The Best Tips for Going Live in Party Groups

We are blown away by the amazing response we got from our top users who are crushing their business goals by going Live on Facebook! We found out WHY this is a strategy that works, and HOW to get started, so be sure to go back and check that out later!

We get it, it’s super intimidating to Go Live for any reason, let alone a whole Party with prospective customers. But stick with us as we share some of the golden nuggets of wisdom from the Best of the Best!

Don’t let any scary stories deter you, even though it’s true that you never know what might happen during your Lives. This beautiful user has gone through some unexpected moments, and yet she still goes back to doing Lives for her people every week:

“A wasp might chase you...I’m allergic and had to literally run away from my Live and shout “I’m ok” from off camera! Very funny as no one was hurt! Lol!” - Wendy

We also went to some experts for advice you can use right now! Cari Blake is a Silver Leader with a team of 230. She has been a consultant with Tastefully Simple for 21 years, and loves seeing her people succeed!

“The most successful “Live” consultants on my team do not try to create perfect Lives. They show what is going on in their house – the kids walking through, the dog barking, even the mess they make while cooking. That is real – and people can relate to that.

  • They also consistently go Live. I find once you get in a groove of doing it – once a week, or theme days (Top Tip Tuesday, Fun Friday) – keep it up. The more you go live, the more comfortable you will get doing them.
  • Start small, pick one product you want to talk about in a Live, take 15 minutes to plan it out, schedule a time to do it, and then do it.” - Cari Blake

Hacks for Practicing Going Live on Facebook

These days, most companies have improved their training for their consultants for pulling off the best Online Parties and for going Live, so be sure to check out those resources with your upline and in your virtual back office.

Here are more hacks you’ll be glad to know:

  • Wendy: “I usually do talk like I would with friends-sometimes I plan what I want to say, other times I don’t and wing it!”

  • Corey, PostMyParty: “Use Instagram Stories as a way to “go Live” without actually being Live, but you can practice being in front of the camera and sharing short and sweet clips. This is a great way to start getting comfortable with being in front of the camera without having the immediate response from live viewers. Then re-watch after posting and look for ways to improve, ie: lighting, background, noise/sound, clutter/distractions etc.  
    If that is still a little scary then start with going Live in a private group where you have only one other person (maybe a spouse or friend) who can provide feedback on all the above.
    Also, if you don’t know what to say on video, just start by picking your favorite subject that you know you can talk for 5 minutes about. This could be’s just the act of talking for a set amount of time about something you’re passionate about to help get over the initial fear of going live. ...then practice, practice, practice.”

  • Cari Blake: “The excitement new consultants have when they sign up is a great time to jump in and go Live. Share your excitement at unboxing your kit, share how you will use what’s in the kit. We’re food, so that would be sharing/cooking a recipe. But jewelry people can show how to stylize their jewelry, make-up people can demo using the products, etc.
    I think it’s also good to jump in before your fear gets worse. Ask your upline if your upline runs a Facebook group for your team, ask if you can practice going Live there.
    A friend of mine thought she was practicing going Live and was set to private, then people started commenting and she knew people could see it – she just went with it and that got her over her fear.
    Don’t spend too much time watching other people in your company go Live. Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to others. Your clients will react to your personality, just like they did when we could be ‘Live’ in front of them at parties.”

Going Live Tips for Your Groups

While your Party Post Templates (and other posts for everything else) are rolling out automatically in your Facebook Groups (because you know the benefits that keep your Parties rocking), you can focus on actually connecting with people!

Make it easy for guests and customers to find your Live Videos in your groups and keep it relatable.

  • Plan to go Live at least twice in a Party Group, with engagement posts going out before. Why? The first Live you do earlier in the week is to have guests join and turn on the option to be notified when you go Live. Get them used to participating by asking them to comment as they join the Live. Remind them of the goodies you have waiting when they join the actual Live Party Video later in the week.

  • Heather: “I go Live for every Party. My team leader did for the Party I joined and it set the bar. I was so nervous the first couple times, now I just talk like I'm talking to people in front of me. In my book Parties, I just pull books from my collection that will interest the people in my Party… I go off of their readers' ages and interests. Usually I try to show around 20 books and talk about the quality. I love to show my little guy's (almost 3yo) night time books he's hooked on. Make it relatable.”

  • Wendy: “I’ll post Live videos of me using [products]... I do post sales stuff of course, but I also enjoy my group a lot! I make my customer groups more about gratitude and positive vibes. They know what I sell and when they want to shop, they come to me!  I hope you find something beautiful to share in your group(s)! People can buy from anyone-make them choose you as the person. Best of luck!”

So What Are You Still Waiting For?

We didn’t want to part without a gentle reminder to just have fun and use your social media platform for its purpose: to be social!!!

“I'd recommend you use your Personal Facebook Profile... I believe there is $100K sitting in anyone's personal Facebook Profile feeds, if they learn to use them properly. - Anthony Amyx, Founder of

“Just do it!!! It does get easier I believe, but pick something you love to talk about - related to your biz or not! And tell everyone it is your first Live and they’ll support you if you have a relationship.” - Wendy

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