12 Tips for Highly Successful Facebook Block Parties

In our last article, we introduced you to the lucrative concept of Facebook Block Parties or Multi-Host Parties.

Today, we want to give you some tips on how to pull this off for your own Facebook Parties. Once again, we explored with the ‘pros’ to give you the best tips.

“Love the Block Parties! Have each host create a post to introduce herself! It generates so much more buzz to do the Blocks!” – Brandy

How to Prepare for the Block Party

First, remember to review the basics of creating a Facebook Party Group and explore special group features that will Improve your Online Party.

Then when you’re ready, add all your hosts to this one group, and instruct them to invite their guests like normal.

Here are two tips to make sure you’re prepared:

  • Keep important info easy to find.

    The easiest way to do this is to create a post and pin it to the top of the group as an announcement.

    Make sure to include instructions on how to participate and list your hosts with their own shopping links.

    You can also have this info in the description box of the group.

    Also, during your Party posts, be sure to refer guests back to this info so they can place their orders for the correct hostess.

  • Coach your hosts to interact in the group and comment on all your Party posts. By doing this it will help you increase your engagement during your Party and help you reach more people.

    They can post their own favorite product pictures and tag their guests in game posts, or to give product order suggestions.

    The guests’ newsfeeds will light up when their host/friend is actively participating in the group.

During the Block Party

  • Manually post to tag your hosts and their guests.

    This is great for: shout-outs to show host and customer appreciation, thank you posts for guest orders, giveaway announcements, tagging hosts to show how close they are to their Party goals, etc.

    When you or the hosts tag their guests, the visibility of your posts tends to be higher.

  • The best interaction is usually at the beginning of the Party when guests first join the group.

    Remember, guests tend to lose interest after their order is placed, which is usually within a couple of days.

    There is usually less visibility/engagement after several days.Playing games and going live helps to boost your post reach if the Party is longer than a few days.
    Check out what we found to be the Best Online Party Format.
“I think the live demos are crucial to a Party’s success, so I always do at least 2-3 [during a long] Party. I’ve tried doing a ZOOM Party so people not on FB would have the opportunity to join, but that flopped. Since the Party is on FB they want the live [demo] on FB. But I always film with two devices. If I’m demoing I want maximum exposure so I stream in the Party group and also my VIP group… It’s a lot of work to demo and the more people that can join me the better.” – Lori
  • During and after your Party, check your post visibility by looking at how many people have seen each post.

    You may notice a higher number on game posts, and your hosts’ posts, because of member engagement.

    Here’s more info on How to Increase Your Post Reach.
“I use the INSIGHTS feature from the group (only works if you have over 50 group members) to help me with my prize drawings.” – Lori

After the Block Party  

Creating new relationships with people is the key to building your prospects list for new bookings and customers for life.

Remember to wrap up your Party with meaningful replies and thank yous.

“I end with an invite to join my VIP Facebook group and then I keep the group active until their shipments arrive.” – Lori
“[I] let everyone know [individually] when their items ship and I’ll post [in the group] next month’s host/customer specials. I’ll also have my hosts make a post with what they got for hosting.” – Karie

5 Tips to Use a Party Post Scheduling Software for Block Parties

If you love the ease of scheduling your Party script templates to multiple Parties at once, you don’t have to give up this secret weapon for running Block Parties.

Why change what’s already working for you? (And if you’re not sure what we are talking about, learn all about it here.)

Think outside the box to use software features creatively in your template to make each Block Party ‘unique’.

For example:

  • Use Replacement Tokens like [host] to name all the hosts at once, like “Sarah, Anna, and Janet”.

    Add an “ ‘s ”  to the [host] token in the template posts (like this: [host]’s) to automatically make the names possessive, “Sarah, Anna, and Janet’s“.

  • You can use the [link] token to take guests to your website to choose their host’s Party to place an order.Or create a free LinkTree account to house all your helpful party links for catalogs, individual host’s shopping links, monthly specials, Google order form, etc.

  • Use the [text] token for ANY word or phrase!

    This is usually helpful for the Party date or when orders will close.

    Use it for a second host’s name, a keyword for an on-going game, or the date/time of when you will go live!

  • Create and perfect a generic Party Script Template that you can reuse for every Block Party.

    Some programs like PostMyParty, allow you to schedule comments when you post to a business page group.

    This is super helpful since more comments bump up post visibility and prompt others to respond.

  • Use the Post Library feature to create unique posts, save them, and post as you go.

    This is helpful for customized posts such as thank you’s for orders placed or giveaway winners.

Stay tuned for more amazing tips to step up your new Facebook Block Parties strategy!

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