Mastering Fundraisers: Expanding Reach For Maximum Impact

Do you know what's often overlooked in direct sales for business growth? Hosting fundraisers! It's a fantastic strategy that can help you increase your bookings, attract more people to work with you, and achieve your career goals.

I'll share some valuable insider tips and tricks to help you navigate the world of fundraisers seamlessly. I understand that juggling all the moving parts can seem daunting. But trust me on this one. Once you get the hang of it and master hosting fundraisers, it becomes second nature—a valuable skill you can confidently use and improve upon. So, let's embark on this exciting journey together and unlock the boundless potential hosting fundraisers holds for your business.

So, how exactly do fundraisers help your business? Well, let me break it down for you.

Firstly, hosting fundraisers allows you to make a positive impact by supporting good causes and helping your community rally behind projects they genuinely care about. It's a win-win situation that brings goodness to the world!

But it doesn't end there. When people see that you actively support charitable initiatives, they naturally develop a sense of trust and admiration for you. This, in turn, increases their willingness and excitement to collaborate with you in the future. Whether for their own fundraisers or regular parties, they'll be more inclined to choose you as their go-to person. By showcasing your dedication to giving back and making a positive impact, you become a beacon of inspiration and someone they genuinely want to work with.

Embrace fundraisers as an opportunity to connect with your community, build trust, and foster long-lasting relationships that will fuel the growth of your business.

Sales slump? Slow month? No worries! Fundraisers are the perfect solution to boost your sales and breathe new life into your business. Here's why:

  1. Customers are more likely to purchase for a good cause when they are hesitant to spend on themselves. Fundraisers tap into this inclination, increasing sales averages, primarily when a portion of each sale supports the cause.
  2. Virtual party group members will share the party link or group info on social media to help when they can't make a purchase themselves. This organic sharing expands your reach, attracting potential customers who support the cause.
  3. Fundraisers help with recruitment too! Showcasing your business's contribution to meaningful causes attracts individuals passionate about charity and community-building, opening doors to new team members.

It's a chance to showcase your business's broader benefits and make a difference while growing.

How to Book Fundraisers:

Now that I've convinced you of the benefits of adding fundraisers to your show calendar let's discuss how to book them.

First, you must familiarize yourself with your company's fundraising policies. What percentage of sales does your company allocate for fundraisers? Are there different levels based on party sales? Are there specific charities your company supports over others? Additionally, find out if hosting a fundraiser affects the host's rewards. All this information can typically be found in the resource section on your consultant website.

Once you know your company's fundraising policies, advertise the opportunity everywhere you can to attract hosts eager to make a difference.

Check who is having birthdays that week on Facebook:

When celebrating a birthday, many of your friends on Facebook showcase a charity they would like their friends to donate to in honor of their special day. You can find out who is raising money for what when you visit your daily Birthday List on Facebook.

When you spot these individuals, send them a direct message with a personal touch.

Here's how you could approach it:

"Hey [Name]! Happy Birthday! I couldn't help but notice that you're raising funds for [Charity they have on their profile]. That's absolutely awesome! I had this cool idea I wanted to share with you. How about hosting a virtual fundraiser party with [Your Company]? We donate [Percentage of donation] of all sales, and it's a fun way to get your friends involved too! What do you think?"

By acknowledging their cause, showing genuine excitement, and offering a specific idea, you'll start a natural conversation and increase the chances of them considering a fundraiser with you.

Help Organizations You’re Passionate About:

Start by listing 15 organizations that hold a special place in your heart. They can be local charities, national or international organizations—whatever resonates with you.

Next, head to their Facebook Pages and see if any mutual followers are also your Facebook friends. These are the perfect people to reach out to! Drop them a message and ask if they'd be interested in hosting a fundraiser for the organization they already follow.

You can also contact the organization directly to discuss the possibility. They might be thrilled to partner with you!

Now, let's explore some other opportunities. Do you have a connection with a church? Even if you don't personally attend, many people in your social media community do. Churches can be fantastic partners for fundraising initiatives.

