11 Paper Planner Tips to Keep Your Facebook Parties Organized

Direct Sales consultants are trained to work their businesses from start to finish. This means getting the most results out of the effort of 1 Party.

This usually includes:

  • Booking more Parties
  • Making more sales to meet a goal
  • Sharing the opportunity to grow your team
  • Cultivating new lifelong customers

Other aspects of your business might include:

  • Following up with customers
  • Coaching your hostesses
  • Training your team members
  • Tracking your inventory

And if you’re like many independent consultants these days, you’ve probably switched to reaching more people online through social media, so now you have to keep up with those fun posts everyone loves to see daily!

How’s a #BossBabe supposed to stay organized and keep all the pieces moving without losing her mind?!

We asked our amazing users who are rocking multiple Parties every month, how they prefer to stay organized.

It’s no surprise that over 64% of users still prefer the physical paper-and-pen method of keeping their business organized. Even when only running Facebook Parties

But as more and more users are switching to online options to run their Parties and their businesses, many are looking for digital solutions.

So we did some digging based on the above objectives and learned different ways to stay organized while planning and running your Facebook Parties.

Stay tuned to learn how to use Digital Tools effectively, but today let’s dive into…

Physical Planners and Notebooks

If you’ve been rocking in-home Parties for a while, you may already have a system in place to keep yourself organized.

Here are some popular options:

  • Notebook System: Use your traditional 3-hole punch and dividers to house your printable lists, paper calendars, scripts, trackers, and to-do checklists galore.
  • Filing System: House your info from previous months/years, file your inventory lists, catalogs, magazines, customer info, etc.
  • Planners: Choose your favorite dated or undated planner to track your appointments, budgets, other trackers, contacts lists, notes, and more.

The good news is, when you switch to running all your Parties online, your traditional system can still work!

Here are 9 tips you can start using today to keep your Facebook Parties organized:

“I’m a paper and pen kind of person. I had a weekly to-do list (i.e. Mon: send out hostess packets and samples. Tues: schedule posts and created groups. Wed: put together packets and thank you’s, etc).

On my calendar I highlighted whose Party was when, which helped me keep track of who I was supposed to be sending packets/samples/thank yous to that week.” – Beth

  • Include a tracker for any websites/passwords, apps, digital programs, etc.

  • Have a section just for your social media accounts or business pages.

    Have space for brainstorming for new posts/themes.

    Leave notes for what you want to record, take pictures of, or just write posts about, so you know exactly what to do when you’re ready.

    Then have a tracker to check off the ones that are complete.

  • Schedule time in your calendar to record new videos, stage and take pictures, or create graphics for Parties or posts.

Learn more on how to keep your posts organized until you’re ready to use them.

  • Schedule time to set up new Party shopping links and Party groups.

  • Set a time on your calendar to schedule out your new posts for the month using a Party post scheduling software, like PostMyParty. Have all your posts ready to go to your Facebook business page, customer VIP groups, team groups, and Online Party groups in just a few clicks.

  • On your calendar, specify how you will coach your hostesses, train new team members, follow up with customers, etc. Such as through FB Messenger or Groups, mobile text, email, etc.

    This helps you know exactly which device/program to work from.

  • When tracking your Parties on your calendar, use the same name of the Party group (or location of the Online Party), to remind you exactly how it’s saved, i.e. “Beth’s At-Home Spa Party”, “Ashley’s Online BBQ Extravaganza”, “Back-to-School Basics with Misty”, etc.

  • Don’t be afraid to print and save those handy website or email resources and tips for running your Online Parties.

Some Planner Faves

For those book lovers and planner babes out there, here are a couple of favorite ways to stay in control of your business and crush those goals:

  • The Happy Planner BIG version: Release your inner creative spirit, especially If stickers and bright colors make you happy!

    This line is super popular right now, because many find the creativity gives an inspirational boost to their day.

    Take your traditional planner (dated, undated, budgets, checklists, and so many options to customize pages to fit your needs) and marry it with the flexible customizing aspect of a notebook.

    Explore their website or Instagram account to see for yourself!

TIP: There are three sizes in this line, so if you like printing things out, then the BIG size is for you.

A specially designed hold punch specifically to fit the 11 cute disks is worth the purchase to house all of your own printables.

“I LOVE my Happy Planner! It is one of the best purchases I made for 2020 to keep myself/family/home/work life organized and inspiring.” – Da’Nell

  • The Binder Boss: Becky Zin had to find a solution to sort all the paper clutter in her life, so she created her own system to share with others!

    Being in direct sales herself and climbing the rungs in her company, she created an amazing system to get your business in order.

    This system will speak to the soul of any #BossBabe, as she breaks down every step from brain-dumping to planning.

TIP: “I actually have a party tracker in my planner. As well as a new team member tracker and a customer tracker and then I use the calendar to [help] me with my daily tasks.” – Becky Zin, founder of The Binder Boss

Check out her website and Facebook Page and say, “Hi! I learned about you from Corey and the PostMyParty Blog!”


Check back to learn more about keeping your Facebook Parties organized!

We’ll explore more tips and learn about the most popular digital tools you can try for yourself!

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