The 5 Top Online Party Games that Boost Engagement the Most

Can you guess what is the MOST POPULAR GAME OF ALL TIME to play during a Live Facebook Party?

Be sure to read to the end to find out!

We have been digging into Going Live for your Facebook Parties this year, and have discovered some pretty amazing  advice to make your Online Parties really stand out!

If you haven’t noticed, playing games in Parties is pretty much a non-negotiable, so we put together this article to help you out in WAYS TO PLAY GAMES IN YOUR NEXT FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO.

Here’s what’s fun about playing games when Going Live. You can use what you already have or get really creative if you’re a hands-on person. If you’re pretty tech savvy, try creating a powerpoint presentation or graphics of these games so you can share your screen during your guests’ turn.

These common Party games listed below, can easily be adapted to a Virtual Party by showing the game on the screen, and activating the turns of the participants via comments. Then play their turn for them, and show off their prizes!

Today we’re digging into the Big Main Games that are sure to boost your engagement, encourage more sales, and keep them coming back for more!

Let’s do this!

5 Top Producing Big Games for Live Online Parties

A quick note before you get started!

If your Main Game has supplies or tools (like rolling a dice, drawing a card, spinning a wheel, or moving a game piece, etc.) you will need a way for someone to ‘win’ that move.

Check out our last article for ideas on how to do that in 7 POPULAR GAMES TO PLAY WHEN YOU GO LIVE FOR FACEBOOK PARTIES.

TIP: Use your handy timer to create a sense of urgency during each turn to boost engagement and keep you on track so the Party doesn’t go too long.

Deal or no Deal

Show off numbered bags, boxes, cases, or even just envelopes for participants to choose from. Make these prizes really desirable that you wouldn't normally offer.

On their turn they choose an option and you would read it aloud. They can either take the deal, or choose another deal. Usually, the second deal is something they can’t swap.

Spin the Wheel

These days, any party store or online shopping site will have a mini prize wheel for parties or carnival games that you can order and have it set in front of your screen for guests to see. If you enjoy getting creative, Pinterest has lots of ideas for making your own! This makes it super cute and fun to customize and spin “in real life” to choose their prize.

If you’re familiar with sharing your screen on a Live Video, you can use any free digital wheel program, like the PostMyParty Spinner, to input your prizes as different options.

Alternatively, you can use numbers on the wheel, and pick the prize of your choice to give away.


This familiar game show combines trivia with prizes in a fun way. Basically, participants choose a question to win a prize, which escalates in value.

If you have the game at home, it’s easy to set up the board where guests can see, and read off the cards on their turn.

For the creatives, you can make a presentation board with envelopes showing the values, and create your own question cards. You can choose to have just one category or have several, such as questions about the host, the company, just for fun, or on related Party topics like skincare, food, fashion, organizing, cleaning, etc.

Trivial Pursuit

Playing a game of trivia on a familiar topic is always a blast and it’s super easy to run for a Live Party. There are so many categories of trivia cards you can order online or at a party store that isn’t too expensive.

You can use these trivia cards to see who can guess the answer, or activate someone's turn to see if they can guess correctly to win a prize.

The versatility and ease of play makes this game one of the top Live Party Games out there!

Family Feud

This game works great, because there’s not just one answer, which opens the play to more winners. Choose a few categories related to your products, and see how many guests can get correct answers on the board to win their prize.

As always, you can order this game online or check your party store to make preparing for this game even easier!

But, What’s the #1 Party Game of all time that you can easily play during a Live Video?

If you said BINGO, you’re correct!

This game is by far one of the easiest to play, with the least preparations and supplies!

Plus, the desire to stay and play to the end to get all their numbers, is a powerful way to get your Live Videos seen and engaged.

You may have also heard it called BLINGO, but it’s crazy simple to adapt to your Live Party!

Here are some tips:

  1. Once again, purchasing an inexpensive Bingo game set makes this super easy on your part. Or simply create your own Bingo numbers, and draw them from any bag, box, or hat. Just keep the called numbers nearby to verify the winner’s Bingo. That’s it!

  2. Have a pre-post explaining the game and ask guests to pick any 1, 3, or 5 numbers (depending on how long you plan to be live) before the Live starts. Include these instructions in the description of the Live, too.

  3. As they join the Live Video, they should share their numbers to show they are ready to play, but it’s up to them to keep up with when their numbers get called!

  4. As you go through the Party and display products, call out some numbers until someone has a “BINGO!” and wins the biggest prize! If you want, you can continue until everyone gets their own “Bingo” and wins secondary prizes, but you can see how much fun this can be!

Now it’s Your Turn!

It’s fascinating to see how top producers have used simple, ordinary games to create HUGE results for their Live Parties!

Just remember that YOU are the life of the Party, and it doesn’t matter what game you choose to play. Your excitement and positive energy will attract participants and boost engagement!

We hope this inspires you to play a game during your next Live Party on Facebook and create some fun connections!!!

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