The Smart Phone Guide for Facebook Parties in 2021

*Updated Jan. 20, 2021, to reflect the latest version of Facebook to date.*

Running Online Parties is an ideal way to build your home business.

If you’re anything like many of us, you may prefer to use your smartphone to set up and run your Online Party rather than being chained to your desktop computer.

There are a couple ways to access Facebook on your mobile device and we wanted to find the best options for starting your Group Party off the right way. To do this, we explored the available features for both on a mobile browser and the Facebook App and collected some handy tips to help you run your Facebook Party from your smartphone.

Facebook Mobile Browser - The Easiest Way to Create a Group for Your Auto-Posting Party

The easiest way to create a new Party group is through the internet browser on your phone or tablet.

NOTE: The trick with some smartphones is to avoid going straight to the Facebook app (some browsers will automatically try to send you to the app instead of continuing to So make sure you are on the actual website, and not the app for these steps to work.

Since the mobile browser version of Facebook still does not have all the options you need to set up your group properly if you want to use a Party post scheduling software like PostMyParty, the best thing to do is first convert to view the desktop site for, on your device.

First, Access the desktop version of Facebook on a smartphone, (like iPhone)

1) First, open your mobile browser, go to and LOG OUT of your account.

2) Then, go to your browser options and choose to switch to Desktop Site. On iPhone click the "Aa" on the upper left side of the browser URL field for more options and click "Request desktop site".

Make sure it changes! You might need to try this a couple of times.

3) Last, log back into your account, and continue using normal instructions for Desktop Facebook.

Other notes if you still have trouble:

- Try logging out first, then remove the "m" in the URL website address in the browser field and replacing it with www, like this:

- Sometimes trying from a Private browser helps.

- If you get a notification from the Facebook app saying someone has tried to log into your account, click it to back into the app and confirm that it was you. Remember to switch back over to your browser to continue.

- If you close your browser and come back in, it may automatically convert back to Mobile site and you will have to do this over.

- Try manually inputting your user email and password, instead of the saved info.

- Go to your phone settings and clear the cookies and history for your browser, and/or restart your device and try again.

Next, Create the Group for your Party like normal

Now you have access to all features and settings in Facebook, and can continue creating your group the easiest way:

  1. Click the plus sign to create something new, then click "Group". This is from your Facebook options in the top right corner.
  1. Right away, you can name your group, and choose the settings. We suggest keeping your Group Parties "Private" but "Visible". This will make it easier for guests to find your group and see your description, but they will still have to join (and you will get to approve them) before they can see your group posts.
  1. You don't have to add any members to create the group, so skip that for now. Click "Create".

Your group is now created!

  1. Next, scroll down in the left menu of your Admin Tools. Click on settings for more options and features. Scroll down to Advanced Settings, to the Apps section. If you enjoy the freedom of party post scheduling software, like PostMyParty, Facebook requires that you add them as a trusted app in this section.

    Note: This option is currently only accessible from the desktop version of Facebook, not the Facebook app or mobile site. This is why we showed you how to get the desktop site on your phone, above.

If you have a business page already set-up click the Linked Page section, and choose your Page. This turns the group into a business page group, and you will be able to post and comment as your Page, as well as your personal profile.

We have seen users benefit from the success of using business page groups for their parties, and you can learn all about why we recommend it in this article.  

  1. Finally, choose your favorite picture for the banner, add a short description with Party details and information, and add a couple of nice posts about yourself and your company. Remember to also remove any posts about changes to your settings, from the group wall (this will not affect those changes you made in the settings).

Facebook App - Quick and Convenient (sort of)

NOTE: If you’re planning to schedule your party posts with a trusted party post scheduling software like PostMyParty, you will still have to access the desktop version of Facebook described above or get to a computer later to access the setting to add trusted apps in the group settings.

We love the Facebook app for monitoring and participating in your Party Group! Not only is it super easy to respond to guests and tag people, you can control your notifications settings too.

If you’re in a pinch, creating groups is still super easy (just remember to go back and add that trusted app). It’s pretty basic, but here’s how:

  1. Go to the menu, click groups and then click “create group”.

  2. Here, you can name the group, choose “Private”, and “Visible”, like normal.

  1. Next, you can go to the Admin. Tools for more settings, and for now skip the prompts to finish some optional items, like: choose friends, select a cover photo, add a description, and create your first post. By the way, this is super helpful if you like reminders to get your group looking neat quickly.

  1. Scroll down to Settings, then down to Linked Pages to make your business page an admin to this group (for more information on why this would be a good idea, check out this article). This is also the easiest way to create a business page group!

  1. Next, go back, and click on Your Settings and click Pin Group to make it easier to find it in your Facebook groups list, and then click Notification Settings to manage your preferences.
TIP: Pin your active party groups while they’re going, then afterward you can unpin them when you choose to archive or delete the group.

You can also easily change between your personal profile and your Page, so you can customize even more.

Other notes about Groups in the Facebook App:

  • If you choose to create a group from your Business Page in the Facebook App, it will automatically add your personal profile as a member.

  • While interacting as your Page, you can make your Personal Profile an admin to this group by going to the Members list, and clicking on the options next to your Profile.

  • However, going this route will not get you all the prompts and reminders to set up your group properly.

    Linking your Page to a personal group is the way to go if you like those reminders.

Need help with Group Notifications?

It’s a love/hate relationship when it comes to those Facebook Notifications.
So we’ve tested out settings and collected the best advice from party experts on this ever-evolving topic, and you can learn all about Facebook Party Group Notifications in our help article.

What about the new Business Suite App for Facebook Pages?

What used to be the Facebook Pages App, is now called Business Suite, and it got a whole new face lift. We’re guessing Facebook is trying to keep things clean and straightforward for business pages to access their own features. It seems to have achieved that goal!

Except for one major thing: you don’t have notifications, access to, or info on any Groups linked to the Pages.

So if the main reason you have a Page is to link to your Party Groups, this particular app won’t be much help. However, it might help you manage and build up your actual Page content easier.
Some features include:

  • Monitoring posts by the Page
  • Accessing Page settings
  • Viewing insights and stats of your content
  • Creating and scheduling Page posts for beyond 10 minutes, or save as a draft.
  • Linking your Instagram account to post stories and posts to both places at once.
  • Replying to comments and messages as your Page, including those from Instagram.
  • Accessing Messaging settings for convenient saved replies, and more.
  • Accessing multiple business Pages associated with your Facebook account.

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