4 GIFS Every Consultant Should Be Using For Their Facebook™ Parties

4 GIFS Every Consultant Should Be Using For Their Facebook™


GIFs are among the most popular features of any device or social media platform because they are just plain fun! 

They move and capture your attention. They can express just the right feeling you want to share virtually in the moment. They are relatable and make you laugh. They connect us with things in common or just random cuteness. 

These tiny moving images packed with personality are a powerful tool to make your Facebook Party guests stop and participate! 


Who can resist a fun and easy response to an adorable GIF??

If you’re ready to step it up with unique GIFs for your own Online Parties, check out these 3 Types of GIFs to Boost Your Party Engagement

4 Types of GIFs

What makes a GIF catch your eye and stop your scroll? It might make you curious, interested, or just laugh out loud! 

Here are 4 types of GIFs to shake things up:


These eye-catching graphics animate to showcase your own images and add that extra sparkle. Canva makes it super easy with fun animated templates.


This type of GIF was created on a mobile app by Instagram called Boomerang. It automatically makes your short video clip move back and forth. Upload to GIPHY.com to add text and convert to a shareable GIF file. 

Stop Motion 

Using an old-school technique of taking a picture, moving an object, then taking another picture, this type of GIF brings objects to life in a whimsical way.


This is the most common type of GIF that simply loops a short, quick video clip over and over, so you can't help but stop to watch it for a few extra seconds.

How to Find the Right GIF for Your Posts

Sometimes a GIF might become overused for a particular Party post or you might want to change things up for different Parties.

Searching for new GIFs couldn’t be easier on a trusted free GIF site or app, such as GIPHY.com, just type in any keyword or hashtag!

Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Search for New GIFs By: 

Your Company name - As more consultants use GIFs for their Online Parties, more GIFs are being tagged with a company name. Some companies are even creating their own official GIFs and graphics which are available on their channel  on GIPHY.com!


Topics associated with your services or products - The possibilities are endless! Think of anything related to your business to find that perfect expression, such as:  beauty, makeup, skincare, spa, self care, food, cooking, kitchen, bags, jewelry, hair, cleaning, healthy, types of clothing, etc.

Party related items - such as: fun, Party, dance, celebrate, thank you, birthday, on sale, excited ,etc.

Best bang for your buck - If you want to make a point for grabbing the best package, joining your team, or hosting a Party, try searching: on sale, savings, piggy bank, money, teamwork, family, etc. 

Positive influences - You might be looking to make a connection with your hosts, guests, or team. Look for: inspiration, encouragement, positive, positive vibes, etc. 

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