Why Facebook Block Parties Could Increase Your Sales Massively!

Have you heard about this trend in the Online Parties community?

You might recognize them as Multi-Host Parties, which is more self-explanatory. But we wanted to dive deeper into what they are and why they are getting so much attention.

We discovered something incredible and wanted to share our findings to help you decide if this is something you’re ready to try out for yourself!

What’s a Block or Multi-Host Party?

We went to our amazing users to get the real deal on this topic.

“A Multi-Host Party is nice because it means you have 1 group and all your hosts are in this group. What does this do?? It means there are a TON more people in the group to share the LOVE of your products! I am seeing higher show totals, which means more host benefits!! It is so fun!” – Karie
“I’ve been doing Block Parties since the first of the year and my sales have almost tripled. So much easier to manage 3-4 hosts in one group than separately. Plus we manage to get lots of guests in the Party so the engagement is higher and they help sell the products for me. My hosts and guests tell me it’s one of the best Parties they’ve ever been [part] of.” – Lori
“[Hosts] each have their own [shopping] link and yes, [there’s] tons more interaction [in the group]. The sales honestly depend on the host… The $1,000 host was the most active in the group.” – Karie

With this rising Online Party trend, we wanted to find some real info to answer your questions and inspire you to try something new!

Here’s What We Learned About Block Parties:

  • A Multi-Host or Block Party has multiple hosts in one large Party group. Each host has her own shopping link and invites her own guests as in an individual Party group.

    You will get more people engaged in the group, better post visibility, and thus better chances for more sales.

  • Maximize your Party posting efforts with a greater return. Let’s say you have 3 hosts and their guests in your Block Party. You may only need to post your normal Party script posts once, but could have the end results of 3 Parties!

  • Save time setting up several groups for new Facebook Parties every month, by holding them all at once in one group for a Block Party.

  • Gain better post visibility and higher group engagement. Since the focus of Facebook groups is to build community, then larger groups with more interaction will tell Facebook this is a community that cares about what you post and as a result, Facebook will show the content to more of the members.

    So even if “Host A” isn’t as active as another, her guests might still get the benefit of seeing the posts in their feeds and prompt them to check it out!

    Be sure to review the 3 keys to increasing your Facebook post reach.

  • Meet your goals earlier in the month and have more time to spend with your family and hobbies when you can cut your side gig down by half or more without sacrificing the income!

  • Use the Insights feature to your benefit with groups of 50+ members.

    You can track how many people have seen your posts and what reactions or comments were received.

    If a post got low or no reaction versus how many members have seen it, you know you can probably change up that post or just remove it from future Parties.

  • There’s not much difference in post visibility when posting manually, with the Facebook Scheduler, and a Party Post Scheduling Software, if the hosts aren’t actively engaged in the Party themselves.

  • Going live still attracts the most attention to the group and gains immediate engagement, no matter how large the group.

  • If you don’t have a good system to work your business full circle, this could be a very overwhelming undertaking!

    Think about coaching multiple hosts at once, and closing all the Party orders, and booking more Parties, and signing new team members, in a much quicker turnaround time then if they were spread out in the month.

  • It’s very easy to become robotic when you’re dealing with many things at once, so be careful not to forget to love on the people and build those valuable customer relationships.

    Find your sweet spot for the number of hosts and guests you are comfortable servicing at one time. Check out these 4 hostess coaching tricks.

  • Use your VIP Customer Group like an ongoing Block Party and give customers a chance to be hosts again for unique themed Parties or seasonal sales.

    They can add their friends to this group and any sales would give them host perks.

    Plus, your VIP Customer Group instantly grows!

Here’s what Lori had to say about her experience using Block Parties…

“The only challenge I’ve found is having to close multiple Parties at the same time. Yesterday I had five hosts needing help and felt like my whole day was spent coaching them. Three at once doesn’t seem so bad, but [with] five I might split into two Parties and stagger them….I like to spend more time working with them to coach them to $1000+ Parties so it’s worth it…” – Lori

Is It Worth Trying, Though?

Based on the set-up for Block Parties, we can’t think of any reason why this could cause any issues with Facebook.

In fact, it’s more in keeping with their community guidelines if spammy behavior is avoided and real connections are being made.

Yes, there’s a learning curve for everything. What works for one person may not get the same results for another.

Here’s what one Facebook Party consultant newbie had to say during her first Multi-Host Facebook Party experience:

“I started with 4 hostesses… 2 dropped out in the middle of the week…The other two were really involved in the whole Party and one is going to end with an average of $600 in Party orders. The other is struggling to get $70 worth in orders…

I’m curious to see how next month goes with a different group of people (all these people were really close friends, which I think kind of makes a difference).

I will try it again. I’m going to do another one next month now that I have the framework in place… and [I’ll] do my hostess coaching the same (I really liked what I had to give) and see if it’s better received by a different group of people.”

We followed up with her to see how it went, and she was glad to give a more positive report!

Because of this Facebook Block Party:

  • She gained 30 new contacts for her business.
  • The total Party sales are $1,000+ and still climbing.
  • She currently has 4 new bookings, but is working on getting up to 11 hostesses!
  • 2 downline team members became engaged to build their businesses. This promoted her up in her company and earned that bonus check!

Her main takeaway?

“I was glad to do it because I needed to experience that and I know that all 4 hostesses would not have booked with me at all if I hadn’t had the Multi-Host Party [on Facebook]. They would never have booked any one of  the other types of [virtual] Parties that I do.

I’m going to change a few things and see what happens next time… I think the biggest challenge to this way of partying is the prep work and the pace… But it will propel my business forward and give people who are super hesitant to Party an opportunity to put their hat in the ring.”

The verdict may still be out on Block Parties, but we received tons of positive feedback and impressive results. Whether they are Facebook Party newbies or have found their sweet spot by ‘doing the blocks’ for months, everyone is psyched about this new potential!

Like anything else worthwhile, trial and error gives you experience and perspective, so keep reaching for your goals!

Stay tuned! We will bring you the best advice for running your own Facebook Block Parties in upcoming articles.

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