Every Facebook Party Should Focus on These 7 Things

It’s easy to get  caught up with all the details of everything your company has to offer, and all the fun things you can now add to your Facebook Party.

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your Parties, then this article will help.

We’ve asked our most successful users for their best ideas and we gained a goldmine of advice!

So here are 7 things you can focus on to help increase your engagement and orders.

1 – Hostess Coaching is Most Important

Helping your hostess achieve her reward goals should be your first priority when running her Facebook Party.

You want to shower her with what you love most about your company and products, and spoil her with encouragement and love.

Here are some suggestions and tips to coach your hostess:

  • Have a plan to create Party goals and how to achieve them with your hostess.

    This is nice to do over the phone if you can’t meet in-person or via video chat, but at the very least keep in touch with texts or messages.

  • Tell your host what to say when inviting friends.

    Give her an easy schedule of what to post and when.

    Encourage her to participate as much as possible and she can even brag about her favorite products.
  • Sending personal messages to guests with the group link is no secret, but it’s often underestimated.

    Don’t skimp on training your hostess on how to do this step!
  • Have your host post a teaser image to her profile announcing the party to create interest among her friends.
  • Some consultants create a hostess coaching group to create better host involvement to keep their guests engaged in their parties.

    Just don’t forget the importance of individual attention to each host, to make her party fun and unique.
  • Remember…coaching your host is not about being salesy or pushy! It’s about helping your host get what they want!

2 – Connect with the Guests

Each guest is a potential customer, hostess, or even team mate! So strive to make a connection and create trust.

Here are four things you can do to connect with your guests:

  • Treat it like a home party! Respond to guests as if you were face to face.
  • Interact personally with guests by responding to every comment, creating conversation, and answering every question.

    Encourage your host to do the same.
  • Find something in common with each guest to create a connection. Get to know what they like or if they have a trouble area.

    This opens an opportunity to offer a product or service suggestion at the end of the Party and shows how you can customize your service to their specific needs.
  • Reach out to guests with a personal message.

3 – Have More Fun During Your Parties!

The whole reason to throw a Party is to have fun! A Facebook Party simply makes it accessible to more people around the country and the world.

This way you are reaching more people and growing a bigger business that isn’t confined to your home town.

Here are a few tips to have more fun during your Facebook Party:

  • Party games are an obvious must! Just spread them out and limit them to 1 or 2.

    To get some ideas on different Facebook party friendly games, check out our article here.
  • Who doesn’t love a freebie?! Lots of consultants offer door prizes, giveaways, or raffles at their Parties.

    The prize doesn’t have to be a huge expense.

    It could be something on your product shelf, a limited edition product, free shipping, a nice discount on their order, or something super cute you found at your favorite store.
  • Facebook loves when they see you have posts that members are commenting on and reacting to (not just thumbs-up likes, but also hearts, laughs, anything!).

    Start off your Party with interactive posts, like “Drop a GIF…” posts, or that ask a fun question, like “What is always in your purse? Answer with emojis!”.

4 – Show Off Your Personality

There are tons of companies and products similar to yours, and even tons of consultants doing what you’re doing.

The difference in this Party, with this hostess and her guests, is YOU!

This is YOUR time to shine and share what makes your company special to you, and why you love these products.

You want to build trust and credibility with your new friends, so show them how you will meet their needs and be there for them.

Here are three ways to help your Party stand out:

  • Post original content to show your own personality.

    Using a template of Party posts is so helpful as a guide. But don’t forget to customize the wording that reflects your character, and make adjustments to pictures and links.

    Remember, you don’t have to use all the posts either.

    For more tips on creating a successful Party script, check out this article at Step 3.
  • Create a presence with videos and pictures of yourself and your own products.
  • Live videos create interest and are a Facebook favorite. Many consultants go Live in the Party for only 30 min. or less.

    They demonstrate products, talk about their favorite company facts, and what they love about being your consultant.

