Stay Out of Facebook Jail with PostMyParty Features

In a previous series we explored some reasons Why It’s Better to Use a Secured Party Scheduling Software over Facebook™ Scheduler to Grow Your Business, and we discussed how Using Party Post Templates Can Make or Break your Business, as well as 14 Tips on How to Leverage a Post Library Feature to Grow Your Business (you’ll want to save those free articles as a handy resource for later!).

But we also want to point out how a secured Party scheduling software like PostMyParty can help you not only grow your online business, but also stay out of Facebook Jail in the process!

Why do we think a software like this has helped hundreds of users run Facebook Parties the right way?

It’s simple, because our amazing development team has created a user-friendly software with features designed to be proactive in avoiding spammy behavior.

The best part is, as Facebook’s spam detection algorithms evolve, so do our features! You see, we have the freedom to make adjustments to our software that will help our users run their businesses while still keeping to Facebook’s terms and rules for our app and users.

Everything about our system has been reviewed and approved by Facebook on multiple occasions and continues to be in good-standing in the world of third-party apps.

There’s a feature for that!

So how exactly do you stay at the lowest risk for Facebook Jail, when it comes to running your Online Parties? We have done a ton of research and testing over the years, and have built-in the most helpful features that support key strategies for helping users stay out of Facebook jail.

Here are the best ways we are keeping users at low-risk while they schedule posts for their Facebook Parties and Business Pages:


  • The Content Rating Feature: Mass-posting the same posts over and over is a huge red flag for Facebook’s algorithms, not just from a single account like yours, but from tons of accounts posting the same thing. With the Content Rating Feature, our program measures the uniqueness of your content against other posts that have left our system before. It checks the text of your posts and rates it as green, yellow, or red. This is an easy way to check your content before you schedule it to a new Party, and make any tweaks or edits ahead of time, thus lowering your risk of being flagged.

  • Replacement Tokens: We know you have your go-to Party templates that you love to reuse. With Replacement Tokens, it’s super easy to change up the text of some posts by customizing keywords, such as the name of the host, the custom shopping link, and a text or phrase such as when you’ll go live for this party!


  • Duplicated Post Alert: When hackers break into a Facebook account, they often spam the user’s groups and friends with the same salesy posts all at once. So if Facebook notices your account is starting to post the same posts to several groups at the same time, this flags them to unlink your account or block you altogether thinking you just got hacked. To combat this, we have a courtesy notice to let you know when you have scheduled Party templates that are overlapping and are scheduled for the same minute. This makes it easy for you to catch and make adjustments to those times to spread them apart from each other.

  • Default 5 min. Time selector: This one may seem like such a little thing, but we love the subtlety of it! Since Facebook also watches for how fast (or how close together) your posts are going out, we have set a time selector in 5 minute increments to help you keep posts spread apart. Even though you can choose absolutely any time for your posts, using the selector lowers your risk of looking like a robot.

  • Bad URLs: Over time, some website links for product info or demos could become inactive, or taken down. This is easily missed especially with templates shared among lots of people. Sharing too many of these bad links could also flag FB for spammy content. Our system helps you by catching any broken or bad website links in your posts during scheduling so you can change them before going out.


  • Business Page Groups: We’ve made it easy to be able to post as your business page to your groups that are linked to them. This tells Facebook that at least these sales activity posts are by a business in a group that members have agreed to be in (even better if they follow the Page, too!). Facebook also removes the notice that these posts are being posted by a third-party app, making them look more personable to members.
  • Scheduling Comments: Another perk to posting to Business Page groups, is the ability to schedule comments to your posts. This is helpful for website links (since Facebook generally pushes down posts with URLs in the actual post), to start a game going that requires commenting, and bumps up the post to encourage participation.

  • Scheduling Wizard: Our latest update includes a more intuitive scheduling process, that makes it even easier to schedule your Parties. It even catches important steps, like if a group doesn’t have the permissions in the group settings where you would have to add PostMyParty under “Apps”. Making sure all the permissions are checked, lowers your risk of ‘spammy behavior’.


  • Failed error from Facebook: We can usually tell right away why a post has failed and will notify you right away. Whether it’s because of perceived spammy behavior, a missed step, or a bug, we provide the info you need to know to try to get back on track and avoid it in the future.

  • Helpful Tutorials and Strategies: Our team has built up an arsenal of video and written instructions that you can save and share with team mates to run their Facebook Parties safely and effectively. We strive to keep the very best tips and strategies up-to-date and easy to understand.

  • Private Strategy Group: We love our users and are proud of the top producing PostMyParty users who share their own advice with newbies. This positive group shares the best tips, the latest scoop, helpful videos, and more!


  • Our Own Team of Party Experts: Of course the absolute best feature that no technology can replace, is a real person to help you when things get tough! Our team is live at your fingertips to help you 8 AM to 10 PM, daily! Don’t waste time spinning your wheels or waiting on an answer that may never come back to you. Just reach out and ask the team and we can get you posting in no time!

So are we saying this is a fool-proof way to stay out of Facebook jail?

The short answer is NO! There are simply too many reasons you could be blocked by Facebook that we have no control over, including your personal Facebook activity outside of PostMyParty. However, if you follow our suggestions throughout our site and the recommendations in our blog and resources for users, your risk for Facebook Jail can be lower than ever.

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