Unlock The Next Level: Why PostMyParty's Pro Plan is a Game-Changer for Your Direct Sales Business

Over at PostMyParty, there's a fresh wave of excitement thanks to our spectacular new features. We're buzzing and can't wait to take you on a tour. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for years, we'll illuminate how these enhancements can elevate your experience. Stick with us; by the end, you'll know if these updates are your next must-haves. Ready for the deep dive? Let's go!

Here are the new features we're getting into today:

  • Unlimited Team Management
  • Video File Upload up to 1 GB (Basic is up to 100 MB)
  • Contacts
  • Email System
  • RSVP Landing Page
  • Business Card

At PostMyParty, our core mission has always revolved around providing you with the most innovative and user-friendly tools tailored to your needs. We've been listening to your feedback and are thrilled to present some stellar enhancements in our all-new Pro PostMyParty plan, available for just $24.95 a month.

But hey, if you're already vibing with our classic PostMyParty and thinking, "Why fix what isn't broken?" you're in luck. Your beloved scheduler remains just as you remember it - both in function and price. We cherish the bond you've built with our platform. If the Basic version feels like home, there's no need to switch to anything else. It's there for you, consistent and reliable. You'll only have access to the new features if you choose to upgrade to them!

Now, for those with an itch for something more, our new Pro plan might be the shiny new toy you've been waiting for. Picture this: You're hosting a Facebook party, and bam! You're seamlessly collecting emails and phone numbers, storing them neatly without breaking a sweat. And the best part? You can chat with your group without the ever-looming fear of Facebook's time-out corner. That means more time bonding and less time stressing.

While there's a ton of tech stuff out there, what sets PostMyParty apart is our laser focus on direct sales. And here's the real cherry on top: Imagine a world where scheduling your party content and chatting with guests happens in one super-friendly space. No more toggling between apps, no more syncing issues. Everything you need is unified and at your fingertips.

That's not just a lofty dream. That's the transformative experience we're championing with our PostMyParty Pro plan. Dive in, and let's redefine what's possible together.


Are you a trailblazing leader with a team of consultants eagerly awaiting your guidance? Keeping them engaged with fresh, motivating content can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Between updating various systems, sending out emails, replying to countless messages, and posting in groups, it can be overwhelming. But here's the good news: PostMyParty's new Team Management Feature is here to streamline all of that for you, giving you more time to lead and inspire.

Think of the "Teams" tab as your digital closet for all those Templates you want to share with your organization. Gone are the days of reshuffling and re-sharing links whenever there's something new.

Here's the magic: Pop your team member's emails with PostMyParty accounts into the hub, and they get instant access. Or, if you're feeling fancy, hand them a unique code, and they can drop by to check out updates whenever they like. It's all about keeping things easy and fun, ensuring everyone's on the same page without the usual chase-around. Pretty neat, right?

Suppose you want a smoother way for your team to access the code without the fuss of sending it manually or adding an email. Simply share it in spaces where you already communicate with your team. Consider adding it at the top of your monthly newsletter, featuring it in a pinned post on your private Facebook Group, or placing it prominently on your organization's website. Whatever works best for you and your team, go for it!

Have you got some confidential goodies in your Team Management hub? For peace of mind, consider personally adding each member. That way, the Team code remains a little mystery known only to you.

And hey, we all have those "Oops!" moments. If you've accidentally shared the code and are now biting your nails about it, take a deep breath! Update the code. The coolest part? Your existing team will cruise on uninterrupted. But anyone trying their luck with the old code will hit a brick wall, keeping your hub as safe as a vault.

Once your team members can access the Template database you've created, they can import those Templates into their own PostMyParty for scheduling purposes. As the Team's creator, you can edit the Template once it's shared in the Team hub. Everyone else will only be able to import or preview it.

So you may be thinking - "What if my consultants are still learning the business and can't justify upgrading to the Professional PostMyParty? Will they be able to use my Team Management hub to access the Team Templates?"

YES! That's the beauty of this feature. You can keep your team organized no matter what PostMyParty package they have. They just won't be able to create their own.

Launching Your Dream Team on PostMyParty: Here’s How!

