5 Holiday Themed Templates for Your Facebook Parties

Did you know that with a party post scheduling program like PostMyParty, you can schedule multiple templates to the same Group/Page, at the same time?!

This opens a whole new world of managing your best content!

Imagine you have engagement posts every Monday, tutorial posts every Tuesday, Product spotlight posts every Wednesday, etc. And that’s just in your Customer VIP Group! 

That’s a lot of work every month to create new regular posts each week. 

Now that the holidays are here, the variety of your posts has probably increased. It can get intimidating to keep up with it all! 

Now that you have created your Holiday Sales Strategy and are ready to really show appreciation to your customers, here’s an easier way to execute your favorite Holiday Posts. Plus, with this simple trick you’ll be able to quickly share them with your team!

Today, we are going over some holiday theme ideas and Template Scheduling tips so you get the most out of your time and energy during this holiday season.

Why Templates are the Key to Simplifying Your Holiday Facebook Posts

Yes, you can definitely create one giant template with every post you want to go out to your group for the entire holiday season!

But this idea on how to use Templates to work smarter not harder for the holidays comes from the Time Blocking and Content Batching concept we reviewed previously. 

Basically, each Template focuses on one concept or topic of posts at a time. This might make it easier to plan and share later. Then, schedule each Template to your Facebook Group or Page Community to post simultaneously so you can also enjoy the Holiday Fun. 

Here are 3 tips for getting the most out of your Holiday Posts:

  1. Collect Holiday Post Ideas for your Facebook Groups all year round

I don’t know about you, but in my online communities there are some amazingly creative people who make beautiful graphics and posts for their businesses. Most are willing to share and it helps those of us not-so tech-savvy when it comes to customizing content for social media!

So whenever you’re on the search for ideas for Holiday posts, be prepared to capture the slew of tips and graphics you’d love to try for yourself! As you find new ideas, create your own version of that Holiday post and collect them in a post library named HOLIDAY POSTS, etc. This way, you can collect new ideas all year round.

When you’re ready, it’s easy to create a copy of these saved posts into a customized Template for the newest holiday season. 

Another way to make your Holiday Template is by creating new posts in the order you want them to go out, directly in the new Template. This will show your posts in the order you’d like them to go out as you create them, and you can edit as you go.

Remember to schedule comments for web links and to bump up the post later, especially for giveaway and sale posts! 

  1. Schedule various Holiday Posts that won’t overlap, to your Facebook Groups and Business Pages

When creating special Holiday Templates, you probably want to plan all the posts for the entire months of November and December. So when choosing days for these posts, consider how often you want them to go out each week.

For example, if you want “gratitude posts” to countdown to Thanksgiving or “advent posts” to countdown to Christmas, you would probably create posts for days 1-26 consecutively in their own Templates.

If you want a new game post every week for both months, you might create 8 posts spread apart by every 7 days, and set them up as Day 1, Day 8, Day 15, etc. So when you schedule this Holiday Games Template to start on the first Friday of November, each post will roll out every Friday through the end of December.

Be sure to choose times that don’t overlap each other. Maybe Gratitude posts can roll out in the morning, Sale posts after noon, and Games in the evening, etc.

This way you can schedule a Game post template, a Gratitude post template, and a Black Friday Sale post template all to the same group, without worrying about overlapping times.

This also works if you want to use the same Game post template in a different group, such as your Team Community. Or the same Gratitude post template for your Business Page. It’s a one-and-done planning system.

Now you’re free to participate in the fun you’ve created in your own Facebook Communities all Holiday Season long!

  1. Share your Holiday Post inspirations

Now that you have created some inspired Holiday post Templates, it’s easier than ever to share them with other users! If your Gratitude Posts were the bomb last year, share it with your teammates this year.

This especially helps new consultants who may be overwhelmed with the online holiday selling season. Or for the consultants you’ve been training all year who are ready to build community with their own customers.

5 Holiday Template Ideas you’ll want to try in your Facebook Communities

Of course you don’t need to run all of these templates in every group you have, this holiday season. But try one or two this year and see if it helps connect your community in a fun way!

Don’t forget to use helpful tools to make your posts stand out: 

Gratitude Posts

Create daily posts with cute graphics using your favorite products as decorations. But remember, it’s not about selling with this template! Engage your community with something they can relate to and comment with their own gratitude. Shower your customers and team mates with love and gratitude for their business and friendship. Be real, and express what you are truly thankful for as a person this year. Create those connections that transcend time and space and touch the human spirit. 

Sale Countdown 

Create posts using your own images or pictures allowed from your company, that will give a teaser of what your customers can expect from an upcoming sale! Especially if you have the inside scoop that something will sell out fast, give your best tips to prepare your shoppers. Posting just once a week, and maybe a few days before the sale might be enough to get them excited and ready. Remember, you can always schedule comments to bump up a post during the week, and pin it as a Featured Post so it stays near the top of the group. 

Daily Games

Turn all your best Party games into a holiday fest! Change up the graphics or game items to reflect holiday cheer and keep the Party going strong all season long! Depending on the type of game and whether you want to giveaway prizes, you can probably post once or twice a week through the whole season. Keep the game posts open to encourage more participation. Or turn off comments when the new game post goes out if you give out a prize to winners every week. Just remember to reply to every comment on every post!  

Giveaway Posts 

These posts can easily tie in with any game or interactive post. But if you have a few amazing giveaways you want to spoil your people with, it might help to have a specific series of posts. This way you can see who has been most consistent with participation leading up to one big giveaway. Or have each post giving away a different item (you may want to turn off comments on those posts after the winner is announced, to avoid confusion and lead members to the newest giveaway post). Remember, you can schedule those comments to bump up any post later to boost visibility. 

Unique Holiday Party Scripts 

Maybe you love running your traditional Facebook Parties and simply want to have one with a fun Holiday theme. Have this template of holiday themed party posts ready to run and share through the season. On the other hand, you might want to shake things up and create a whole new way to Party, that you can do just for the holidays! Either way, you will want to have this Holiday Themed Template prepared. 

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