Are your kids involved in extracurricular activities? Consider offering their program a chance to raise money for upcoming trips, shows, or uniforms. And remember, many of your friends have kids in school who need fundraisers. Keep an eye on what they're posting online. Are they frequently attending swim meets or cheer competitions? Send them a quick message expressing your support, and let them know you'd love to help raise money for their kid's school team!

Lastly, why not consider hosting a virtual fundraiser yourself? First, pick an organization you're excited about supporting, and go through the steps of hosting one just as you would if you were doing it for someone else. Then, invite everyone you're connected to on Facebook. This is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with old customers or people in your social network you have yet to have the chance to work with. Plus, virtual fundraisers tend to attract more participants.

Create an engagement post on your personal wall, VIP Group, or even in your virtual parties

Post content and invite your friends and followers to comment underneath with the group or organization they believe is most deserving of some funds. Once people respond, follow up with each person individually to see if they'd be interested in hosting a fun online gathering in honor of that group or organization.

Here's an example of a Facebook or social media post you can share:

"Hey, everyone! If you had $500 to donate, where would you donate to? Comment below with your favorite charity or organization with a special place in your heart."

When people respond with their chosen charity, reach out to them privately. It's always great to start a conversation by asking questions. You can say something like:

"Hi [Name], I noticed you're passionate about [X charity]. Could you tell me more about what it does? I'd love to learn and understand better."

After they share more information, you can express your desire to support their cause:

"I would love to help you (or the staff/members) of [Charity] with a donation of $500 or more this month. Would you like to know more about how we can make a difference together?"

If they show interest in hosting the fundraiser themselves, you can suggest:

"Hi [Name], I would love to host a fundraiser for [Charity]. We can do it right here on Facebook, and [X percentage] of all sales will be donated. What do you think?"

However, if they prefer to avoid hosting the fundraiser personally, ask if they know someone within the organization who could be the point of contact while you handle everything else.

Extra tip!

If you're still struggling to get bookings, here's a fantastic idea: offer your commissions to the fundraiser to enlarge the donation percentage. It will show your giving spirit, and you can proudly advertise that you're hosting the fundraiser because you genuinely believe in helping the cause. And guess what? It'll give people even more reason to invest in your amazing products.

But that's not all! This approach works wonders when sending out reminder messages during the virtual fundraiser. When you mention that you're donating your commissions to support the cause, it creates a sense of urgency for people to purchase now with you instead of waiting to buy from someone else.

Oh, and here's another perk: you can use the donations you contribute through your commissions for your taxes! So not only are you making a positive impact, but you're also reaping the benefits come tax time.

How to host a successful fundraiser:

Once you've got a resounding "yes" from your host, it's time to dive into the details and gather the correct information. Here's how you can make it a smooth and personable process:

  1. Organization Name: Let's start by finding the exact name that should appear on the check. This will ensure the funds go directly to the deserving organization.
  2. Organization Address: If your host is choosing an organization they're not directly connected with, it's vital to get the address of the organization's headquarters. This will ensure the funds reach the right place.
  3. Organization Website: Do they have a website? It's an excellent resource for more information and captivating pictures. We can use those pictures with their permission to create eye-catching informational flyers.
  4. Host's Details: We also need the fantastic person hosting the fundraiser's name, email, and address. This way, we can stay connected and coordinate everything smoothly.

Create a flyer with QR code that is easy to pass out to members of the organization:

Let's discuss QR codes and how they can enhance your fundraising efforts. A QR code is a nifty square icon that works wonders with your phone's camera. When you're in photo mode, hover your phone over the QR code, and voilà! The link to the desired website magically pops up for you to click on. It's like a shortcut to accessing information effortlessly.

Now, why should you consider using QR codes on your flyers? Well, it's all about convenience. Instead of expecting people to type out a website address in their browser tediously, you can provide them with a QR code. Then, by waving their phone over the code, they'll be swiftly transported to the website you want them to visit to shop immediately.

How to use a QR Code:

Once you've added the party to your consultant website and obtained the shopping link, it's time to create a QR code. Don't worry. It's a simple process! You can use a QR code generator like QR Code Generator (or if you have Canva Pro, you can conveniently create it within Canva itself). Just input the shopping link into the QR generator, and voilà! Download the square code that's generated.

