Successful Online Party Advice For Top Producers

We wrapped up some of the most helpful tips for keeping your Facebook Parties organized with paper planners and digital tools.

But our Online Party planning pro’s have more advice to share! So we rounded up more tips from Top Producers to help you stay on track for running successful Facebook Parties, all year round.

How do you plan for the new month?

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to work your business! The key is to keep trying, even if it’s just 1 task at a time. When you have a system that works for you, your most  important tasks will be there at your fingertips whenever you can carve out some time.

Here are some questions to help you plan a month’s worth of Facebook Parties:

  • Do you like to be more productive in the morning, or evening?
    Use those times to schedule your notifications and reminders in your digital apps and tools.
  • Do you block out time to just brainstorm and schedule your tasks out for the week?
    This is a great time to update your apps, calendar,  or to-do lists.
  • Not sure where to start in organizing the new month?
    Start with marking appointments and days you don’t want to work.
    Then highlight the days you can work your business, and any open Party dates.
    Create tasks on those working days, as you plan them out.
  • How did you meet your goals for last month?
    Think about samples, hostess coaching, booking, sharing the opportunity, posting on social media, etc. Reevaluate how you can make improvements to meet your goals this month.
  • What’s that magic number of Parties you’d love to have this month?
    Set a goal of how many Parties will put you over the top and push yourself to get them booked! Meet with your upline to create that success plan.
  • Are you starting from scratch or stuck in a rut?
    Consider using this month as a springboard for next month. That means meeting new people, creating conversations, building relationships, booking those Parties, and sharing your amazing products with anyone interested. Think, “How am I digging deep to change my business? What am I doing today about that?” Re-evaluate what’s been working and what hasn’t.
  • How can you get the most out of your time?
    - Maximize your working days early in the month. You can then focus on building those new customer relationships later in the month.
    - Create a bunch of hostess packets, sample packets, team packets, thank you’s, etc. at one time and have them ready to go for the month.
    - Batch-create staged photos and videos
    of those featured products for the month.
    - Batch-create all your social media posts and have them scheduled out.
    - Hold Block Parties or run several Parties at the same time.
    - Schedule days for making phone calls, messaging people, video message hostesses so they can see your excited face, touching base with customers, etc.

Practical Tips to Build Facebook Party Success

It’s an ebb and flow process to find your sweet spot for scheduling Facebook Parties each month. So don’t give up!

Stick to what’s working best for you during those times when life just happens.

Here’s some practical advice directly from Top Producers:

“I use the Note app on my phone. There are also notes in our back office where we can make notes for each guest. Right now I have one for each Party where I keep track of who got prizes  and who booked.” – Karie
“I have both a Google Spreadsheet for tracking my contacts [and] Outline (similar to OneNote) to keep track of my Party posts and host coaching. I also use Notes on my iPhone and Mac, too.” – Lori

Carrie likes using both digital and paper/pen methods to track her Facebook Parties:

“I use Evernote for things like ideas for words to say for bookings and recruitment, host coaching, etc. I also have a weekly to do list in Evernote.

On my [traditional] clipboard I have a sheet where I mark down who won which games and a couple other Party details; it has a section for each Party ([I have] 4 Parties) and a section with the answer to my current games… and which thank you picture I used.

I use a sheet where I list all the individual messages I send and any responses for booking/recruiting within the parties…. I list orders and prizes awarded and bookings and move them in my notebook when I need to contact them next [via] email follow-up (2 days, 2 weeks, and 2 months after the close of the Party).

There might be other things I need to note, such as right now I have a list of people who want to be notified when certain items are off of stop-sell, etc.” – Carrie

Becky Zin found a flow to working her business full-circle. So she created a system to help any entrepreneur gain a vision for setting workable goals in her Party Bossy Binder download at The Binder Boss.

Here’s her best advice to keep your Online Parties flowing:

“I use PostMyParty to schedule all my Parties so that I can easily pop in to the Parties to comment, respond, and interact in general when I have a few free moments between the kid chaos. I love that the templates allow me to just plug and play, and I don’t have to reschedule the same stuff over and over again. I’ve started scheduling my VIP group posts as well as my weekly girls nights.

Another tip I have is that I have been recording Voice Memos because you can upload them to [Facebook] Messenger and you can select multiple people and send them separately. That has cut my messaging time [in] half.” – Becky

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