You’re starting a new year with your business on Facebook, congratulations! 

If you’ve had your business for a while, you might know a little bit about building your unique brand. This is what makes you different from your neighbor in the same field. 

When working your business face-to-face with people, your brand is your face, personality, and customer service style. 

But when hosting Online Parties to grow your business, your brand is reflected in images. Meaning your profile picture and cover photo, and the content that you post.

Also, don’t forget your trademark customer service, with quick responses on Messenger.

Since more people are starting to use Facebook Parties to grow their businesses, it’s getting more important to use images to help your Party stand out above the rest.


To get started creating your unique look for your brand, find a user-friendly graphic/image creator.

We love using Canva for exactly this reason!

The free version is accessible on any device and offers tons of options such as ready-to-customize templates to get you started, and so many colors, fonts, images, and graphics to craft unique creations. 


Here are 3 ways to use Canva to customize your brand so your Party stands out from the rest:

1. Create a Logo for Your Brand

When you start in Canva, you will see an option to create a logo.

This is a good place to start, so you can save this image and put it on everything else you create.

Your followers will not only recognize your logo, but this will also make your content unique.

Explore color schemes and fonts and add graphics and images to reflect your style. You can even use your own profile picture.

Choose a few combos that express your professional personality. You can use a final version as the profile picture on your business page.

Here’s an example of mine:



2. Create a Banner for Your Facebook Group 

The cover photo of your Facebook Group is the larger picture that displays when folks visit your group.

This is a great place to highlight or showcase the best qualities of your business and the Party you’ll be hosting.

This could be your party theme, favorite products, favorite way to use them, a seasonal look, or a special you’re currently running.

This is a fun place to create interest for your guests to join the Party.



3. Create Appealing Graphics for Your Posts

If you like to write posts with interesting info like recipes, tips, how-to’s, or deep thoughts, your goal is to get people to click and react to your amazing post.

When your post floats on people’s feed, they usually see just a few first lines of your post.

If that doesn’t grab them enough to click and continue reading, this is where creating a graphic image comes in handy.

This can be the hook to make them want to read what that image is about.

It’s also a quick way to recap your post if your goal is to just get folks thinking about your products or services.



We hope these 3 ways to use Canva for your Facebook Party help build your brand in the online world.

Happy creating!


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