4 Hostess Coaching Tricks That Work Every time

We’ve seen a lot of Parties run through our software, but the independent consultants who coach their hostess have the most success!

There are no shortcuts to connecting with real people. So don’t skip this part, no matter how long or short your Party script is because Hostess Coaching is the strategy that moves the needle when it comes to hosting highly profitable Parties.

Your upline and company training courses will have lots of amazing tips and ideas on how to coach your hostess to success.

This part of the process is super important and takes practice to find your unique rhythm with each hostess. So don’t give up!

Here are 4 hostess coaching tricks that work every time to make your Online Party a success!

Trick #1: Create a Helpful Checklist

When you email your new hostess her fun packet, about 1-2 weeks before the Online Party, write a note saying how excited you are to Party with her and her friends.

You may also want to include a hostess rewards brochure, wish list, catalogs, order forms, business opportunity brochure, and a handy checklist of tasks for her to complete for the best Online Party ever!

You can even offer bonuses depending on how many of the items on your checklist she completes.

Show her what to do and what to say, and she’s more likely to follow through!

Remember, you’re running a business and this means you must lead those involved in your business if you want it to succeed.

Here are some ideas you can have your hostess do:

  • Make a wish list
  • Review the Hostess Rewards and consider your ideal level
  • Personally message 20-30 people about her Party. ASK if they would like to be invited. Then invite everyone that says, “Yes!”.
    A good goal is to have 15-20 friends in attendance.
  • Post on her personal profile, about the Party
  • Post in the Party group 2-3 pictures of her favorite products
  • Collect 3-5 outside orders before the Party. For ‘no’ rsvps, ask if they’d like to order.
  • Follow up with guests you haven’t heard from, a week before the Party.
    Do this in separate personal messages, no mass texts or emails!
  • Send reminder message to your “yeses” and “maybes” the day before and 30 min. before the Party begins. She can schedule a reminder in her phone to do this.
  • Encourage 2 guests to hold their own Parties.
  • Review the opportunity brochure and ask 3 questions to you, her consultant.

Trick #2: Meet Your Hostess In-Person or via Video Chat.

This is a great way to start off the Party with your hostess. Make her feel special with a face-to-face conversation. Make a connection, be excited, get to know why she wants to Party with you.

This will make such a positive impact on your hostess!

This is the perfect time to create Party goals together.

Maybe she’s just wanting a freebie, so help her to think BIG with some amazing rewards levels you can offer her, This will help her understand what she’s working towards. When she’s motivated, the Party will be more fun and more importantly, profitable.

You can also discuss who she wants to invite.

If she’s having trouble, try going through a list of people that everyone knows, like the FRANK list: Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Kids (this means, people you know through your kids or grandkids).

Be clear on expectations of who’s doing what.

For example, as an independent consultant, you will create the Facebook group 4 days ahead, take care of the main Party posts, go live on the agreed date (if that’s your Party model), answer questions, and process orders, etc.

But you need her help too!

After all, her friends are here to support her. So go over that handy hostess checklist you mailed her, and see if she has any questions.

Trick #3: Love on Your Hostess Like a Friend

What if your hostess doesn’t seem to be doing much for her own Party?

If this happens, you might be more than frustrated… We feel ya! But remember, life happens, and we don’t always know what’s going on in her world.

As an independent consultant, your goal is to create this fun and amazing experience for her and her guests at her exclusive Facebook Party!

Ultimately, you have incredible products to share and you want her to WIN with her wish list! She deserves this extra special attention.

So think, “If she were my best friend, how would I treat her?”

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep your hostess motivated:


  • Get upset if she hasn’t invited friends properly.
  • Get offended if you see her posts on her feed, but no posts in her own Party.
  • Bug her constantly to do stuff on her checklist.
  • Make her feel guilty for not participating.
  • Be condescending about low orders collected.
  • Be negative about any small turnouts/sales
  • Ignore her, ever!

Here’s why these list of “Don’ts” are important…drama reaps drama. So if you’re showing up blaming and shaming people, then you’re business will stay stuck in a wheel of blame or shame.

There’s a better way to lead your hostess than this. And if you learn to lead powerfully, your business will grow as a by-product of this.


  • Double check your messages before you send them out, for any negative undertones.
  • Replace any plainness in your messages with positive heartfelt emojis
  • Use lots of exclamation marks to make it feel more exciting for your host.
  • Shower her with encouragement and kindness.
  • Show her grace and overlook imperfections.
  • Show her that you care.
  • Become friends and review her Facebook profile to get to know what she likes, if she works, favorite hobbies, what groups/circles she’s part of. Only use this info to motivate her if she needs help.
  • Comment on her feed posts
  • Send her fun GIFs and affirmations.
  • Be excited for every small accomplishment and cheer her on!
  • Love on her!

Trick #4: Help Her Earn More Rewards

The Party might be over, but there’s still a chance for her to earn more hostess rewards!

Touch base with your hostess, and let her know how close she is to her goals and who has already ordered.

Remind her of the different hostess rewards levels and bonuses you have waiting for her, and how you can help.

Giving her a number will help her understand how close she is to the next level of rewards.

Suggest that she can reach out with a personal message to her guests who haven’t ordered yet, or even those who didn’t join this time.

They may not know what to order, so some easy suggestions might help her get closer!

She can suggest  some of her favorite products they would love, or give her your own suggestions for them.  

Make sure she sends them the shopping link in case they forgot and remind them when the orders will close.

Bonus Tip for Building a Strong Customer Base

After all that fun, your hostess will finally get her amazing order!

Be sure to contact her and make sure everything is working out.

This is a great time to ask if she might post a picture and tag you on social media!

Treat her like a VIP customer, give her first dibs on limited edition products, first chance to host a new specialty party for exclusive bonuses, keep in touch for her customized needs, even set up an appointment to share the business opportunity with your company.

A hostess makes one of the best team members!

We hope you try these 4 hostess coaching tricks that work every time to keep building that important relationship with your hostess for an amazing Online Party!

Here’s to making connections and creating success!

If you’re a newbie just learning all the things, we have a goldmine of advice when it comes to the newest strategies of running online Facebook Parties, right here in our blog.

You can check out The Newbies Guide to Hosting a Facebook Party  and the 7 Things Every Facebook Party Should Focus On.

You can also reach out to our Party Experts who are happy to help you with any questions.

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