Next, upload the QR code image into Canva. Then, when you're creating your fundraiser flyer, make sure to include captivating pictures of the organization and all the relevant information. This way, your flyer becomes a visually appealing representation of the cause and encourages people to get involved.

Here’s an example of what your flyer can look like:

Check with your host if they would be interested in receiving physical catalogs. Even if you primarily operate as a virtual consultant, having catalogs on hand can be beneficial, as some people prefer flipping through tangible pages rather than browsing products online. Attach the QR code flyer to the catalogs you'll be sending, allowing your host to distribute them to their friends and charity members or even leave them in their office break room.

Additionally, it's crucial to emphasize the significance of gathering outside orders for the online party. Share with the host what you already know: their community is eager to support their fundraising goal. By expanding the reach of their fundraiser and putting it in front of more people, they can maximize the amount of money raised. Encourage them to leverage their network and spread the word to make a bigger impact!

By providing physical catalogs and highlighting the power of outside orders, you're equipping your host with effective tools and strategies to amplify their fundraiser's success.

Creating the Facebook Virtual Group:

To start, create the group as you normally would. Then, when selecting the cover photo, choose an image representing the organization the fundraiser is supporting, instantly conveying the purpose when guests enter the group.

Remember to sync the PostMyParty app to the group through the group settings. In the group description, provide comprehensive information about the fundraiser, including details about the organization, its mission, and how this fundraiser will make a difference. Engage guests with interactive posts, such as sharing pictures of the organization, introducing a fun game to encourage participation, and providing instructions on how to shop right away.

Once the group is set up, invite the host to join. Send them a quick message, prompting them to add a welcome post explaining their motivation for hosting the fundraiser. This way, when they start inviting their guests, everyone will immediately see who the host is and sense their excitement and involvement. This personal touch increases the likelihood of guest participation and their willingness to contribute in any way possible.

Updating your PostMyParty Party Template:

No need to start from scratch with a new party template. Utilize the one you're currently using and incorporate the following essential posts:

  1. A friendly reminder post explaining how the fundraiser works, ensuring all guests are aware of the process and how their participation contributes to the cause.
  2. This is an enthusiastic post encouraging guests to invite their friends and share the shopping link. Emphasize the significance of their support, even if they cannot place an order themselves at the moment.
  3. Daily reminder posts urging members to place their orders to support the fundraiser and highlighting its positive impact on the organization.
  4. A booking post where you share your passion for helping others and building a better world through fundraising. Express your dedication and enthusiasm, inspiring others to join in and make a difference.

Have the host send out personal connection:

Once the host has invited her guests, have the host reach out to their network via text messages, sharing the shopping link with those who don't use social media. And why not ask them to make a heartfelt post on their Facebook Wall? That way, their entire network, even those who might have missed the initial invite, can join in on the fundraiser.

Now, if the fundraiser is for an organization the host is personally involved in, let's take it up a notch. Have them send heartfelt emails to the entire organization, spreading the word about the cause. And remember to have them make an impactful announcement on the organization's Facebook Page. Include the shopping link and share the inspiring story behind the fundraiser. The more specific and heartfelt the message, the more impactful the fundraising efforts will be.

Once we've covered the announcement details, let's continue with your tried-and-true host coaching and party system. The only difference now is that you'll sprinkle exciting updates throughout the party, keeping everyone informed about the money raised. These progress reports will create a sense of anticipation and reinforce the collective purpose of the gathering, even if it's happening virtually.

As you venture into booking more fundraisers, always remember the power of helping others. By assisting your hosts in accomplishing their goals, you'll foster meaningful relationships and set the stage for your business to flourish through word of mouth. In addition, your dedication to making a positive impact will resonate with your customers, leading them to continue working with you and recommend your services to their loved ones.

I hope this article inspires you to build a thriving business driven by meaningful connections by leveraging the power of fundraisers, connecting with hosts and their networks, and staying true to your passion for making a difference.

Make the world a better place while chasing after your dreams!

Stephanie Landy

Blog Writer