  1. Getting Started: Hop right into PostMyParty and select the 'Teams' tab from the main menu. This is the gateway to your team-creation journey.
  2. Create a New Team: Spot the "New Team" button and give it a click. Time to get creative and decide on a snazzy team name. For the access code, you can either craft a unique number code yourself or, if you're feeling spontaneous, leave it blank and let PostMyParty surprise you with one.
  3. Pour in Those Templates: Once your team is up and running, it's time to infuse it with content. Go ahead and upload as many templates as you like. The sky's the limit here – create endless teams and fill each one with a boundless number of templates.
  4. Sharing is Caring: Found a team you're itching to share? Dive right in. Inside, you have two nifty options:
  • Spread the Code: Share the unique access code far and wide.
  • Personal Touch: Add your team members individually for a more direct approach.

With these steps, you can craft, manage, and share teams like a pro!

Video File Upload (Up to 1 GB)

Remember when we jazzed up PostMyParty and made it super easy for you to drop those catchy short videos right into your parties? Well, we’ve got more exciting news!

Taking it up a notch, our Professional Upgrade lets you dive deeper. Here, we're talking about longer-form videos that craft a genuine bond with your audience, drawing them into the heart of your parties and boosting overall engagement.

Let's talk numbers for a moment. The Pro plan gifts you with a whopping 1 GB of storage. To put that into perspective, it's like having 10x the room compared to the 100 MB offered in our Basic package. This upgrade is a game-changer, especially for those consultants who embrace videos as their primary engagement tool. It's tailor-made for those who love showcasing product demos, giving personal touches, and genuinely connecting with your audience through visual storytelling. If videos are your thing, this is where you want to be.

Customer Relationship Management

PostMyParty is going the extra mile to enhance your toolkit for customer relationship management (CRM)!

You might wonder, "What's this fancy-sounding 'customer relationship management'?" At its core, CRM is all about having the right strategies, tools, and processes in place to forge deeper, more meaningful connections with your customers. Consider it the bridge to offer standout customer service, ensuring you're not just another name in the crowd but a memorable brand in their minds.

And guess what? PostMyParty isn't just handing you one shiny new tool. We're rolling out three game-changing instruments designed explicitly to supercharge your CRM journey. Get ready to connect, engage, and shine like never before!


Understanding and managing your guest's information is pivotal, not just during the party but before and after it wraps up too. It's the golden ticket to keep those sales rolling in and to foster lasting relationships. Recognizing this, we've introduced a game-changing feature on PostMyParty: the "Contacts" tab. It will be the center of your new customer relationship management tools.  

Located neatly on your dashboard, this new tab is your one-stop shop to oversee all your guests. Whether you want to categorize them using specific tags, pull out a list for your records, or even introduce new guests to the system, this tab has got you covered.

But here's where it gets really exciting:

  • Bulk Upload: Have a list of contacts saved elsewhere? No worries! You can effortlessly import them all at once using a CSV file.
  • Manual Addition: Want to add someone on the fly? Just pop their details in manually.
  • Auto-Add with RSVP: When someone RSVPs to your party through our feature, their details automatically find a home in your contacts.

Now, the aftermath of every party isn't just cleaning up; it's an opportunity. With all your guest details at your fingertips, following up becomes a breeze. And as we all know, timely follow-ups often translate to more sales and deeper connections.

RSVP Landing Page:

Have you ever been tangled in the web of tracking who your hosts invite to their Facebook party groups? It's a scene all too familiar: hosts reaching out via personal messages, bypassing the group's standard invite, and as a result, you're left in the dark, missing out on vital contact details essential for building customer relationships. Well, PostMyParty is about to change that game for you!

Introducing the RSVP landing page link from PostMyParty. Here's how it elevates your hosting experience:

Personal yet Professional Invites: Instead of having the host send direct Facebook group links, guide them to send out our RSVP landing page link. It's not just a link; it's a pathway to better relationships.

Gathering Crucial Information: When a guest clicks on this link, they'll land on a page asking for their name, email, and, optionally, their phone number. Email is mandatory, ensuring you have at least one direct line to them.

Seamless Transition to the Party: After filling in their details, guests are directed straight to the Facebook group connected to your scheduled party. It's smooth, streamlined, and oh-so-professional.

A Unified Contact List: Remember the days of scattered notes and random Excel sheets? Kiss them goodbye! Once the guest fills out their details, it automatically syncs to your contacts list on PostMyParty. Plus, you can sprinkle in some additional notes, marking potential leads or future bookings without needing external tracking systems.

So, with this enhanced RSVP system, you're not just organizing a party but crafting experiences while building a rich, consolidated contacts database.

Crafting Your Perfect RSVP Landing Page with PostMyParty: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Kick-off with a Party: Start by setting up a party, just like you normally would with the basic PostMyParty.

