3 Party Planning Habits that Boost Your Facebook Reach

When it comes to managing a household, and running a business, it’s pretty obvious that planning ahead for the next week or month is crucial to making sure all the basic daily/weekly tasks get done.

But if you’re trying to build your presence online, like in your Facebook Groups or your Business Page, you also have to account for reviewing what isn’t working, and creating new goals that will move you forward.

This extra planning takes time and energy, so it’s a good idea to review and reset your business plan periodically. During a Work Retreat is the perfect time to do this once or twice a year, but don’t let that hold you back from practicing these skills whenever you have the chance.

Step 1: Review and Reflect!

Before you jump ahead into making big picture goals for your Facebook Parties in the next quarter, it’s a good idea to think back on your social media activity over the last 3 months.

So let’s go into your Facebook Business Page, Profile, Team, VIP, and Party Groups, and reflect on some of these items:

  • First, review all your posts and make note of the most popular ones by checking the metrics of the Insights section of your Business Page and Group post views.

  • Reflect on how many guests were active in which Groups and what they enjoyed the most.

  • Check the views  and comments on your Live Videos, and make note of how long most people watched.

  • Make note of the orders, bookings, and new team members that came from your efforts on Facebook

  • Also, review your most favorite parts of your Facebook experiences in the last 3 months, and make note to see how you can do more of those things. Consider everything you’ve participated in, not just what  you have posted personally. You might be inspired by another idea!

  • If you are reminded of something that overwhelmed or frustrated you, reflect on why it didn’t work out well, and what you can do next time for a smoother outcome.

    Or, don’t be afraid to remove it all together!

  • Review your personal Friends List on Facebook and consider reaching out to different people in the new quarter.

    Or follow up with past hosts and guests and ask who you can reach out to and bless on their behalf.

  • If you’ve done this before, compare with the findings of the previous quarter.

    Remember, this exercise isn’t meant to discourage you, so don’t let it bring you down! This is not personal, it’s mostly the way the algorithms are played.

We gotta be honest, this exercise of reviewing and reflecting on your past business activities, might hurt a little as you’re reminded of your own shortcomings.

Just remember that IT’S OKAY!

Recognize what areas you’d like to improve about yourself to meet your new goals, and give yourself a pep talk, because you’re just as human as the next person.

And if you have a hard time boosting yourself up, reach out to your bestie, cause you know they have your back and want you to succeed too!

Step 2: The Brain Dump

This step does not have to be limited to a certain point in the planning process.

In fact, you might get better results if you “Dump” regularly as you think of things to do for your next Facebook Party and just keep a running list of ideas, whether in a notebook by your bed or desk, or on your phone.

TIP: If you like using a digital planning tool, like Trello or Evernote, you can dump items in the idea stage and easily move them around when you’re ready to schedule and implement them. This is a great way to keep your business goals moving forward without scrambling for new ideas.

“Take 3 minutes a day to write down everything you have swirling around in that beautiful noggin of yours!” -Kelly Paull (Check her blog for more tips!)

There’s no limits here! Put it down, no matter how silly you think it may seem. Give yourself permission to dream big for your next Facebook Parties.

Becky Zin is a brain dump and planner extraordinaire and has developed a system that could help you gather your thoughts and prompt you for new ideas in her Binder Boss System:

“Brain dump what you need to do, what you hope to do, what you dream to do one day.” -Becky Zin, The Binder Boss

Step 3: Plan it out!

Now that you have reviewed what worked and what didn’t work for your Facebook Parties and Business Page posts, and have brain dumped everything you can think of for moving your business forward, it’s time to choose what to work on during the next quarter.

If you already have a number in your head of monthly parties, orders, or team members, put it down.

  • Choose 3-5 big goals that excite you and will make an impact on your business.

  • Then, think through the tasks you’d have to accomplish to make those goals happen.

  • Remember what you reviewed about your Facebook activity and consider how you can make improvements.

    And if you’re not sure, write it down as something to research.
    Would you like to grow your group numbers? Boost engagement for more active members? Get more views and activity on your Live videos?

Now you’re ready to grab your calendar and first schedule out all your plans for family and yourself for the next 3 months.

  • Then, mark the days and times that you can work your business.

  • Choose a goal for each month and list out the tasks.

  • Decide when you will do your daily/weekly tasks, and when you can do new goal related tasks.

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