How to Maximize Your Online Parties For the Holiday Season

It’s no surprise that November is statistically the highest selling month of the year!

Do you have your Holiday Selling Strategy ready?

We are bringing you the best advice and top tips for the busiest selling season. Plus, you don’t want to miss a quick-list of the most popular Black Friday details!

As you create your holiday sales plan, determine whether you want to stick to tried-and-true customer favorites or if you’re ready to try something new. But don’t get overwhelmed and feel like you need to offer lots of bargains during this busy time.

Just focus on one or two amazing deals that highlight different products!

Create your Holiday Sales Plan in 3 easy steps!

Best Online Party Holiday Sales Advice from Top Sellers

  1. Evaluate your goals for the holidays

This is the perfect time to re-evaluate your business goals to finish out the year strong. This will determine what you want to focus on during the holiday months.

Here are some points to consider and the direction to go as you create your strategy:

  • More sales help you move inventory off your shelf or close sales goals.
    Focus on: easy-to-sell gift items, and big bargains to draw in new customers.
  • Build your team to close your business-building goals for the quarter.
    Focus on: building engagement in your VIP customer group and nurturing real relationships with your best customers and the hostesses you had this year. Try offering something truly incredible, like a $200 shopping spree when they join your team. Have an effective game-plan to teach them, so they can earn some cash too before the year ends.
  • Generate more Party bookings with unique hostess holiday gifts. If you like to save a few limited edition products through the year, this is a fun time to pull them out as incentives for booking.
    Focus on: fun holiday themes and GAMES for these parties! (Especially if most people are missing out on their traditional in-person holiday parties and everything they entail. Bring all the fun to them virtually!)
  • Build visibility in your VIP Customer Group and Business Page to kickstart your new year’s resolutions for more party bookings and team members.
    Focus on: more interactive posts such as fun games, GIFs, or even giveaways to express customer appreciation. The more they comment and you respond, the more friends will see your posts anywhere on Facebook land. Intentionally engaging with your customers and friends will show how online parties can be fun and effective while you spend time at home with your family. It’s a powerful testimony when customers can see real results in your own life that includes making a difference in their own. After all, you have an amazing product that everyone should know about, right?!

  1. Come up with the “when” and “how”

Now that your goals are in place, you can consider how and when to implement your new plan. After choosing 1 or 2 of these ideas, create some teaser posts and schedule them ahead. This allows you to focus on your first goals in real time.

Here are some Black Friday sale formats:

  • Traditional Black Friday Sale creates anticipation of amazing one-time deals. It could be one BIG deal good for one day only, or several bargains available while they last. This is usually where most holiday shoppers start, to get the most bang for their buck.
  • 12 days of Christmas usually offers a new deal each day. Remember to consider the last day for orders to ship before Christmas.
  • Xmas Deals might showcase a bundle of products for a bargain. This is a great way for people to mark off their shopping and save!
  • Turkey Trot or Reindeer Dash is a fun variation of a holiday online party. Ask 10 people to collect $100 worth of orders to be entered as a Party, then you can split the hostess deals among participants. This is the perfect time to grow your VIP customer group as new friends are added with their orders.

    Keep posts fun and holiday themed, and ask participants to answer questions about family traditions to build connection.

  1. Execute with Holiday Cheer!

Build up the anticipation for your big holiday sale in your VIP Customer Group or create a  separate group just for this purpose.

Remember, group notifications don’t always get shown to everyone, and old members may have stopped receiving them due to lack of engagement.

Follow this advice to make sure everyone sees your offers.

  • Personally message customers and friends about all the fun going on in your group.

    Using Facebook Messenger will make your personal posts visible in their feeds again, just remember to change up your wording with each message and make it personable.

    Many top producers are also turning to automated texting programs such as Project Broadcast, or Skipio.

    Offer a teaser of your Holiday deal and direct them back into the group to participate and order.

  • Start off with interactive posts, such as GIF or games posts.

    When more people comment on posts, it will show up on members' newsfeeds again as popular posts in the group.

    Thoughtfully tagging guests and asking friends to post about their favorite products is a huge booster, too!

  • Go Live in your group to showcase your special holiday deal! Be sure to schedule some sneak peak posts leading up to your Live, too.

    Using a party post scheduling software like PostMyParty is one of the best ways to create engagement and excitement for your amazing holiday special!

    Jump right into all the fun details about your products and the bargains they can snag RIGHT NOW!

    Remember to have guests answer a question as they watch your video (whether they catch your Live, or watch the replay) to boost visibility in everyone’s feeds.

    Don’t forget to reply to every comment on your posts and videos!

Black Friday Sales Ideas

Want more ideas that have worked for top producers? Check out these 2 steps and choose a few tips to crush your 2020 goals this holiday season.

Choose the “how” and “when” to make your offer:

It doesn't matter what you choose, just stick with how and when to make your big holiday deal. Really play it up with excitement and positive energy!
Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Traditional One-Day deal on Black Friday. This is usually a huge door-buster bargain that will have customers planning on with cash-in-hand! Prepare customers with lots of teasers and details on how to order as soon as it opens, so they don’t miss out on the deal!
  • Black Friday weekend sale can be a longer version of the one-day sale. Each day of the weekend could highlight a new door-buster deal.
  • Weeklong Black Friday deals leading up to the Friday after Thanksgiving as the last day of the sale. Showcase a newly released product, a bundle, or bargain each day to reach a variety of customers and their gift list.

Choose the “what” that you want to offer:

Choosing what kind of bargain to offer your customers can be really simple, just don’t overthink it! Start with one of these options and be fully committed to draw in your customers’ attention.

  • Company Special - Most Companies offer their own specials available to your customers through your own personal website, or you might be able to create your own special deal. Check with your up-line or website back-office to learn about your options.
  • Huge Discount - Offer a big percentage off your customers’ totals or give them free shipping!
  • Hourly Sales - This creates the anticipation of watching for a new deal every hour.
  • “BOGO” Options - This might include “Buy-One-Get-One-Free”, -half-off, or a specific predetermined item.
  • Deeply Discounted Products - Think of it like offering a clearance sale to move your inventory or rack-up sales points.
  • Highlight Best-Sellers - If you’re having a hard time choosing what to offer, start with easy-to-buy gifts. Discounting your company best-sellers are a sure hit and there’s something for everyone.
  • Bundle your favorite products - Everyone loves a good deal on ready-made gifts to check-off their shopping list. Get creative with gift baskets or pretty packages. That personal touch is what will set you apart!

We hope this helps you spread more holiday cheer and crush more goals!

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