5 – Create a Community

Building a community means connecting your guests with yourself and each other by bringing out some commonalities and making new friends.

This will open them up to feeling like they know you and trust you and will have more fun.

Keep your posts relational and include those wallflowers who are still unsure about jumping in.

Here are four tips to build a tighter knit community:

  • Create a graphic that will pull at your guests’ heartstrings.

    Like a thoughtful or fun quote, strong facts, truth-bomb statements, or simple encouragement that you got her back in this season of life.
  • Use products to ask a personal question about the guests. Then respond by asking thoughtful questions about their answers.

    For example, you might post an image showing foot lotion, facial masks, lipstick, and mascara and ask “What do you need more of today and why?”
  • Think of common trouble-areas your guests might be experiencing, then offer a solution.

    You might have mostly new mothers in your group, or young professionals. What can you offer that will make their lives easier?
  • Post Demo or Tutorial videos of your own products from your shelf (either pre-recorded or Live).

    Don’t be shy to try this! Most people don’t even listen to the audio of a video or are just scrolling through.

    So try making a video that is facing your product and showing how you like to use it.

    You can even do a time-lapse to show the video in fast-motion.

    No talking, no explaining, no having to practice for hours in front of the mirror or getting your makeup and background just right.

    Just present some eye-candy that will make them want to click for more.

6 – Find Your Party Rhythm

Keeping the Party short and the guest list small creates a more personal experience without dragging on and on.

People will lose interest quickly if they agreed to join in the first place, but don’t see any activity right away.

So don’t keep the group open too long for a one-time Party.

Here are 4 tips from some of the most successful Facebook Parties to help you create a great Party rhythm:

  • Find the Party length that works for you and your guests.

    A short Party of 6 posts in 30 min or 45 min. has worked for many successful consultants! You might not think that’s enough, but even with Pre-Party posts, and After-Party posts, your Party script doesn’t usually have to be more than 10-15 posts.

    Any more and your guests will lose interest and turn off those notifications or leave before you get to any offers.It’s all about QUALITY not quantity, when it comes to the new Facebook Parties strategy!
  • Invite fewer guests, usually 40-50 people.

    Send invitation messages in small batches of 10 or 15 at a time.

    Remember to customize each message with their name and special greeting. Then send more the next day.

    This will help avoid Facebook thinking you’re doing mass-messages of spammy content. Remember to teach this to your hostess, too.
  • Consider the number of Parties you have running at the same time and keep it low.

    Say you have 8 identical Parties starting on the same day, each posting 30 or more posts. That’s over 100 posts from your own account in a very short amount of time!

    This is more likely to raise flags with Facebook thinking your account must have been hacked.A  good rule of thumb is to not be posting more than you would manually.

    So spread out those Parties and rotate a few Party scripts to avoid posting overused content.
  • Managing multiple parties is easier with a trusted auto-posting app, like PostMyParty, where you can create and save multiple templates and specialty posts. Plus, this frees you to build those connections with your guests!

7 – Remember Your “Fortune is in the Follow Up!”

Have a checklist-system ready for what you will do during and after your Party.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Answer questions and respond to comments. Leave no comment unanswered!
  • Touch base with your hostess and let her know how close she is to her rewards goals. You want her to win with more products!

    Let her know if she reaches out to some guests (and even those who didn’t join this time), she might suggest some favorite products her friend would love, and send them the shopping link in case they forgot.
  • Touch base with guests/customers to close sales, process orders, create new customer profiles, book Parties, set up appointments, and send them to your VIP group.
  • Follow up when they get their products to make sure they received everything okay, and see how much they love their new purchases.

    This is a great time to ask if they might post a pic and tag you on social media!
  • After the Party, post a Thank You post and close the Party.

    Remember to remove all group members, including yourself last, in order to delete the group.

    Archiving will only pause all the activity and not allow any new posts, but will still show in your group list.

After this, follow these 7 steps again with your next Party and new hostess! We are rooting for you!

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