.

Here are three tips to help increase engagement during your Party:

  • Fill in your group description with Party details, start and end dates, ordering links, and how to participate in the group.

  • Pin up to ten of the most important posts to the top of your group, like how to turn-on notifications, how to keep posts in order (by clicking “Recent Posts” in the group discussion page), and any Party specials.

  • Create files and albums of pictures, demo videos, and other helpful information (like specific product info, recipes, guarantees and warranties, etc.) of your best-sellers for guests to browse.

Step 3: Link your Facebook Business Page to keep your new customers active

Every Party is an opportunity to build your customer base with the guests that attend. So keep them in the loop by utilizing your Business Page on Facebook. When they follow the activity from your Page, this tells Facebook you are sharing content that people like and want. This will boost your Page visibility in everything you do. Plus, your customers will get the best sneak peaks, special deals, and tips from you!

Here are 3 things you can do to engage your new customers with your business:

  • Link your business page for guests to like and share. Use an incentive like earning party points, etc. BONUS TIP: When your Page is made an admin of your group, PostMyParty can schedule posts as your Page. The more your guests see your Page, the more likely they will follow you.

  • Link other groups for your new customers to join. As you wrap up the party you might keep guests engaged by directing them to an exclusive customer group so they never miss a special sale or class from you.

  • Turn this Party group into a new group, like a VIP customers group for your host/new team member. Having this new customer base is a great start-up incentive for growing their new business.

Learn more about how you can use Facebook to build your business, in this helpful article.

If you implement these tips into your next Facebook Group Party, you’ll see an increase in hostess engagement, guest participation, orders, and business page growth.

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