How to Throw a Customer Appreciation Party

Your Customer VIP Group should be a place to have fun and build community. When celebrating your customers with an Appreciation Party, focus on spoiling them in a week-long party (5 or 7 days) with free stuff and lots of fun!

Throwing a Customer Appreciation Party every now and then is important because it will boost your member engagement and post visibility. This is a popular type of Party to hold before a product launch or your company’s best annual sales!

Remember, no purchases are necessary during this particular Party, because this is your way to say, “Thanks for being my customer!” Be sure to check out our article on the Best Ways to Appreciate Your Customers and Boost Orders.

11 Tips to Spoil Your Favorite People in Your VIP Group

  1. Choose some prizes for drawings and giveaways. They can be extra products on your shelf, limited edition items, a special offer, or even a giftcard for coffee or a favorite treat. It can be just one item, or a few items spread out over the course of the week.

  2. Weigh your giveaways with your goals. If you want more Party bookings or team members, you might offer a bigger incentive/giveaway, such as a large shopping spree on you, or a specialty customized product, etc.

  3. Keep Party posts very low-key, no pressure, non-salesy, and enjoyable. Daily interactive posts and games are a must! Even reminder-posts can be fun, just make sure they are liking and commenting to see your live video.

  4. Be intentional with your posts by playing up some hidden-gem products to create desire. This might look like highlighting certain products for this-or-that games or guessing games like “how many can you spot?”

  5. Go live! This can be done just once or daily, but it’s a fun way to announce the winners of your giveaways.

  6. Your live video can highlight some tips or hacks for using a certain product, or to showcase a new product!

  7. Have viewers answer a question as they watch your live video (whether they are watching live or the replay) to be entered in the giveaway or drawing. Be intentional with these questions to create connection and get to know them better, like “Answer with…”:
    ...Your favorite products!”
    ...If you were to host a Party, what do you want to receive for free?”
    ...If the company could create a new product, what would it be?”
    ...What impacted you the most about the video link I shared?”
    ...Any question about my job! I love my company! Every question gets an entry.”

  8. Personally message your customers about this Party (even if they’re already in the group!) and be genuine about wanting to show how much you appreciate them. Only message about every 20 people at a time and remember to customize the messages and change up your wording.

  9. Group Notifications don’t get shown to everyone, and if you’ve had this group open for a while some members may have stopped getting notifications due to lack of engagement.

  10. When more people comment on your fun posts, it will show up on more members' newsfeeds again as popular posts in the group.

  11. With all this fun of spoiling your customers and playing with products, take advantage of the high point in your VIP Group and offer a special deal at the end of the week! It could be a special offer for booking a Party, free shipping on a new product launch, a BOGO to move inventory, a huge company sale, etc.

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