Videos for Online Parties (Part 2): The Easiest Ways to Upload Videos for Facebook Parties

Videos for Online Parties (Part 2): The Easiest Ways to Upload Videos for Facebook Parties

If you followed our advice from Part 1 on this series on the How to Start Creating Videos for Facebook Parties, then you probably have your videos recorded on your smartphone.

So, what’s the next step?

It’s time for you to edit and upload your videos to Facebook for your Parties!

We searched and tested for the absolute easiest way to do this on iPhone and Android to get your videos from smartphone to Facebook Party easily. We think we nailed it!

Today we’re going to cover your burning questions, like:

How do I edit videos and add music and text?

How do I get this on Facebook to represent my business page?

How can I repost this video multiple times to different parties?

Let’s dive right in!

Editing Your Video From Your Smartphone

Long gone are the days of needing expensive programs, software and a filmmaking degree.

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the special editing apps and tools out there. It’s best to keep it simple!

Let’s use what’s already available to you.

iPhone Users

Here are 3 FREE ways to edit your videos on the latest version of most iPhones:

  1. Open your video in Apple Photo to find basic editing tools, like:
  • Sound off
  • Trim video
  • Auto adjust brightness and exposure
  • Filters
  • Straighten

When you are done, you can use the option to “save as new clip”. This allows you to keep your original video if you don’t like your final edits.

2. You can access more fun options by clicking the “…” More options button from within the Apple Photo editor, and it will take you straight to more options offered with the integrated iMovie app.

You will find:

  • Sound off
  • Trim video
  • Filters
  • Text options
  • Music

When done, the video will save as edited in your Apple Photos section.

3. You can also open iMovie separately, choose a video and play with more options:

  • Choose multiple video clips and (even pictures) to create longer ‘movies’
  • Trim, split, delete
  • Speed up or freeze frames
  • Adjust video sound or mute
  • Text options
  • Filters
  • Music
  • Themes (this is like choosing a template to easily make your movie look and sound pro)

When you’re done editing, the movie will save in the app. But make sure to also save it to your phone.

Android Users:

Your video editing options in your gallery might be limited to only trimming your video.

So we tested out some free apps that were recommended and our favorite is YouCut!

The free version is easy to use, includes tutorials in the help section, and has lots of options:

  • Trim
  • Music
  • Filter
  • Effects
  • Text
  • Stickers
  • Speed
  • Background
  • Record a voice-over
  • Volume of the audio
  • Rotate
  • Flip
  • Crop
  • You can even record a video directly from within the app.

When you’ve finished editing your video it will automatically save to your phone’s gallery.

Make it a “Native Facebook Video” for your Business Page

Native videos are those that are uploaded or created directly from the platform.

This means any videos that weren’t made elsewhere and posted as a link, such as a YouTube video.

Native Facebook Videos by far get the most engagement of all the post types and the views they get are growing everyday.

Using your Business Page is the perfect way to build your brand with native Facebook videos.  

Your Party videos should also represent your Page every time you repost them.

Post Them in an Empty Public Group

We know that many consultants want to keep some videos a secret until they post them in the Party group.

So after much experimenting, we found the easiest solution is to post your party videos in an empty public group linked to your business Page.

Here’s why:

When you share a video from this group, it will post as your Page and will play automatically in the post and anyone will be able to watch it without leaving their own Party group.

As long as you don’t approve anyone joining this public group, nobody will be notified of new posts as you upload your Party videos.

Unless they actually visit this public group, your new Party guests won’t see these videos and will most likely just watch what you post in their own Party group.

Here’s how:

  • On your mobile device, open the Facebook App.
  • Go to your Page, then the Groups section.
  • Create a Public Group, but don’t add anyone. Choose a simple name that wouldn’t get any attention, such as a numerical date.
  • TIP: Remember to add a trusted app such as PostMyParty in the group settings. This will make it easier to share your video links if you like to use a scheduling app for your parties.
  • While “Interacting as your Page”, post your finished videos in this group straight from your smartphone. Include the correct text that goes with the video in the post.
  • Continue to put all your Party video posts in this group.

TIP: Record a Video Directly in the Public Group

If some of your videos are short or don’t require any editing, then it may be easier for you to simply record your video directly in the empty Public Group you created to house the videos that you will share into your Facebook Parties.

To do that, simply…

  • Go into your public group, interacting as your Page, and Go Live using filter and special effects options. Nobody will see the video, since nobody is in the group. But the live video will save there and will be shareable.


  • Record a video directly in a new post. Select the photo/video option, then click the gray camera icon as if you were going to take a picture. When the camera turns on, select the video option at the bottom and record. There are basic editing tools, like trimming, adding text, stickers, and effects. Save and post!

Share Your Videos in Different Party Groups

Now your videos are safely living in Facebook land and they are ready to be shared over and over into your Party Groups.

Here 3 ways to share your video posts:

To get the cleanest look when sharing your videos:

  • Go to the video post in your public group.
  • Click Share, then click More Options, and Copy (or copy link).
  • Next, go into your auto-posting program, such as PostMyParty, and create a Video Link Post, using this copied link.

When it posts, it will show your scheduled post message as well as the original video post, and the video will play automatically without leaving the Party group. Your Page will show when you select the option to post as a business page group (or similar settings. Check with your program assistants).

This is also the best way to organize and reuse your video posts into different Party script templates, and to schedule them into different Party groups, at the same time. Save time and energy in the long run when setting this up in just a few steps in the beginning.

What if you share the video directly to another group without a scheduling program?
To make it look like your Page is sharing it:

  • Click on Share, then More Options, then Copy (or copy link).
  • Next, go into the Party Group and create a post as your Page and include the link.

It will attach your video post and the video will play automatically. However, the original website link to the video post, will also show in the message box.

What happens if you just share it?
If you just click Share, then Write Post, you will have the option to select another group and post it there, but it will only let you re-post as your personal profile. You won’t have the option to switch to post as your Page, from the Facebook app.

There you have it! You’re now a pro for easily creating videos from home!

Now you know the easiest ways to upload your videos for Facebook Parties.

Want more strategies to get the best visibility with your videos? Click here for Part 3 of our Videos for Online Parties Series!

Check back often for more tips and strategies!

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