2. Hop onto Your Dashboard: Once your party's ready, go to the 'Party' tab on your dashboard. Here, you'll spot the latest party you've just created.

3. Seek Out the RSVP Magic: Look to the right, and you'll spot a nifty little invitation icon labeled 'RSVP.’ Give that a click.

4. Customize Like a Pro: Welcome to your RSVP Landing Page customization station! This is where the fun really begins:

  • Cover Photo: Jazz it up with a captivating image.
  • Party Details: Fill in all the event details in the description. Make them want to join! You can also include the shopping link and any other important information to make the partying experience smoother for the guests.
  • Host Spotlight: Don't forget to add your host's information and a charming photo.
  • RSVP Essentials: Choose the title of the RSVP form and whether their phone number is required or not.
  • Seal the Deal: Save your changes and locate the “share your card” section once everything looks spot-on. You’ll find a link next to it. Copy it. You’ll send this link to your host as their official party invitation.

Elevate Your Communication with PostMyParty’s Email System

We understand the power of direct communication. With just a click, you can easily send out emails to your contacts. Whether it's about an upcoming event, a friendly follow-up, or a simple greeting, we’ve got you covered.

Why Use the Email System?
Our in-built Email System, accessible from the 'Contacts' tab, serves multiple purposes:

  • Continuous Engagement: Stay connected with your attendees long after the party winds down.
  • In-Party Messaging: Use our system during the party, reducing your reliance on Facebook messaging—this way, you can sidestep potential 'Facebook Jail' or day-long messaging bans.
  • Beyond Facebook: While Facebook remains vital for virtual direct sales, we understand its challenges. Our system allows you to manage customer data and engage outside the platform. This means you can nurture deeper customer relationships elsewhere while your parties light up on Facebook.

How to Send a Chic Email in Simple Steps:

  1. Start at Home: Navigate to the 'Contacts' tab in the main menu.
  2. Choose Your Audience: Select the contacts you want to email and click “Create Email.”
  3. Craft Your Message: You’ll be directed to a page boasting an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Customize your email, insert images, or use our AI tool to generate unique visuals.
  4. Final Touches: Once you’re satisfied, hit “Proceed.” You can then set your campaign name (this helps you track your emails) and pen an engaging subject line.
  5. Test and Send: Send a test email to yourself, or if you're confident, click “Send to All” to dispatch your message to the chosen recipients.

No More Email Jitters: If the thought of email marketing platforms sends a shiver down your spine, fear not! Many platforms can seem daunting and complex, but PostMyParty prides itself on making things straightforward. With our integrated system, you won't need a separate platform or a manual on 'how-to.' We've simplified the process, ensuring you can reach your customer base effortlessly.

Supercharge Your Online Presence with PostMyParty’s Business Card Feature

Imagine having your very own personalized landing page for each party combined with a robust email system. PostMyParty has transformed this into a reality, aiming to amplify your reach beyond Facebook.

Welcome to your new Business Card: an all-in-one hub where you can guide your audience. Whether it's your RSVP page, social media profiles, or other essential business links, this feature becomes your centralized connection point—no more toggling between platforms like Linktree. Now, you can make your Business Card the primary link for all your online touchpoints, ensuring your audience can seamlessly engage with your content across different platforms.

Crafting Your Business Card: A Simple Guide:

  1. Starting Point: Navigate to the 'Account' tab on the main menu.
  2. Business Card Awaits: Spot the 'Business Card' tab on the far left and click on it.
  3. Personalize: Upload a professional photo, refine your title, write a compelling description, and integrate your diverse links, including your social media handles. These customizable link buttons can be tailored for specific purposes: your shopping link, team-joining info, or your consultant website.
  4. Sharing Made Easy: After saving your modifications, the updated info will be reflected in the “Share your card” link. This single link becomes your passport, streamlining how customers access your varied content.

Taking Your Business Higher with PostMyParty’s Pro Plan

Alright, let's chat a bit about leveling up. If you've been hustling online and looking for that secret sauce to boost your business, PostMyParty's Pro Plan might be your golden ticket. Think of it like your handy digital toolbox, packed with all the excellent tools you didn't even know you needed.

From easy-peasy RSVP Landing Pages to the oh-so-smart Email System and the snazzy Business Card feature, everything's crafted to simplify your life and your business pop. Gone are the days of wrestling with ten different platforms – this package wraps up everything in one neat, user-friendly bundle.

Dive in, play around, and watch your business soar. Go on, give it a whirl!

Stephanie Landy

Blog Writer