7 Popular Games to Play when You Go Live for Facebook Parties

We know that some of the very best strategies when it comes to Online Parties, is to play Games and Go Live.

So, why not combine them?!

In fact, that’s exactly what top producers have been doing for several years now, and they have some of the most fun Live Parties out there!

What’s the secret to this powerful combination?

We dug into some popular searches and found the best Ways to Play Games in Your Next Facebook Live. In fact, you can play almost ANY game in your Live, so be sure to check that out and save it for later!

“If you are new and nervous about going Live, plan a short "hello and welcome, thanks for being here" broadcast. Then, as you become more comfortable, add other live aspects to your Party - demos, booking games, talking about the opportunity and a thank you to your host.” - Kelly Paull, Check out her Live Stream Blueprint

If Going Live for your Facebook Party Groups scares you but you want to give it a try, check out the best advice from top producers:

Let’s jump into all the fun!


Start off your Live Party with lots of comments to make sure guests see your Live! Icebreakers like these are the perfect way to do that.

TIP: When playing games Live, it’s especially important to remember that there’s a delay with comments (usually 1-2 minutes) and guests will always see their own comments pop up first on their screen. So when choosing a winner, clearly explain that it has to be the one YOU (the host of the Live) can see on your screen.

The Timer Game is a great ice breaker for ANY Live Video! It’s an easy way to grab a random participant to either win the on-time prize, or for being the first to take a turn for the game.

Choose a word, like Bling (or spa, yum, tidy, etc.) and start the timer for one minute! Guests should comment that word as much as they can while you turn away from the screen (one word per comment). You can adjust your products in the background, take a sip of your beverage, prepare for your demo or recipe, etc.

Then, when you turn back to the screen, the last “Bling” or word you see, is the winner of the first turn or the on-time prize.

Guests should be able to comment something quickly and easily, they shouldn’t have to think too hard about it. So keep it simple, and limit it to one word (or a few emojis) for this type of game.

Here are other ideas for Timed Icebreakers:

  • Choose a large number in your head, and the closest number guessed by participants without going over, wins.

  • Ask a question (what’s your favorite candy, movie snack, beverage, color, for dinner, etc)

  • Comment using an emoji to describe the weather (or your day, wardrobe, food, etc.)

Simple Games That Boost Your Engagement and Reach

In the next article, we will show you how to play the bigger Main Games for your Live Party, but first here are some Simple Games you can try during ANY Live to boost your reach on Facebook!

Also, if your Main Game has supplies or tools (like rolling a dice, drawing a card, spinning a wheel, or moving a game piece, etc.) you will need a way for someone to ‘win’ that move and playing Simple Games like these is an easy way to do that.

Use your handy timer to create a sense of urgency to boost engagement (and to make sure your party doesn’t go too long).

These Simple Games are also fun ways to get-to-know your guests.

You can use their answers to customize the Party further by choosing related products as you go. This makes for a unique Party experience every time!

Here are some Simple Games to play alone throughout the Party, or to use as a way to activate a turn:

  • Trivia is a super fun, quick, and easy way to engage guests to choose a winner. The first correct guess wins the turn. Choosing more popular topic cards, such as pop culture, movies, Disney, or genre based, really draws in participation. Change the topic for every Live to keep guests coming back for more fun.

  • “If we could get together, what item would you bring…” Ask a question and engage with their answers, or turn on the timer and choose whichever answer you see when it goes off:
    ...That starts with the letter of their first name?
    ...On a deserted island?
    ...To a picnic?

  • “Never Have I Ever…” or “I Never Eaten…” Guests should comment honestly with a few words or a short phrase. As the host of the Live, it is so fun to engage with your guests and chat about their answers.

  • “Tell me something about yourself or your kids/family, your home, your self-care routine, etc.” This is great for customizing the products you show to be relevant to them.

  • Vote for a product, like the “This or That” game. Easy! Hold up or show two products and have guests which they would put on their wish list. A variation could be to choose what they think their hostess has on her wish list. Turn on the timer as they comment “This” or “That” to choose a winner.

  • Raffles or drawings can be a game on their own! Choose different ways for them to earn a ticket for the grand prize, like:
    - sharing the Live Video
    - having a friend join the Live
    - following your business page
    - sending you a personal message with the answer to a game question
    - placing an order
    - booking a party
    - booking a personal consultation, etc.
TIP: These actions should be simple enough so they don’t have to leave the Live Party (or at least not for long, because they wouldn’t want to miss anything), and should be on-going through the whole Live so you (or your Party host) can tally up their tickets for the final raffle at the end of the Party.


Give these games a try and find out who will be the next winner when you Go Live for Facebook Parties!

Can you guess what game is #1 when it comes to the most popular Main Games to play during your Live Parties?!

Be sure to check back to find out if you’re right!

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