Ways to Play Games in Your Next Facebook Live Video

Now that Online Parties have been a viable source of fun and sales for several years now, it’s normal to assume that games will be played and a blast will be had!

If you are new to playing games in your Facebook Parties, be sure to check out this popular article first, to learn some helpful tips to get you started!

Since the typical Online Party has evolved with new and popular Facebook features, it makes sense that games have also made adjustments.
So we dug around to see what’s new and popular to play when you go Live in your Facebook Party Group.

We’ll dish out the best strategies you can use for almost ANY popular Party game when you give this a try on your next Facebook Live Video.

3 Ways Playing Party Games in a LIVE Video is More Successful

Because they are more fun! Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

If you’re making the effort to run your Parties in a Facebook Group, be sure to use Live video to get the full advantage of the algorithms! Not only will you get better ‘reach’, but your guests will actually enjoy participating.

Still feeling nervous? Here’s what direct sales expert and coach, Kelly Paull, has to say about going Live for your Parties:

“My advice is to DO IT! Going Live, even for a short period of time, will let your customers get to know you. They aren't looking for a polished video, they will actually appreciate seeing and hearing what you have to say in an authentic way.

If you have children there might NEVER be a perfect time to go Live, but it sure does make you relatable! Going Live takes a little practice and feels uncomfortable at first, there is no doubt about it, but it also can be a benefit of boosting business.” -
Kelly Paull

Here are some reasons Facebook Live Party Games can drastically improve your overall Party success!

1. Facebook Live Videos are favored and therefore crucial to Your Party’s Success!

Your guests’ comments and reactions when playing the game is the perfect way to boost engagement and tells Facebook this is a “community building activity” and should be shown to more people.

Since Live Videos are currently favored and promoted, Facebook is more likely to show notifications about your Live Video to guests and friends.
This is the key to easily taking your Party efforts to the next level! So just have fun and play!

2. Players must be present to win free prizes!

Real-time interaction is so powerful! Since playing games in real time requires immediate responses, this creates a sense of urgency to play it or lose it. Give your guests a chance to earn some points or tickets throughout the Party for the grand prize drawing near the end of your Live Video.

This encourages your guests to join the Live at any time for their chance to win something fun! Be sure to leverage this to your advantage.
As you play the game, show off your products and remind guests of your Party special that is only valid until the closing date or while supplies last.

3. Show them that you’re a real person, too!
You can create a stronger connection with guests in Live Party Games, then you can with regular game posts.

When guests are watching in real time, call out to them as they join and comment. Ask them questions to grab their attention.
Answering them with something relatable will make them feel special.

There is something about watching a person’s face and their genuine reactions that creates a humanly bond, and suddenly bridges the virtual gap. So smile and laugh to bond with your guests early and often as you play and show products that will meet their needs and solve their problems.

10 Tips For Playing Live Party Games

A simple online search will produce lots of helpful advice on this topic, but these are our favorite tips that you can apply to almost ANY popular party game in your next Live Video to boost your Party success:

  1. Games should always have prizes! After all, that’s why people play, stay, and keep coming back to the fun.

    Remember, everyone should have a chance to win something, whether they make a purchase or not.

    Don’t be discouraged if they only join your live to play the game for a chance to win a freebie, because they are still a new lead for you to keep in touch and build a connection! (Be sure to include that product sample and more info with their prize.)

    It’s great if you have extra product to give away, but don’t feel limited to just that:
    - Collect some fun items from your favorite dollar or discount store that is related (or not!) to your own products.
    - FREE Shipping and discounts for their order are easy to give away and are very much appreciated!
    - Booking a qualifying party with you can be treated like a prize when you show off the special gifts they can choose from on their winning move.

  1. Choose just 1 or 2 games that can be played remotely. Give it a good try a few times and tweak it as you go for the next party. This will help you gain confidence and make it more fun. Keep the game simple and use few supplies or game pieces.

  1. Be prepared with your supplies and make sure the rules are clear and easy to understand. Type out the rules for the game in the description of your Live Video, (or in a pre-party post) so guests can easily reference whenever they join the Live (even if they’re not on-time).

  1. If you have a game with supplies or tools (like rolling a dice, drawing a card, spinning a wheel, or moving a game piece, etc.) you need a way for someone to ‘win’ that move. To do this, you can try asking a trivia question or choosing a number (or product!), and the winning guess gets that move or turn.

  1. Remember that there is a lag when it comes to comments. Guests will always see their comment pop up first, but you will want to clarify that it’s the comment that shows on YOUR screen that will win the turn.

  1. For every move or turn in the game, tie it together with the products you are showcasing.

  1. Show your excitement! Remember, you are the life of the party when you go live, so be ready to smile and laugh and keep the energy up for those prizes!

  1. Ask your host to join you in the Live Video, via the “Bring a Friend” option on the Facebook Mobile App.
    Check out more tips on how to Go Live, in our last article!
    The host can help navigate the comments and give your Live Video a whole new dimension when it comes to real-time interaction! What could be more fun?

  1. If orders are rolling in during your Live Video, you might throw in a chance for a new prize that everyone can play for! For example, if collectively 5 orders are placed (or for every 10 products ordered, etc.), a new prize might be raffled off to the current viewers, right then! This excitement will encourage more orders just to hit a goal for their hostess (and themselves).

  1. Try playing a popular game regularly on your public business page to boost engagement, and gain new connections with the prize winners. It’s also a great way to test out new ideas and practice your Going Live flow.

Now that you have some strategies, you can try any of the games listed in our most popular articles to see what might work in your next Live Online Party:

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