Introducing The New PostMyParty Workflow Assistant

We understand that many of you have been filled with anxiety the last few weeks regarding the upcoming deadline where FB is removing access to the groups API for all third-party schedulers.

We can also now confirm with 100% certainty that the old "API way" will be going away on April 22nd, 2024.

But don’t worry, like always, we have you covered! 

The wait is finally over, and we’re so happy and excited to announce our new solution, which will not only replace the API’s functionality but will be even better. Allow me to explain…

Introducing The New PostMyParty Workflow Assistant! 

What is it exactly?

We have officially launched a new Chrome Extension Workflow Assistant that will be your own personal, automated posting assistant for all your party posts!

This Chrome Extension takes the place of the API and will do all of your posting for you in your groups on FB. 

And, it is 100% compatible with all the templates you’ve been currently using with PostMyParty, with very little change to how you go about setting up and managing your parties. 

So just so you understand, you will STILL be able to have your parties in groups! No need to learn any new party system, or try to figure out how to force your parties to work in business pages!

And, if you didn’t think that was awesome enough, we’ve got some incredibly stellar news for you today.

Not only will you be able to post into groups, but for the FIRST TIME in many years, you’ll also be able to POST INTO EVENTS!!!!!!!

Now if you’ve been around in direct sales long you know that events used to be the go-to place to have your parties on FB, that is up until FB removed the events API years ago.

And MANY people have asked us for a solution to post into events over the years.


Now, I know you have a lot of questions, so to help, we’ve set up a live onboarding training which will take place TONIGHT at 8 PM US Central time. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, the training call will be recorded, and we will host a live onboarding training once a week for the foreseeable future.

Register here:

Please note, this Zoom webinar has LIMITED CAPACITY, so please register NOW and show up on time or early, as only a certain number of people will be allowed in. (We already have over 1,500 people registered). 

In the meantime, to cover the basics, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this change:

- Does this solution still depend on the FB Groups API?

No, this solution does not utilize the Groups API in any way, shape, or form, which means that it can never be banned or removed by FB. 

Previously, some thought content posted by third-party schedulers didn’t receive as much reach as content posted directly on the FB platform, this also takes care of that as the new Chrome extension acts as your personal assistant posting directly on the group. 

- Are you going to raise the price of PostMyParty?

No, we aren’t going to raise the price with this release. So you can continue to schedule and automate your parties for the same low price of $9.95/mo. That’s quite the deal to have an assistant that works for you, doing all of your posting for you, for such a low price!

- Will this work with my existing templates in PostMyParty?

Yes, it will work with all of your existing templates. There is no need to change them.

- Does this Chrome Extension comply with FB’s terms?

Yes, it absolutely does. Our legal team has researched this extensively, and we can confirm that our extensions comply with all FB terms.

Our extension has been built in a very specific way which does not “access or collect” any of your data on FB. 

In addition, Google has extensively reviewed and audited our extension, specifically regarding permissions for FB, and has certified and approved our extension as complying with their terms, and allowed us to be listed in their extension store as a “Workflow” extension for FB.

Not all extensions get granted the special permissions we have been approved for. However, our team has worked diligently with Google to get this approval. 

By the way, we are aware of competitors and some direct sales coaches sowing libelous and unethical misinformation about our Chrome Extension. We ask that you just consider the source of the information, and understand that they are in fear of losing their business and are engaging in these lies out of that fear.

- Is the Chrome Extension an AI bot?

No, our extension does not use AI bot technology at all.

- Can I still post my parties to pages?

Yes, posting to pages is not changing at all. So you can use PostMyParty just like you did before with your business pages.

- What do I do with my group posts that I already have scheduled?

Your group posts scheduled through the old API will continue to post until April 22nd. After that, they will stop posting. You’ll need to reschedule any posts from that date on using our new Chrome Extension.

- How do I import my content to PostMyParty from another company?

You’ll need to contact that company's support team and request an export file be generated in our template format.

- Will you provide training on how to use this?

Yes, you can join us each week for our live onboarding webinar. And, when you schedule your next party in PostMyParty you’ll see help videos and documents that cover every aspect. Also, our legendary support team is happy to help as well if you need a hand!

- What if I have a big team that needs help getting started?

If you have a big team or group of direct sellers, reach out to our support team and request a free live specialized training for your group. We would love to help you out! 

Corey Burge

Founder of