Why Going LIVE Works for Facebook Parties!

In our annual review of Facebook stats and the best strategies for Online Parties, we discovered just how much having LIVE videos in Party groups has jumped in popularity and effectiveness!

“Videos are 5x more effective in capturing people’s attention than static images.” - Facebook for Business, Plan and Go 2021 report, p 41
“Live broadcasts make it possible to easily connect with your community in real time.” p 39

To be honest, this isn’t a huge surprise, given the circumstances presented in 2020 which led to more virtual interaction. However, we were still curious to see if this is truly a profitable strategy for Facebook Parties, so we went to our top producers to get the real-life details.

In this series of Going Live in 2021, we’ll give you the very best strategies from top producers and coaches to help build your confidence, and share tech savvy tips you’ll want to pin as handy resources!

But first, if you’re still on the fence about going live on Facebook, let’s dive into why this is a profitable idea for your parties:

Go LIVE in a Party Group

Facebook wants people to flock to their platform and stay longer. So when they create cool features that make your content stand out, like when you go live, they want everyone to know about it and try it out!

This makes Going Live in a Party group work in your favor with the Facebook algorithms to boost your content to members of the group.

Here are some ways this works in your favor:

  • Notifications: Facebook notifies members of the group when someone (or the admin) goes live.

  • Reminders: Scheduling a live video via desktop automatically creates a reminder post for group members to click to be reminded when you do go live.

  • Engagement: Facebook wants people to watch more live videos so they are getting shown higher on the feeds and in notifications. In fact, Facebook is rolling out a whole section just for Watching Live Videos of your favorite people. Because of this exposure, it’s more likely you’ll get higher live viewership, thus attracting more engagement when members watch in real time.

  • Connection: Viewers feel a stronger connection to the presenter when they can see them in real time, experiencing life in a relatable way. They feel like they can get to know the presenter better.

  • Close sales quicker: Guests can get a better “feel” for a product being shown in a live demonstration when they can ask questions in real time. Acknowledging a guest's concerns or questions sooner, bridges the gap between “Oh, that looks neat”, to “I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW!” Also, you’re more likely to get a stronger response to your call-to-action with real-time viewers, whether you want them to visit your shopping link, or book a party.

Go LIVE on Your Business Page

Here’s the beauty of this feature that allows you to go live easily: You can do this from your Business Page, too! What an amazing way to connect with your followers and spread the word about what you can offer them through your business!

Not only do the points mentioned above still apply, but here are some other ways this works in your favor:

  • Build a Following: Because going live creates a connection with the viewer, your business is suddenly humanized, showing off your personality in a way that’s relatable. When you reach out and chat about topics other people are experiencing, they will want to follow your business page for more similar content they can apply to their own lives.

  • Build Community: Facebook’s biggest campaign is all about building community. So when a business page has a growing following and creates a specialty group that is getting positive engagement, it looks good to the algorithms and they will begin to recognize your Page as a valuable community builder. This means your content will be boosted to your followers and group members even more.

  • Stronger Presence: On a similar note, going live with your Page creates a stronger presence when you go live in an event or group via your Page. As your business grows on Facebook, so does your reputation and style. Your videos may not explode in popularity overnight, it might take a few tries to find your flow. But once you become confident in your “Going Live style”, connecting with your ideal audience will be easier than ever!

  • Amazing Editing Tools: Don’t forget, that once you finish your LIVE video and it’s published, you can also edit it on a desktop version of Facebook, such as on Chrome. We love that Facebook has worked hard to make these handy features available to the average user! You can trim or split into multiple videos, add captions, add tags, and more to any published live video on your business page. This makes your videos look polished and even more personalized when you share them to your groups, through Messenger, etc.

But, What Are Real Users Saying?

We got the real deal straight from our users in a poll asking if they go live and how. The results were pleasantly surprising!

29% say, “I DON’T GO LIVE” or “I WANT TO TRY”

We followed up with this feedback and learned that 50% of those asked would try to go live if they had help or more guidance!

Look for upcoming articles to discover what may be holding you back too, and how you can overcome this hurdle to get the best from your Online Party efforts!

Here’s the most powerful part of our poll:


WOW!!! That’s a huge number of users who have overcome their fears and obstacles and found a great way to connect with their customers on a whole new level!!!

We seriously can’t wait to share more findings with you, but for now, we’ll leave you with some beautiful feedback from users whose efforts are paying off:

Now, are YOU ready to go LIVE?! Keep reading!

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