Why a Work-From-Home Business Retreat Can Boost Your Facebook Parties’ Success

Running your business online creates the opportunity to Work from Home and be in control of your own schedule while spending more time with your family and doing the things that you love.

If your business includes running Facebook Parties, servicing customers, building a team, and creating an online presence, etc. it can be a challenge to keep growing while managing daily home life.

One way to make sure you stay on-track with your business goals every year, is to plan a Working Retreat for yourself!

This is becoming more popular for individuals to boost their work ethic and productivity, without sacrificing more time.

One of our favorite coaches, Kelly Paull, chimes in with this suggestion as a focus for your personal Work Retreat:

A retreat would be perfect to do a month or two after a conference, because at a conference you’re taking all those notes and getting all those ideas and you’re so excited!” - Kelly Paull

Having the time to choose some goals you learned at the conference and implementing them during your retreat will help move your business forward in big ways!

So pull out those notes and start planning your own Work Retreat!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your Work Retreat once or twice a year:

  • Choose a budget and keep receipts for tax purposes, in case you can write-off certain expenses. Be sure to check with your CPA for advice in this area.

  • Plan to stay mostly on-site of the location of your choice, to focus on completing business tasks during your retreat time.

  • But do plan a little fun like maybe 1 or 2 short outings for a meal, exploring, or an enjoyable activity.

  • Pack light and comfortably. Sure, you want to be prepared. But you’ll be relaxing and working on tasks, not exactly vacationing.

  • When planning the tasks you hope to accomplish, remember to give yourself time to splurge and account for getting ‘off-track’ as you take in each moment.

Decide on your Main Focus for this Retreat:

A Business Retreat for the Work-From-Home Entrepreneur has two unique purposes.

  1. Restoring the soul and relaxing the body and mind to make room for fresh ideas and inspiration.
  2. Focusing on refreshing your business needs for the next few months at a time according to your business strategy.

Your business tasks might be few (like following up with prospects), or many (like refreshing Facebook Group posts for Parties and communities).

So choose a main topic to focus on so you can make real progress in that area. Then choose a couple more for the next retreat.

Some topics to focus on for your business could be:

  • Business Soul Care

    Hear me out. If you find yourself stuck or near crises in your business, it might need to be re-worked. This might mean going back to the basics of your company’s purpose and training, and really looking at whether your customers’, team members’, and even your own needs are being met.

    Or maybe you need to restart your business or remodel your brand. You might need more help, so this is a great time for those intensive coaching sessions, or business building courses.

  • Review and Reset Quarterly Goals

    This is different from giving your whole business a makeover. Reviewing the past few months and setting new goals is usually included in any type of retreat, but on a smaller scale, just looking at the bare minimums.

    To really turn this focus up a notch, you can really explore all the areas of your business that you want to grow and improve.

    Remember, goals are actionable items that you can check off that will move your business forward in steps.

    Thinking big is important for any business. But breaking down the dream into smaller goals and then deciding on the tasks associated with accomplishing them, can be a feat. This is why you can focus a whole retreat just in these areas.

    To help you get started, learn how to plan out your daily work tasks and how to use your paper planner or digital tools to keep you on track.

  • Create all the Things in Batches

    Once you have your goals and tasks set out, you may want to get a head start on creating new content for the next quarter. Work on one topic at a time and create as much of that as you can.

    This might include creating videos and snapping pictures of products or your business brand. A quiet, interesting place is super motivating for videos and photo shoots! Just make sure you have permission from the location owners, or keep it super generic (some owners might be happy to get a shout-out on social media, though!).

    Don't forget to edit those videos and images, and create social media posts and schedule them out with a secure post scheduling program like PostMyParty.

    You can also create posts and scripts for new Party themes, update your social media profiles, and set up your next email and text messaging campaigns.

    Perhaps you need to order supplies and prizes, or get your hands dirty with making inventory or stuffing packets.

  • Retreat with a Partner

    A working retreat with a team or business partner is usually what one thinks about when it comes to big company retreats. You can do the same with your small business, too!

    If you have a business partner or a friend who has her own small business, you both might benefit from the accountability of working on tasks together. Also consider each other’s strengths, such as creativity and organization. It might be the perfect match to boost each other's work.

    If you have a team who works with you, this is a great time to consider topics that everyone should learn together, or organize tasks for each person to work on.

    The cool thing about working together is getting to see the progress unfold in big ways. Your team also gets first hand experience that may inspire them, too! Having common interests and goals is what drives the energy of any team.

What will be your focus for your Working Retreat?

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