How to Run a Facebook Party on a Smart Phone

Running Online Parties is an ideal way to build your home business. 

If you’re anything like many of us, you may prefer to use your smartphone to set up and run your Party rather than being chained to your Desktop computer.

There are several ways to access Facebook on your mobile device.

So we’ve collected some handy tips to help you run your Facebook Party from your smartphone.

Tips for Setting up a Group Party

We wanted to find the best options for starting your group Party off the right way, so we explored the Facebook App and the Facebook mobile browser version on a smartphone.

Here are the steps and options we found in each: 

When using the Facebook App

This is by far the best option for creating a group to host your Online Party on your smartphone, because of the thorough set-up process all done in 1 shot:

  • Go to the menu, scroll down to groups, then click create group.
  • Here, you can name the group, select the privacy settings and add a friend.
  • Next, the app will prompt you to: choose friends (you only need 1 to open the group. You can add more later), select a cover photo, add a description, and create your first post.

    This welcome post can be customized with any posting features, including creating a poll or using a GIF.

    You can also schedule posts beyond 30 minutes.

    After this, you will be taken to your group.


To customize your group for your Party, you might continue in the Admin Tools section by clicking the Admin Badge icon in the upper right corner of the group:

  • Go to Group Settings then scroll down to Link Pages to make your business page an admin to this group (for more information on why this would be a good idea, check out this article).

    This is also the easiest way to create a business page group!
  • Also, in group settings you can create the Group Rules and Membership Questions for when guests join the group.

    These two items help to establish a positive relationship-building atmosphere that Facebook loves to see.
  • Next, go to Your Settings and click Pin Group to make it easier to find it in your Facebook groups list.

    Then click Notification Settings to manage your preferences.

    You can also easily change between your personal profile and your Page, so you can customize this even more.


If you choose to create a group from your Business Page in the Facebook App, it will automatically add your personal profile as a member.

While interacting as your Page, you can make your Personal Profile an admin to this group.

However, going this route will not get you all the prompts and reminders to set up your group properly.

Linking your Page to a personal group, is the way to go.


When using the Facebook Mobile Browser Version

If you’re in a pinch, here’s how to set up a personal group another way.

First log into your Facebook account from a browser on your device, then:

  • Go to menu, then groups, then Create Group.
  • Here, you can create a group name, set privacy, and select friends (this is optional and won’t prompt you if you choose to skip it right now).
  • Next, click the three dots “…” for More Options, then View Group Info (or click the arrow next to the group name).

    You can add a cover photo, access the Notification Settings, and edit the Group Settings (which is only Membership Approval, Privacy, group name, and description).

Here is the Pro to doing this…It’s convenient to access on any mobile browser.

The Cons is…Doing it this way, you cannot add your Page to a group or create a group from your Page.

If you had your Page linked already you can only like and comment as your Page, and you can’t post as your page.


What about the Facebook Pages App for your business?

We love this app for the convenience of keeping all Business Page options and settings in one place.

This includes:

  • Keeping all notifications related to your business Page and Page groups easy to find.
  • Replying to comments and messages as your Page.
  • Monitoring the Page, accessing settings, and insights.
  • Creating and scheduling Page posts for beyond 10 minutes, or save as a draft.
  • Linking your Instagram account to post stories and posts to both places at once.
  • Accessing multiple business Pages associated with your Facebook account.

However, when trying to access your Page groups, the app will transfer you to your Page in the Facebook App


Group Notifications

It’s a love/hate relationship when it comes to those Facebook Notifications.

Good news is, accessing these settings is easier than ever. 

In the Facebook App:

  • In your group, go to Admin Tools, then Group Settings or Your Settings, then click Notifications.

    Choose from “All Posts” if you want to stay on top of comments, “Highlights” to get the most popular activity, “Friends’ Posts”, or “Off”.

    You can also change your interaction to set notifications specific to your Page or Profile.
  • You can also adjust notifications for any group that you are a member (not admin): click the “…” in the upper right corner, then Notification Settings.

    Here you can save your preferences for this particular group.

For more notification settings for your Facebook account in general:

  • Go to Menu, scroll down to Settings & Privacy, click Settings, then Notifications Settings.

    Scroll down to Groups and choose your preference.

    You can also customize your preference to any group you have joined, by going through your list here.


In the Facebook Mobile Browser Version

  • Click the Notifications Bell icon, then the Tools icon in the upper right side.
  • Select any category to see the options. The Group Posts category takes you to your list of groups where you can customize your preferences.

Pro Tip: How to Access the Desktop Version of Facebook on Your Smart Phone

Some Facebook settings are still only available on desktop version. 

This includes adding a trusted app, like PostMyParty, to your group settings. 

Most devices take you straight to the Facebook app or the mobile version of Facebook, when you click on their links. 

Following this link usually converts the site to the desktop version:

Or try removing the “m.” in the website address:

If that doesn’t work on your iPhone, it might still be reverting to the mobile version in your browser. 

Here is what has worked for us: 

  • Log out of your Facebook account on your mobile browser.
  • From the log-in page, select “request desktop site” in your browser options. It took me two tries, but it finally changed over. (You can also try a Private browser with these steps.)
  • Log in, but don’t use your saved keys/password. Manually type in your username and password.
  • Continue using the desktop version of Facebook

To Conclude

Using the Facebook App is the way to go when setting up and running your Online Party on any device.

It’s worth keeping it updated, because of many user-friendly features to help get your group off to a great start.

Plus, you’ll never miss interacting with your guests with customized notification settings. 

And to top this Smartphone savvy post off, we suggest using a mobile friendly auto-posting program like PostMyParty for the freedom of participating with your guests, is the icing on the cake.

Click here to learn how to easily host your first online party. 


Next Steps

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