What is a VIP Customer Group and Why You Must Have One

If you’re rocking your Online Parties and your guests are turning into excited new customers, what’s another way to continue to build your business?

Great question.

If you’re generating sales from your Facebook Parties it’s a prime time to nurture your customer base in a new way.

And this is where you can create a VIP Customer Group from your business page!

This is a private Group just for your customers. Think of it as a community of people all interested in your products and how to use them.

In this private Group, you might talk about seasonal products, or give them first dibs at new items.

You can even offer special incentives for first-time or returning hosts who schedule more Parties.

Overall, this is a special group that is not just focused on sales. You want this group to stay fun, create engagement, and build relationships.  

Be intentional about posting quality information that will connect with your customers and keep your members active.

If you’re wondering how to set this group up, I have good news. It’s the same as any other business page group. You can check out our Newbie’s Guide and scroll down to Step 2 to learn how to do this.

So why is a VIP Customer Group a good thing to have for your business?

Well…let me share four reasons why you must have a VIP Customer Group.

1. Improves Your Post Reach

When Facebook sees that your business page has a following of active people, they see that your content has value, and are more likely to boost your post visibility.

Having an active group sponsored by your business page is a good way to show Facebook that people value your business and the content of your post.

As a result, it helps you to reach more people.

2. Boosts Sales with Product Education

VIP Groups are a fun place to expand on interesting info about your products, show different ways to use them, gush over limited edition and seasonal items, demo your services, and more!

Think of all the things you’d want to post in an Online Party but can’t or shouldn’t because of time restraints and not wanting to overwhelm a new guest.

Plus, you can get creative with new ways to present products in your VIP Group to pique their interest.

Your new customers already know what you do and love your products, so spoil them with some eye candy they can’t resist!

3. Builds Your Brand Recognition

Creating your own content is prime real estate for building a brand that your customers will recognize.

This shows that your service is unique from others in the same sales field and helps you to stand out.

And more importantly, it also shows Facebook that you are not a spammer who overshares someone else’s content.

So spend some time adding your brand to graphics, images, and videos in your posts.

This is easy to do with a user-friendly program like Canva, to create unique graphic content and templates for your own images.

For more help wit this you can learn different ways to use images in your parties by clicking here and 3 ways to use Canva for your group here.

4. Keeps Your Business Flowing

When you have an active VIP Customer Group you can continue to grow your customer base without breaking a sweat!

Adding your new customers to this private group is super easy when you link it to any Online Party Group.

So when the Party is wrapping up, simply funnel them to this private group so they can continue to learn about your business and products.

Book more Parties by offering an incentive to your new and existing customers!

First-time Party hosts will be excited to earn new rewards, and returning hosts will know how to work their Parties.

So I hope you are seeing the value of having a VIP Customer Group.

The really good news is…as your business grows, so will your VIP Customer Group!

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