Trying to learn the secrets of the new Facebook algorithms and how to avoid Facebook jail can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Here’s what you must understand in a nutshell:

  1. Every post is ‘rated” like it’s in a popularity contest. How much engagement a post gets (ie. likes, hearts, sad faces, comments, etc) matters. The more engagement a post has, the more reach a post will have.
  2. Facebook wants to see more ‘social’ and community building posts and less salesy, spammy promotional posts.


So what’s an easy way to follow the new Facebook rules, while making your Facebook Parties a success?

With Party Games, of course! 

Having a fun game or two in your Parties gets your guests interested and active.

More importantly, they make your posts more ‘popular’ and Facebook will begin showing your content to more guests, thus boosting your post reach!

This is also a great way to present your products or company in a fun and non-salesy way. 


We’ve shared some fun games before, but here are more tips and ideas for Facebook Party games that get lots of comments.

Here are seven things that will help your Parties be more fun, so when you do execute on this Games strategy, it works even better.


7 Tips to Get the Most Traction with Your Party Games!

  • Games are fun, but keep it to only 1 or 2, short games that are easy for everyone to participate in. 


  • Many independent consultants like to have a giveaway or special deal for the Party.

    A drawing is a great way to encourage participation in the games because the guests can make guesses to earn more tickets for the drawing. The more ‘tickets’ they have, the better the chance they have to win the prize.

    One way you can make sure guests are on time for your actual Party is to have a door prize. This helps you get the best results from having a live audience.

    By the way…the prize doesn’t have to be very expensive. It could be free shipping, a limited edition item you have on your shelf, an item related to your products from a favorite store, or an amazing discount on their order.

    Here are some other ways guests can earn tickets for a drawing:

    • Commenting on the RSVP post and/or Pre-Party posts
    • Making guesses in the games post
    • Earning tickets per item bought or if their order meets a certain price point
    • Answering questions (such as completing a simple survey or new customer form)
    • Asking questions about the business opportunity
    • Or by booking a Party.
      Just choose a few that fits your Party style and keep it simple!


  • Typically, one comment per guess is allowed in the games. But for some games, you can allow for multiple guesses (as long as they are in separate comments). Since every comment gets a ticket in the drawing, then more guesses could mean more tickets, hence more participation.

    Or, some guesses might be better if they message you directly.

    This is a great option to create a connection and get to know each guest more personally by keeping in touch.
    You can make the rules to suite your party style!


  • Kill the game before it dies!

    As you navigate your own Party rhythm, you may notice some games aren’t getting much reaction. So change it up!

    Your guests might respond better to other keywords, topics, or different types of games.

    Keep the games easy to participate and simple to understand. 


  • Customize any game to fit your Party.

    List out some keywords that fit your Party topic (such as words related to beauty, skincare, makeup, nails, hair, health, fitness, clothing, fashion, accessories, food, cooking, books, learning, etc.).

    Then consider how you can use those keywords to create fun, unique games for each of your Party scripts.


  • Create fun graphics to customize your games for each Party script you use.

    This can be easy to do with a program like Canva.

    We share some great strategies on how to use images in your Facebook Parties in this article!


  • Remember to reply to every comment on every post in your Party!

    This increases the comments/participation on your posts, and shows Facebook that people want to interact with you.

    As a result, you’ll reach more people who have joined your Party.


Now you have a great way to get back into the good graces of Facebook land with these key principles for keeping your Party social and fun. You’re ready to hop over to our Party Games article  for ideas on how to  increase your engagement and have a rocking Party!


Next Steps

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