Why It’s Better to Use a Secured Party Scheduling Software over Facebook™ Scheduler to Grow Your Business

Many businesses are taking advantage of the free technology available in the age of the internet, and are adapting their approaches to meet demand.

One way is through social media outlets like Facebook™, which is the most appealing because of the daily active users and super high internet traffic.

Facebook™ even has a whole section devoted to businesses, where one could create a Business Page, which is basically a profile for your business.

To create a connection with new people and highlight the products or services that will make their lives easier, is the concept behind Facebook Pages, and they have been making amazing upgrades to this section to help small businesses meet their goals.

One way they are doing this is with the Post Scheduler feature available for Business Pages.

This feature allows you to create posts and schedule them out to be published later.

This is super helpful to ‘batch’ create your posts for the whole week or even month, in just one sitting.

That way you can spend more of your time doing what you enjoy and working on the things that make more money inside your business.

And while the Facebook™ Post Scheduler is a wonderful tool, we wanted to know if it’s really enough for running top-notch Parties and growing a highly successful business.

So we compared the Facebook™ Scheduler with some of the most important goals for Direct Sales businesses like yours.

Some goals for Direct Sales consultants are:

  • To Grow a successful small business on Facebook™ using Business Pages and Groups.
  • To save time by batch creating posts for Parties and scheduling them out in less time.
  • To reuse posts for multiple Parties without having to copy and paste every single one.
  • To have the freedom to store and organize your original content into different templates to accomplish specific tasks or create unique Parties.
  • To have the ability to customize a template by changing host name, shopping link, and Party dates without creating new templates or posts every time.
  • To grow faster with the ability to hold multiple Parties at once.

Let’s see how it compares!

What the Facebook™ Scheduler Allows You to Do

The Facebook™ Scheduler is available for Business Pages and Business Page Groups.

Features for Business Page Groups include:

  • Available on mobile app & desktop
  • Adding to post: a file, photo/video, feeling/activity, tag event, poll, check-in, GIF, nonprofit, and recommendations. Includes backgrounds and emojis.
  • Schedule posts between 30 min. and 2 months from now.
  • Once scheduled you can turn off commenting or notifications for this post, Post it now, Reschedule, Edit, or delete.

What about posting to your Business Page?

The above posting features are also available, but only on the Desktop version of Facebook™ through the Publisher Tools.

In light of this, the only pro for using the Facebook™ Scheduler if you have similar goals to most independent consultants who want to create a highly profitable business, is that you can post as your Page and schedule posts with minimal features to your Page and to Business Page Groups.

So Why is the Facebook™ Scheduler Not a Lucrative Feature to Actually Grow Your Business When Holding Online Parties?

Well, here are some cons:

  • The URLs (website addresses) when you share links are visible in the post, making them look sloppy and overwhelming to a guest.
  • You cannot schedule comments in posts, which is handy if you need to start guests commenting for a game or add additional links or content to the post.
  • You can only schedule in your current time zone, which is fine if you only schedule Parties in your own time zone. Otherwise, you probably have to do some math to consider scheduling at a time more convenient for your host and guests.
  • And the biggest con is: Once posted, scheduled posts are not saved anywhere! So you can’t repost them or somewhere else in a convenient way. You would have to search through your published posts, copy them, and paste to create new posts over and over in different Party groups.

This is Why It Pays to Have a Secure Party Scheduling Software to Grow Your Business!

Even though the Facebook™ Scheduler would, in theory, save you some time to prepare for your Parties, you will still have to take these steps over and over for every new Party you create and to schedule those Party posts.

This limits your ability to scale a highly profitable global business.

This is where a Party Post Scheduling app can really shine and help you climb higher and faster with your business!

Most programs will have similar features designed to take a step further to make your life easier. AND they have more flexibility to improve their program in the future!

When Using a Secure Party Scheduling Software, You’ll…

  • Save and organize your original content to be ready to post at any time.

  • Create a template of your Party posts, making it even easier to schedule a new Party ALL AT ONCE!

  • Look on-point when your Party posts represent your Business Page in a professional looking way.


  • Re-post your best content into countless possibilities, such as into new templates, to your Page, Team Training Group, or VIP Customer Group!


  • Easily edit and update any posts.

  • Confidently book and run multiple Parties at the same time, without the extra copy and pasting work!

  • With PostMyParty you even have the ability to schedule comments, replace keywords in a template to customize a new Party (like the name of the host or a personal shopping link), and you can even choose a timezone more convenient for your host and guests!

  • PLUS, a Party Post Scheduling app will have a team of experts available to help make your parties successful!The Party Experts at PostMyParty even have a response time of just a few minutes. (Have you ever tried getting in touch with Facebook™ Support? Good luck.)

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Try It For Yourself!

Many programs offer a free version or trial period to try out the program and see if it works for you.

This is a good option to explore the different features.

Here’s what actual users have to say about how their businesses have grown when using a Party Post Scheduling software:

  • 35% said they are running more than 3 times as many Parties each month!
  • 27.5% said  they are growing a customer base larger and faster, while building better relationships!
  • 27.5% said  they are growing their Business Page and building better post reach!

When users are successful, the software is successful!

Here’s some of the most common feedback from users:

  • Able to get their new businesses started faster, when using a templates feature to book Parties right away.
  • Gaining confidence to book MORE Parties each month knowing everything is already set up.
  • Able to maintain their side-business on a social media platform without paying for ads, while still working their full-time jobs.

“Went from 4 Parties per month to up to 9!” – Audrey
“5 Parties this month – 6 so far next month and continuing to book!” – Cathleen
“I had 5 parties going at the same time. That was my largest. Last week I had 4 and this week I have 2. Having (a Party Post Scheduling software) helped tremendously and I have a different template for each Party.” – Jill
“Holding on average 4… Parties a week. I just started March… I’m booked through June… Also working a full time essential job.” – Angelina

So there you have it!

Facebook™ may have offered a simple feature with their Post Scheduler for Business Pages.

But if you truly want to scale your business and take back more of your time to live life on your terms, Party Post Scheduling Programs are the only way to do that with Online Parties.

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