What Type of Content Should Be on My Facebook Page vs. Facebook Group?

Does this sound like you?

You have a Business Page and a VIP Customer Group on Facebook, but you’re at a loss for what kind of content you should post on either. Because of this, you throw in random posts in both, with no cohesive vision or goal outside of needing an elusive “social media presence.” And whenever you think about your social media strategy, you feel flustered and overwhelmed.

This article will help make sense of the chaos by breaking down where each kind of post belongs. You’ll learn what you need to build a better content plan and increase engagement on Facebook so your posting efforts will no longer go to waste.  

So what’s the difference between a Business Page and a VIP Customer Group anyway?

You probably created a Business Page to host multiple virtual parties at once so Facebook wouldn’t wreak havoc on your Personal Profile. However, if you only use it to create groups and schedule parties, you’re missing out on many features that can help grow your business.  

Think of your Business Page as the first place new customers can find information about you. Since Facebook Pages are public, if you have regular content scheduled on your Page when potential new customers search for anything relevant to your products, you could pop up in search engines and be the answer they are seeking.

How cool is that?

Since your Business Page is essentially your first impression on the internet, the content you post here will be more professional and generic.

On the other side of this coin is your VIP Customer Group, where your authenticity shines! You’ll share stories about your life and how your products have served you and your family. The goal is to deepen the relationship you made initially through your Business Page.

Essentially think of it like this - your Business Page is your professional, polished self, whereas your VIP Customer Group is your silly, day-in-the-life self! So whenever you’re in doubt about what kind of content you’re putting in either category, ask yourself - which part of me does this represent best?

The Specifics!


From the wise words of Gary Vee, the CEO of VaynerMedia, your content strategy should be “Give, give, give, give, give … Ask.”

Essentially, you should only be directly advertising once a week! That’s it. Every month there should be one post for recruiting, one for selling, one for booking a party with you, and one to remind people to join your VIP group.

The rest, about 80%, should be content that provides your audience with value and helps make you a voice of authority in your industry.

Let’s break that down a little bit:

Of the 80%, half of that should be informative, funny, or motivating posts parallel to your business. If you’re posting once daily, that’s about three weekly posts.

What do I mean by parallel to your business?

Essentially anything that signals to your audience that you are knowledgable and passionate about EVERYTHING related to your industry, not just the products you sell.

For instance, if you sell make-up products, you would want to post content that informs people how to use the makeup they already own to get the desired results. Any videos like “How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger” or “How to Pick the Perfect Lip Shade” is a great start!  It might feel counterproductive because you could accidentally share videos that contain products that aren’t yours. But what this does, is it develops trust for anyone who is looking for makeup advice. It establishes you as an authority on the topic, so when you mention that you sell products that will help them, they are more likely to believe you because you’ll have proven you know what you’re talking about!

What if I don’t have my own content on this subject or the time to make it?

No problem! Use other people’s content! Just because you are not the source doesn’t make you any less knowledgeable. Think of it like a service you are providing - curating helpful tips for your audience in one place, so they don’t have to hunt for that information themselves.

But make sure you don’t share videos with someone else’s shopping link! You don’t want your customers shopping with another consultant.

Ultimately it’s a win-win situation when you share other people’s content. They get more views to help with their Facebook algorithm, and you can share valuable content with your audience that builds trust.

The 2nd half of the 80% should be content about the products you sell.

But you’re not telling them that they should buy them - you’re just giving helpful information on how they are used, what are the best ways to care for these products, and solution-based content that shows your audience how your products can help improve their lives.

A great place to start is your monthly focus that corporate releases. Your company likely has a monthly guest special, host special, recruiting special, and sale.

Here’s an example of how you can take advantage of these offerings for your Business Page:

That’s half your week already covered - just showcasing 1 product and upselling that month’s host special!

Tips for Growing Your Business Page!

Use Reels!

