Productivity Hacks: How to Decrease Distraction and Get More Facebook Party Tasks Done Faster

Working-from-home and running Facebook Parties in the ever changing world of technology and trends is no easy task!

How do you stay on top of normal business tasks and keep your Parties fresh every month?

We brought you some great advice from the pros for effectively growing your Facebook Parties from home in our last articles for Creating a Work-From-Home Business Retreat, practicing these 3 Party Planning Habits, and Time Blocking Your Schedule.

Today we’re bringing one more business skill that boosts your productivity and creativity!

Batching: Batching is the idea of dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks in order to decrease distraction and increase productivity.” - Kelly Paull

Batch Your Work by Tasks

Basically, when you sit down to work, you don’t want to be jumping between different types of tasks and piecing together your efforts to seem cohesive.

When you Batch your work, you’re working on similar tasks at the same time during your Block of Time. This technique keeps your mind focused on a specific topic so you can get more done creatively.

For example, if you know you want to create new content for the whole month, instead of creating a new video, a new graphic, or a new post one at a time, take a day and set a Time Block for creating several new videos. It’s a lot of work to set up your background and prepare to make a video, so do them all at one time!

Then take another day/time block to create graphics all at once, etc.

Here are some Batching ideas to get you started:

  • Creating Graphics for new monthly specials. If you enjoy taking your own product images, take them all at once, edit them, and upload to Canva or wherever you like creating graphics. Then you can create all your brand new graphics for the month in one sitting.


  • Creating videos of new products and opportunities. Set up your equipment on a nice day, collect your products and notes, and create those videos back to back.

    For more ideas and ways to get started, check out HOW TO START CREATING VIDEOS FOR FACEBOOK PARTIES.
TIP: If you're highlighting several products, try creating a longer, continuous video that you can later edit and break up into smaller videos, without stopping and starting the camera to create all those extra video clips.

  • Creating or refreshing posts for the new month for all your Business Pages, Party Groups, and Communities. If you keep your posts organized in a Party Scheduling software like PostMyParty, it’s super easy to freshen up old posts without having to re-write everything. Have them ready to go out in a snap for the whole month ahead.

    You can also repurpose your posts easily with these 14 TIPS ON HOW TO LEVERAGE A POST LIBRARY TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS
Learn how to create a presence and build your brand when you post with intention with this free download from Binder Boss, Becky Zin: Create your social media presence.

  • Customer Care can include following up, reaching out with fresh messages, checking on and delivering orders, sending samples, and creating real connections.

  • Hostess coaching includes loving on your hosts! Shower her with attention and help her reach those goals to spoil her the way she deserves.

  • Setting up Party Groups goes quicker when you get in a groove, and work out those kinks early and at once.

  • Content for coaching new team members. Refresh content here too and check in with newbies and join them during their first live videos in their new communities.

Batch with Systems

Systemize: There are tasks you do again and again in your business that would be well served if you systemize them.” - Kelly Paull

To create a system, make a list of steps needed to complete a task, and follow this list every time you sit down to focus on this Batch. This helps you stay consistent and on-track.

Direct Sales leader and small business owner, Becky Zin, understands the value of creating systems to not only stay on track with her business, but keep growing, too! She had to find a solution to sort all the tasks and paper clutter in her life, so she created her own system to share with others.

“I actually have a Party Tracker in my planner. As well as a new team member tracker and a customer tracker and then I use the calendar to [help] me with my daily tasks.” – Becky Zin, founder of The Binder Boss

In her Facebook Live Video here, Becky walks through essential tasks you can systemize with her printables.

Things to think about systemizing for working your online business full-circle include:

  • Checking in on Team members routinely for coaching sessions to help their productivity
  • Keeping notes on new Customers to build their profile and learn what they enjoy, so you can really spoil them
  • Following up to keep orders, bookings, and appointments moving
  • Tracking Party details such as Host info & rewards earned, Party posts, games and giveaways, guest contact preferences and orders, etc.

Batch Your Facebook Parties

During your Time Block for working your Facebook Parties, there’s a couple of ways to make the most of Batching your systems:

  1. Batch your work based on individual Parties. Take one Party at a time to touch base with your hostess to coach her through Party tasks, set up the Party group, reach out to guests, send out samples, engage in the Party posts, Go Live, close orders, book Parties and coffee chats, encourage your hostess to crush her goals, close the Party, revel in glory, etc. Then next week, repeat!
  2. Batch your work based on the task, for Multi-Host or Block Parties. For example, instead of holding 4+ individual Facebook Group Parties each month, try holding 1 or 2 large Facebook Group Parties with multiple hosts and all their guests.

    This method can reduce the amount of work you are doing each month, but still produce the same (or better) results.

Top Producer Lori shares why she loves batching her work with Facebook Block Parties:

“SOOOOO much easier to have all hosts in one group as opposed to running individual Parties. I love that instead of 20 people in a Party I can have up to 200+ which I believe helps Facebook share my posts more easily and the engagement in the group makes it more fun for everyone.

I ask my hosts to help me catch questions and even comment. I really coach them to be my partner and not just sit back and have me do it all. So they're great at letting me know if there's a question I missed.

I do coach all my hosts together in a GROUP MESSAGE on messenger. Anything specific to them and their own Party I keep one on one, but the daily coaching I do is the same for all of them and it also helps me create a bit of competition between my hosts...I had two see who could get the highest closed at
$1500 and the other $2100. It was fun. For another group of hosts, I offered an incentive for everyone that helped me get 3 bookings...first one got an extra item, etc., and as a result, one host got me six bookings that day.”

TIP: After the Block Party is over, link your Customer VIP Group and invite all your new customers to join the on-going fun and perks. Keep the Party group active until their orders have arrived, then archive the Block Party Group while continuing to build relationships in your VIP Group.

If you aren’t familiar with Block Parties you will want to run to this series and learn all about them!

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