Facebook Reels is a relatively new feature on the social media site that’s similar to Tik Toks or Instagram Reels. A HUGE amount of Facebook’s traffic is now dedicated to watching short-form videos, and you NEED to get in on it.

Right now, the algorithm is in your favor which is rarely the case on well-established social media sites.

Plus, when you post a reel from your Business Page, people who are not your followers will see it too! So you’ll have more chances to get in front of people and show them how excellent your products are.

If you are already using videos, recycle old ones and edit them using the Facebook Reels edit feature. Add music, change the filter and cut it up. You don’t have to keep making completely new content when you could just freshen up what you already have.

Another bonus for posting videos of yourself using your products on your Business Page is that when you create templates for your parties in PostMyParty, you can use the Facebook video link! Since your Page is public, the video will play automatically in any group you share it in, including LIVE videos!

Let your Business Page help you avoid doing double work!


If your Business Page is where you pique interest and establish yourself as a credible voice, your VIP Customer Group is where you seal the deal! Your new, old, and potential customers have a space where they get to know the real you and share their ideas too!

Gush over your products and get into more details about your life and how your business has changed it. Plus, you can give your VIPs special sales, sneak peeks, and last chances on products they wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Unlike a page, your VIP group can sustain itself. Once you build a safe space for conversations to unfold, people will interact and share their views without much prompting. You just have to keep providing ample opportunity for your members to contribute.

Here’s an article showcasing ways to increase your VIP Customer Group engagement.  

Allowing yourself to be a little more vulnerable in this space will help a long way in solidifying customer relationships. Create posts about your struggles and what you do to overcome them, and ask your members to share their stories too!

That’s the biggest thing in a VIP group - always encourage your members to share! Adding games, asking questions, and posting memes that relate to your life phase, all while sharing your knowledge and expertise around the products you sell, will ensure your customers are loyal to you!

Are you worried you won’t have enough content to post in your VIP group once a day that facilitates conversation and deepens relationships?

No worries. Here’s an easy way to get inspired:

You are likely already a part of groups, have friends, and follow influencers that have nothing to do with your business. You follow them because their content makes you chuckle or teaches you something. So next time you scroll through your newsfeed, take a screenshot of anything that sticks out to you as interesting or motivating, or share it directly into your Customer VIP Group.

Use the communities you’re a part of to help teach you how to facilitate a community of your own!

Another thing you can do to save time and frustration is to have daily themes that you repeat every week. That way, when setting up your content for the month, you can just plug in things that fit into whichever day.

The standard advice is to use themes everyone else uses, like #tacotuesday or #motivationalmonday. Instead of trying to fit your life into boxes that don’t feel genuine to you (because your members will notice!), take some time to think about how you have already organized your week.

Which day during the week do you touch base with your team? Maybe that day’s theme could be whatever new product trick you learned from one of your team members or how someone in your life is inspiring you. Or maybe Thursday is the day you use your products the most. Have that be your favorite product day where you share why a particular item has become your go-to that week. Use how you already organize your life to organize your content in your VIP group. As I mentioned, don’t do double work if you don’t have to!

Here’s one last tip before we discuss how to put all this great information into action!

Make sure to like and respond to EVERYONE who engages with your content.

DO NOT just post at your audience in your Customer VIP Group or your Business Page. The whole point is to facilitate conversations, not talk at people.

Responding to everyone makes sure that:

1. Your audience feels heard and knows that you are listening  

2. The more comments and interaction on a post, even if it is yours, boosts its potential to be seen by more people!

How to Put This Article Into Action:

First, make sure you have a scheduling service like PostMyParty. It will save you time AND provide consistency.

Next is to batch your content two months in advance, so you don’t waste time figuring out what to post during your day-to-day tasks.

Here’s a fantastic article that details how to use “Batching” as a productivity tool.

Print out two calendars for each month, one for your Business Page and one for your VIP Group.

Use the tips I showed you above to break down each week.

Then plug the posts into your PostMyParty template and let it do the work for you!

It's time to go forth and schedule! 

Next Steps

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